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How To View WhatsApp Messages & Status Secretly 2023

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Being anonymous online is something almost everybody would love to make happen. In this short guide, we will enlighten our readers on the topic “How To View WhatsApp Messages & Status Secretly”.

On Facebook, most people especially women love to lock their profiles to prevent other people, especially men they don’t know from stalking them or sending lots of messages in their inboxes. Others would also love to hide almost everything about them on Facebook and on Instagram.

This very guide’s main purpose is also to help you perform some activities on WhatsApp anonymously. Activities like viewing status uploaded by friends and families on your contact list.

There are lots of ways you can make this happen. But in this guide, we will touch on four (4) working procedures that can help you perform this activity mentioned above.

1. Use or Install WhatsApp GB:

The procedure on our list is by using or installing Whatsapp Gb. Although Whatsapp GB is not all that popular again like it was, there are still individuals and websites that you can download Whatsapp GB and use.

With Whatsapp GB, it is very simple and easy. You will just have to launch the app and then update your settings thus, to turn off or prevent you from appearing in the status viewers list.

With the GB you do not really need any serious guide, you can get it done once you are registered on it. Whatsapp GB is mostly available for Android users and sometimes IOS users, which is not all that common.

Note: Whatsapp GB is not associated with WhatsApp it’s a “Whatsapp like” created that allows its users to perform tasks that original WhatsApp users don’t have the privilege to.

Sometimes WhatsApp do block numbers that are registered on the GB from their platform forever. So with this procedure, we will not say it’s a solid or sure one. But you can try it if you want because it is an amazing app that got great features, themes etc.

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2. Turn Off Read Receipts:

Second on our list is, turning -off read receipts. This procedure can be executed safely by both IOS (iPhone) and Android users. Here you will just have to visit your Whatsapp settings and then turn off your read receipts.

After doing that, you will be anonymous when you watch status uploaded by people on your contact list.
This procedure also has a downside which is, since you have turned off your read receipt, you won’t be able to notice if your sent messages are being read by the recipient. Thus, you will not be notified with blue ticks anymore.

Follow The Below Steps To Turn Off Read Receipt on WhatsApp

  1. Launch your Whatsapp App

2. Tap on the top 3 dots on the top-most right corner of your screen

3. Select Settings

4. Tap on Account (Privacy, security, change number)

5. Tap on Privacy

6. Now Turn off “Read Receipts” ( by just tapping on the green button right beside it)

You’re done now, after following the above process. You can now view the status uploaded by friends on your contact list without them noticing you viewed their status.

This is the best procedure we will recommend for both IOS and Android users. Although has its downside but it doesn’t really matter and won’t cause any serious harm.

4. View From WhatsApp Status Folder:

This is also another smart way you can use to view the uploaded status of friends and families. This is a bit complicated but fast learners and technology-savvy individuals can get it done simple but following some simple steps.

With is a procedure, once you notice your victim (or whatever) has uploaded a status, you will just have to navigate to your WhatsApp Folder or your smartphone.

For Android users, you visit the “MY files folder or App”. And then navigate to Whatsapp>>> Whatsapp Media>>>Status

Here you won’t know the particular folder, so you will just have to open the first image or video on the list since it’s the current status.

The victim won’t be notified you viewed their status uploaded. It’s a bit complicated by can be easy a bit if you are a tech-savvy person.

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5. View in Offline Mode:

The last on our list is by going offline once you notice your (victim) has uploaded a status. This plan will work smoothly when the uploaded status is a text type. What we mean here is, it’s a video or image.

If it is, you will sometimes find problems loading that image or video without having your internet connection or data turned on. And even if it loads, once you turn on your data, Whatsapp will automatically add you to the viewer’s list.

So with this procedure, we will recommend our users to use it when the status uploaded by your (victim) is a text one. Images and videos won’t work 100% for this procedure. It may sometimes and may also flop sometimes.

To conclude, in this short guide, we explained four (4) procedures that are going to help you watch or view the uploaded status of friends and families on your contact list anonymously.

Just like you can be anonymous on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. you can also perform some tasks anonymously on WhatsApp as well. And this is not all, you can also;

i. Prevent People from viewing your WhatsApp Profile
ii. Make your chat or messages with people disappear after weeks or days after chatting automatically.
iii. Prevent people from noticing your “Last Seen” Thus, when you came online
iv. Also, prevent people from knowing you view their sent messages

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We are not giving a 100% assurance that this procedure is going to work for everybody. We won’t be responsible in case of any financial loss or breach of any business or company’s rules and regulation. Read more on our disclaimer page.