How To Verify Google AdSense Account Without Pin 2023-24

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You have done a great job by working so hard to get your Google AdSense proposal accepted. This guide is for you, this is an article on “How To Verify Address On Google AdSense Account Without Pin In some parts of Africa and Asia like Ghana, Philippines, Nigeria etc.”

Verifying your pin is the most vital step to complete in order to verify ownership of your Google AdSense account and also ownership of your Google business account.

Everyone is given three chances to request a new pin and also have 4 months to verify the account, else the account will be shut down or terminated by Google.

Individuals living in the western world countries mostly do not face challenges during this step but individuals in Africa and some parts of Asia mostly face challenges in completing this part. This is because of;

i. Location Problems:

Some people may be living in an area where delivery or mailing services cannot be rendered. Some houses don’t even have addresses and street numbers like how the western world countries have.
The only way to overcome this problem is to execute the below alternative procedure provided.

ii. No personal or business Postal Address:

You and your business might not have a postal address yet. You can use a friend’s or relative’s postal address also. But if you still won’t get any, then the procedure below is what you need to execute in order to prevent your Google AdSense account from being terminated.

The above list is the main reason why residents in some parts of Asia and Africa find it difficult to verify their Google AdSense and Business pin.

In this guide, we will help with the alternative procedure to verify your Google AdSense account ownership without using the pin verification process.

We will rather be using legal documents that contain valid information about you the owner of the account. And this information has to correspond with the ones on your provided documents submitted as well as your address.

Legal documents like National Identification card ID, Passport, and for residents in Ghana, you can use the Ghana Card and its documents provided. (This is because it includes your house address and digital address)

Steps To Verify Your Google AdSense & Business Address Without Using a Pin

Follow the below procedures to verify your account without a pin.

  1. Login into your Google AdSense Account (Homepage)
  2. Click “Verify” under your bill address
  3. Click on the three dots and select help
  4. On the new page, scroll down and click on pin troubleshooter
  5. You will be asked a few questions, answer all correctly and click “contact us”
  6. Now you will have to fill in your valid info in the spaces provided… like your Name, Publisher ID, Contact Email address.
  7. Now, you will have to upload a valid document that bears the same info provided as well as your address and submit.
  8. You will be notified when your proposal is accepted, once the documents uploaded is approved your account will be verified including your pin.

This verification process takes up to three (3) days. Sometimes, your account can be verified the same day you sent your request. This is the step you cannot skip if you are willing to use Google AdSense.

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