How To Unpin A Post On Facebook Page or Group In 2021-2022

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This guide is going to help you unpin your preferred Facebook group and page posts with ease in 2021. Have you ever seen a post been pinned and then unpinned later on a Facebook? either on a page or group?. What do you think about it? And what do you think is the importance of doing that?

You unpin a post when you think you have a new content or your pinned post is old and you want to unpin or update it. Just like the process of pinning a post on a Facebook group or page, unpinning is also simple just like that.

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Steps To Unpin A Facebook Page or Group Post 2021

i. Log-into your Facebook Account

ii. Navigate to your Facebook page or group.

iii. Locate the particular post you are willing to unpin

 iv. Click or tap on the 3dots on the right corner of that particular post.

v. Several options will pop-up, select unpin post.

vi. Your page will automatically refresh and your post will be successfully unpinned.

Willing to pin a Facebook post again, clickhere to learn these easy steps right now.

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Who Can Unpin A Facebook Post?

We decided to add this because many people ask questions like this. The answer is, to be able to unpin or pin a particular post on Facebook either group or page you have to be;

i. Be the owner of the particular group or page. (You have to be the one who created that particular group or page)

ii. The Admin of the page or group. (Here people create groups and add admins in other to ensure the group or page runs and provide quality service to its members. Once you are added as an admin, you can pin and unpin every post you like on that platform.)

To conclude, above is everything you need to know if you are willing to unpin a post on your Facebook group or page in 2021. You can also check our previous guide on how to pin a post on Facebook in 2021-2022.

Stay tuned because information here are always updated as time goes on. You are also permitted to share this guide to your friends and families on all social media platforms if you are willing to…

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