How To Unblock MTN Mobile Money Account & Pin code 2024

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Because of security and privacy reasons, MTN do block mobile money accounts when it pin code is being entered wrongly or incorrectly for two to three times. (continuous attempts). This is a measure taken in order to prevent fraudsters and thieves from getting control over an account using the brutal force or guessing of pin codes.

In this case, MTN do classify three wrong pin code attempts as fraud and will block that particular account immediately. Nevertheless, money in your mobile money account will be safe.

Myself, I experienced this when I was under pressure to check my mobile money balance. I mistakenly entered my pin twice, and I got a message from MTN indicating my Mobile money account has been restricted for 24 hours. This was because, I entered the wrong pin twice.

I verified the message, and it was a legit one from MTN, so there was nothing I could do at that time. But then, I later called MTN customer service for clarifications and the representative confirmed something like that happened and also provided the exact time that happened.

In order to get your money back or full access to your account once again, you will have to take a few steps.


i. Call MTN customer service to get it fixed on your behalf.

ii. Visit the nearest MTN offices and get it done or reset there.

iii. Wait for the 24 hours given and then access your account again with the correct mobile money pin.

Here, the process that will be done is different from resetting your mobile money pin code. But rather your account will have to be unblocked firstly, before you do reset the pin. You can do this too if you mistakenly forget your momo pin as well.

Since you’re the owner, you can contact MTN customer service or visit their nearest offices and get it done once you prove your identity or ownership.

How To Unblock MTN Momo Account & Pin code

Once your momo account is being blocked, or you do not remember your old momo pin code. According to MTN’s tips, do any of the below to gain full access to your account once again.

1.  Visit the nearest MTN office:

The first method we will recommend here is to visit the nearest MTN office. But make sure you’re ready to verify your identity. This because without verifying your identity, your account will not be unblocked.

In this case, you’ll have to visit the nearest MTN office with your Ghana card that has the name you used to register your MTN mobile money account. At first, you could use a voter’s ID card. But for now, the only recognized identification card is the Ghana card.

Take it along and enter any MTN office, you’ll be asked a few questions and your account will be unblocked and pin code will be reset as well.

Once your account is fully restored, you’ll gain full access o your account once again and your account balance will be intact.

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2. Contact MTN Customer Care:

Then alternative option for the method one is by contacting the customer care team and see if they can get your account unblocked on your behalf without visiting any of their offices.

Here, you’ll have to call their customer service toll-free number 100. You will proceed to select your preferred language and MTN mobile money services. You’ll be allowed to speak with a customer care personnel.

If it can be fixed on-call, he or she will take the vital info needed and get it done in your behalf. If not, you’ll be asked to visit the nearest MTN office to get it done.

3. Wait for the 24 hours given and then access your account again with the correct mobile money pin:

Mostly, when your account can get blocked because you tried to access it by entering wrong a pin more than once. In cases like this, the best way to handle it is to wait for the set 24 hours to time up and then access your account again and this time with a correct pin.

You can call MTN’s customer service to confirm if your account is being blocked for 24 hours, if they say yes, just sit back and wait for the time set to be due and access the account again.

In nutshell,

The procedure to get your MTN mobile money unblocked is very simple and easy. What you need to do is to either contact the MTN customer care or visit their nearest office with your identification card like Ghana card to get your account restored.

Also remember, your money or balance will be fully intact once you restore your account, and you’ll gain full access once again.

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