How To Turn On & Off Pop-ups On Google Chrome Browser

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Are you willing to block pop-ups notifications and automatic page redirects from websites on your Google Chrome browser? If yes….. This guide got everything you need to know including the steps to make it happen.

Pop-up notifications and automatic page redirects can sometimes be annoying and disturbing. But then it only happens when you grant a particular website the chance to do so. Some show ads and sometimes explicit content once your computer is connected to the internet.

This guide is going to help you block pop-up notifications and page redirect of websites you want or even block all sites if you want to do so.

How To Turn On & Off Pop-ups & Page Redirects On Google Chrome Browser

Steps To Block Redirects & Pop-ups on Google Chrome Browser

i. Open your Google Chrome browser.

ii. Navigate to settings (Click on the 3 dots feature on the rightmost corner of your browser screen)

iii. Click on privacy and security.

iv. Click on-site settings.

v. Scroll down and select content.

vi. Here you can block or delete websites showing pop-ups manually, or clear them all automatically at once.

How To Turn On & Off Pop-ups & Page Redirects On Google Chrome Browser 2021

After executing the above steps accordingly you will be able to delete and block websites from sending you annoying notifications anytime your computer is connected to the internet.

And also, these steps are also going to help you stoppages from redirecting you automatically when you are surfing the internet.

This is going to protect your privacy and security anytime you surf the internet.

Last words, you are permitted to share this guide if you find it helpful. Drop your comments and suggestions in the comment section, and we will do our possible best to reply on time.

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