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How To Transfer Credit Or Airtime From MTN To MTN Number 2022-2023

How To Borrow Airtime/Credit on MTN (MTN Xtra Time) 2022-2023

On MTN you can transfer data from MTN to another MTN line. In this short guide, we will enlighten our readers on “How To Transfer Credit Or Airtime From MTN To MTN Number 2022-2023”

This is one of the most searched sub-topics under “MTN” which has over a thousand plus searches every month. We found it important to write on it since lots of MTN subscribers keep searching this particular keyword (topic).

In other to transfer airtime or credit from a particular MTN sim to another, we will be using the MTN Me2u service. This can be done using two different procedures either;

  • Dialing *198#
  • Send SMS to 1329

We have a full article focused on the MTN Me2u service and also a guide on how to transfer data from MTN to another MTN line or sim. But in this guide, we will particularly focus on “Transfering Credit or Airtime From MTN To MTN Number”

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How To Borrow Credit Or Airtime On MTN

Option 1.
This is by using the USSD code *198#. The only thing is, with this procedure you have to first activate or subscribe to the MTN Me2u service.

Procedure To Activate Me2u Service

  1. Dial *198# and send
  2. Select Option 1 (Activate)
  3. Set a new Me2u pin and confirm it.
    Now you will receive an SMS if your activation was successful.

Follow the below procedures to get it done.

  1. Dial *198# and send
  2. Select Option 2 (Transfer)
  3. Enter the receivers MSISDN (You can enter the receipients phone number)
  4. Enter the amount you are willing to purchase
  5. Enter the decimal value (here you don’t need to add any dot… Just type the value like 1, 2 etc…. Else you will receive an error message.
  6. Enter your MTN Me2u pin
  7. Follow prompts to get everything done

Once you follow the above steps carefully you can send airtime to your friends and family easily. The only con about this is, never forget your Me2U pin else you will find it difficult using Me2u again.

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Option 2.
You can also send credit or airtime to friends and families through SMS. Follow the below procedure to get it done.

You will have to send “amount”, leave a space enter “mobile number” leave a space and enter Me2u pin to 1329

Below is an example:
‘5 0557133..1 1234’ and then send to 1329

In a nutshell, this is everything you need to know when willing to transfer credit or airtime from a particular MTN line to another MTN line or sim.

You can drop your questions in the comment section. We will do our possible best to reply within 24hours.

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