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How To Trade or Sell Gift cards For Bitcoin Or Cash In Africa (Ghana) 2023

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How To At the end of this article, you will discover a simple way to trade your Gift cards for either Bitcoin or Cash online in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa etc. And also, a guide on how to withdraw your money successfully through MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, Airteltigo Money, Chipper Cash, Zelle, Cash App, Bank Transfers, PayPal and many more. 

Many people ask this same question as time goes on every blessed day 

1. Where or How do I trade my gift cards for cash or bitcoin safely?

2. Where can I buy Bitcoin safely?

3. Where can I sell my bitcoin for cash?

There are different websites here in Africa that allows you to sell your gift cards for bitcoin and allow you to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But ones that accept the most used payments medium like PayPal, MTN mobile money, Mpesa, Chipper cash etc… are;

1. CoinCola

CoinCola is also a P2P platform just like localbitcoins and other sites like Binance etc. But Coin Cola is easier to use and safer compared to others. On there, you can sell your gift cards for money and also buy and sell almost all cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcash etc….(Read More)

Using these platforms, no matter the country your cards were bought from either, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia etc. You can still find a buyer or even buy or sell bitcoin, bitcash, Ethereum, Litecoin etc…

You might be an affiliate marketer or internet surfer that is getting paid with gift cards and digital currencies, and you are wondering how you’re going to trade them for money here in Africa.

1. What You Will Need To Trade On CoinCola

i. Valid Email Address (Optional)

ii. Phone Number (Optional)

iii. Personal Document to verify identity (Optional)

CoinCola  Payment Options

Just like other P2P platforms like Paxful, Binance etc… Coincola also supports favourable payment options like;
i. MTN mobile money.

ii. Vodafone cash.

iii. Chipper cash.

iv. Perfect Money transfer.

v. Bank Transfers etc…

How To Trade Gift card For Bitcoin (Cash) on CoinCola 

Trading your cards on there is simple, easy, and fast. Follow the below steps to trade your cards within 20–30 minutes and get paid.
1. Navigate to the “OTC Page”

2. Tap or click on “Sell Gift Card” and select the type of card you are willing to sell.

3. Click on search, the list of vendors or buyers will appear.

4. Select one with the cool deal and start trade with…

5. Send gift card information only when the vendor tells you to send your gift card information.

6. Once your gift card is valid the worth amount of Btc will be released into your Btc coin cola account. (You can then proceed to sell the BTC for cash)

How To Sell Bitcoin For Cash on CoinCola

1. Navigate to the “OTC” page and select the country of  “Ghana”, click “sell” 

2. Find a vendor to involve trade with: Select the vendor with the cool deal. Always try to check their number of trades and other stuff just to know their past activities.

3. After finding your preferred vendor, click on his/her offer to start trade: Type in the amount of bitcoin you are willing to send and start trade. Make sure the vendor is online. If he/she is online go ahead and drop your details for receiving your cash.

4. After you receive payment, release bitcoin. (Always check if the alert is real or fake before releasing bitcoin)

Pros’ of Using CoinCola

i. Welcoming and simple user interface.

ii. Safer compare to other P2P platforms.

iii. Low scam and fraud rate.

iv. You can create an account with only an email address or only a phone number.v. Easy to contact the customer service team.

Cons Of CoinCola 

  1. Few sellers and buyers as well as Ghanaian residents

2. No complaints detected yet.

Gift Cards You can Sell On CoinCola

You can buy and sell almost all gift cards available. We can not list are, but we are going to list a few popular ones like;

i. iTunes Card

ii. Google Play Store card.

iii. Amazon Gift cards.

iv. Steam Wallet Gift cards.

v. American Express cards.

vi. eBay gift cards. 

Our final words, I hope this whole guide will help you trade your gift card for cash and also help you buy and sell cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum etc… In Ghana, South Africa Nigeria, Kenya etc…

For residents outside the listed countries, you can still use both Binance and CoinCola. They accept traders and buyers worldwide. (This article is targeting only the specific locations mentioned)

And my Folks here in Ghana you also have simple payment mediums like MTN Mobile Money, Tigo cash, Vodafone cash to buy and sell cards and digital currencies.