How To Subscribe To MTN Ghana Monthly Statement

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Are you struggling with how to subscribe to MTN MoMo monthly Statement? If yes, then this guide is for you. Below are the steps that are going to help you subscribe to MTN monthly statement and receive these prompts and messages in your email without you requesting them all the time.

Knowing the in and outs of how oney is being spent in your electronic wallet is every important. A lot of people use this feature to strategize how they spend money in their various accounts.

With MTN’s monthly statement, you’ll have access to long time transactions complete with your account. The monthly statement request can be adjusted to over 6 months plus. And you are going to get accurate information.

Apparently, there are two different ways to request MTN momo monthly statement that’s by the procedure provided below using the short code method and using MTN’s official mobile application.

We will stick with the short code method because it’s going to allow us to request the statement whereas, the app is only going to allow us to view it for the mean time.

Short code To Subscribe To MTN’s Momo Monthly Statements

The USSD code to access this service is *170#. Just like the MTN mobile money short code. But then you’ll have to follow few step-by-step procedures on how to get it done.

Steps To Subscribe To MTN Momo Monthly Statements

1. Dial *170#

2. Select Option 6       (My Wallet)

3. Select Option 5       (Statements)

4. Select Option 1        (Statement Request)

5. Type In Your Momo pin

6. Select Option 1    (Subscribe to Monthly Statement)

7. Type in Your Email Address (Here you provide your correct email address you are willing to receive your momo Statement inside)

After following the above steps carefully will get a pop-up message like this on your screen “Thank you for subscribing to MTN monthly statement”. You will receive a mobile money prompt soon.

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