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How To Stop Whatsapp Media Auto-Download 2021-2022

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How To Stop Whatsapp Media Auto-Download 2021-2022. This is a short guide that is going to enlighten you with the simple and easy steps to disable or turn off your WhatsApp media auto-download to prevent you from downloading unwanted images, videos and audios automatically on your phone.

This guide will take you through all the steps for;
⦁    When Using Data
⦁    When Using Wifi
⦁    When Roaming

Lot’s of people ask these questions all the time. When your media auto-download is ON, You download images, videos and audios sent to you or in a group you join automatically without even knowing. 

An example is people who join school groups, forums, organizational groups and many others. With this, you have to turn your WhatsApp media auto-download off in other to prevent your WhatsApp from downloading unwanted images, videos and audio sent to you personally or in groups you join.

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1. Open your Whatsapp App
2. Tap on the 3 dots on the topmost right corner of your screen
3. Select Setting
4.  Select Storage and Data
5. Select Your Option either;
⦁    When Using Data
⦁    When Using Wifi
⦁    When Roaming

Once you finish with these easy steps you won’t be downloading images, audio and videos automatically on your WhatsApp unless you do it yourself.

Drop your comment or question if you need any extra help…

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