How To Create A Payoneer Account In Ghana 2024

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At the end of this short guide, you will be able to create your own Payoneer account here in Ghana without anybody assisting you, if only you follow the steps or procedures we are about to enlighten you with. 

We have broken down this procedure down in a way anybody that finds him/her self reading this short guide can create his/her own Payoneer account.

What Is Payoneer?

Payoneer is an American money transfer company like PayPal that allows its customers to send and receive money online worldwide.

I will say it is a money sending medium that every Affiliate Marketers, Freelancers, Digital Marketers and small online businesses owners should have some here in Ghana. This is because with Payoneer you can link it to your local Bank account, unlike PayPal.

Stuff You’ll Need Creating A Payoneer Account In Ghana

  1. Valid Email Address
  2. Phone Number
  3.  Full Legal Name
  4. Date Of Birth
  5.  Address
  6. Postcode
  7.  National ID/ Passport/Driver’s Licence
  8. Bank Account Number
  9. Bank Details

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Steps To Create A Payoneer Account

  1. Search Payoneer in your search engine
  2. You then Click on Register.
  3. Select What You Will Use Your Account for either  ( Affiliate Marketing, Freelancer, Individual, Online Seller)
  4. Click On Register….
  5. Fill In With Your  (Full Legal Name, Valid Email Address and Date Of Birth)
  6. Click On Next 
  7. Fill In Your Contact Details This Time (Address, Postcode, Country and Phone Number)
  8. Fill Your Security Details ( Password, Security Question and Answers and ID/Passport/Driver Licence Number)
  9. Lastly, Fill in your Bank details and confirm creating your account…

Why You Need A Payoneer Account

i. With Payoneer you can receive payment to affiliate networks like JVZOO that do not support any of our local Banks 

ii. Online Store Owners like e-commerce store owners and drop shippers can also receive payment from people all over the world without any limitations.

iii. Payoneer Can be linked to almost all the Local banks that work here in Ghana.

iv. Easy to send and receive money, You need not be intelligentsia to work with Payoneer.

v. Fees for sending and withdrawing money are very low and reasonable.

Visit Payoner Official website and start moving your bricks easily without any issues online

To conclude, I believe by now you can create your own Payoneer account by yourself with anybody assisting you. If anybody still finds it difficult to create theirs, You can contact us or drop your question in the comment box and one of our team members will help you out.

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DISCLAIMER: We are not giving 100% assurance that this procedure is going to work for everybody. We won’t be responsible in case of any financial loss. Also, the info on this page is not from a certified financial backer


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