How To Sell Gift Cards For Bitcoin Or Cash In Ghana (Africa) 2023-24

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At the end of this article, you will discover two different simple ways to trade or sell your gift cards for either bitcoins or cash online. Whether you’re in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, any other African country.

What we are going to do is firstly sell our gift cards for any sort of cryptocurrency, which in this guide we will be using bitcoin. After that, we will have to trade this crypto (bitcoin) for cash instantly.

Also, you can trade your gift cards with third party businesses and get your cash straight. In this case, if you send your gift card information, and they claim they can’t redeem it, remember your money is lost, and you can do nothing to them.

That is why this guide will be walking you through a procedure that will involve you more and also a bit safer than mentioned earlier. In addition, this guide will also throw some light on how to withdraw your money successfully through MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, Airteltigo Money, Chipper Cash, Zelle, Cash App, Bank Transfers, PayPal and many other money transfer medium used most often in Africa.

Today, there are numerous peer to peer (P2P) platforms where you can sell gift cards for cash or any cryptocurrencies. The technology all the P2P use is an escrow system that helps facilitates legit and successful trades.

As a newbie, you might be asking yourself what an escrow is, Escrow technology is applied in almost all business that involves two parties. This knowledge behind this technology is to reduce or prevent stealing.

Platforms To Trade Your Gift card For Cash

On these crypto platforms, the escrow service holds bitcoin from seller’s account to ensure that when the buyer makes necessary payment, he or she gets what he deserves. Basically, in the article, we will be using two different P2P platforms as an example. They are;

1. Coincola

2. Paxful

1. CoinCola

CoinCola is also a P2P platform just like localbitcoins and other sites like Binance etc. But Coin Cola is easier to use and safer compared to others. On there, you can sell your gift cards for money and also buy and sell almost all cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcash etc….(Read More)

Using these platforms, no matter the country your cards were bought from either, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia etc. You can still find a buyer or even buy or sell bitcoin, bitcash, Ethereum, Litecoin etc…

You might be an affiliate marketer or internet surfer that is getting paid with gift cards and digital currencies, and you are wondering how you’re going to trade them for money here in Africa.

What You Will Need To Create a Coincola Account

To perform any sort of trade on the coincola platform, you first need to have an account with them. Below are some of the things you’ll need when creating a coincola account.

i. Valid Email Address (Optional)

ii. Phone Number (Optional)

iii. Personal Document to verify identity (Optional)

CoinCola  Payment Options

Just like other P2P platforms like Paxful, Binance etc… Coincola also supports favourable payment options like;
i. MTN mobile money.

ii. Vodafone cash.

iii. Chipper cash.

iv. Perfect Money transfer.

v. Bank Transfers etc…

How To Sell Gift card For Bitcoin (Cash) on CoinCola 

Trading your cards on there is simple, easy, and fast. Follow the below steps to trade your cards within 20–30 minutes and get paid.
1. Navigate to the “OTC Page”

2. Tap or click on “Sell Gift Card” and select the type of card you are willing to sell.

3. Click on search, the list of vendors or buyers will appear.

4. Select one with the cool deal and start trade with…

5. Send gift card information only when the vendor tells you to send your gift card information.

6. Once your gift card is valid the worth amount of Btc will be released into your Btc coin cola account. (You can then proceed to sell the BTC for cash)

How To Sell Bitcoin For Cash on CoinCola

1. Navigate to the “OTC” page and select the country of  “Ghana”, click “sell” 

2. Find a vendor to involve trade with: Select the vendor with the cool deal. Always try to check their number of trades and other stuff just to know their past activities.

3. After finding your preferred vendor, click on his/her offer to start trade: Type in the amount of bitcoin you are willing to send and start trade. Make sure the vendor is online. If he or she is online, go ahead and drop your details for receiving your cash.

4. After you receive payment, release bitcoin. (Always check if the alert is real or fake before releasing bitcoin)

Pros’ of Using CoinCola

i. Welcoming and simple user interface.

ii. Safer compare to other P2P platforms.

iii. Low scam and fraud rate.

iv. You can create an account with only an email address or only a phone number.v. Easy to contact the customer service team.

Cons Of CoinCola 

1. Few sellers and buyers as well as Ghanaian residents

2. No complaints detected yet.

Gift Cards You can Sell On CoinCola

You can buy and sell almost all gift cards available. We can not list are, but we are going to list a few popular ones like;

i. iTunes Card

ii. Google Play Store card.

iii. Amazon Gift cards.

iv. Steam Wallet Gift cards.

v. American Express cards.

vi. eBay gift cards. 

2. Paxful

Paxful is a P2P platform that allows customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum and few with gift cards and all type cash money transfers. According to multiple sources online, paxful has a customer base of 4million plus.

Even though the company has gone through lots of ups and downs. They are still one of the best and easy P2P platforms that every internet users would choose.

What You Need To Create A PayPal Account

Just like on paxful, to be able to complete a trade, whether it’s a buy or sell, you’ll need to have a paxful account to do this. Below are some of the stuff you will need creating a paxful account.

1. Email address

2. Valid Phone number

3. Any sort of national ID for verification

Types Of Gift Cards You Can Sell On Paxful

Below are some of the gift cards you can sell on paxful.

  1. iTunes cards
  2. Google Play cards
  3. Sephora cards
  4. Amazon cards
  5. Steam wallet gift cards
  6. Nike gift cards
  7. Nintendo eShop Digital Card / Gift card
  8. American Express gift card
  9. Walmart gift card
  10. One vanilla gift cards

How To Sell Gift Cards For Crypto (Bitcoin)

1. Log into your paxful account

2. On the home page of your account, select “sell” and choose “gift cards” as well as the type of gift card you hold.

3. Now glance through the offers available and select a trader you want to trade with.

4. Before you enter into any sort of trade with any trader on there, kindly read his or her rules of trade before you commence to trade with them.

5. Send your gift card information to the trader and wait for confirmation

6. Once your gift card is confirmed by the buyer, your crypto (bitcoin) will be released into your paxful account. You’ll receive a notification, and you will have to refresh your paxful account to see your new balance.

How To Sell Bitcoin For Cash or Money

After completing the first step, the next thing to do is to sell this crypto you have in your account to potential buyers and then get paid with cash. Below are the steps involved to do this.

1. On your homepage, select “sell” and choose your preferred money transfer as your payment method.

2. Now glance through the offers available and select a trader you want to trade with.

3. Before you enter into any sort of trade with any trader on there, kindly read his or her rules of trade before you commence to trade with them.

4. Send your payment details to them. Example if you want MTN mobile money, send the trader your mobile money number and name that should appear.

5. Once you confirm that payment has been made, now release the crypto you have in your account and leave some feedback.

#NB: Always take time to confirm whether the alert is legit and not a fraudulent one before you release the coin.

Our final words, I hope this whole guide will help you trade your gift card for cash and also help you buy and sell cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum etc… In Ghana, South Africa Nigeria, Kenya etc…

For residents outside the listed countries, you can still use both Binance and CoinCola. They accept traders and buyers worldwide. (This article is targeting only the specific locations mentioned)

And my Folks here in Ghana you also have simple payment mediums like MTN Mobile Money, Tigo cash, Vodafone cash to buy and sell cards and digital currencies.


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