How To Reverse MTN Mobile Money Transactions 2023-24

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People still doubt if money sent via MTN mobile money mistakenly to a different line can be reversed. The answer is yes… In this guide, we will enlighten our readers on the two procedures to reverse MTN mobile money transactions.

Even though MTN try to limit wrong transactions by putting up numerous ways, there are still people who make wrong transactions, Some can be caused by pressure and others wrong details given.

According to MTN wrong transactions can be reversed, but there are few terms and conditions involved performing such activity.

Apparently, there are two plans of action to get this process done.  We will do well to elaborate all these procedures to make it look easy and simple.

Methods Involved In Reversing MTN Transactions

Just as we said earlier in the introduction, there are available two procedures to adept when willing to reverse wrong mobile money transactions. Check them out;

1. Contacting MTN Customer Service:

With this option, there are few terms and conditions to apply in order for them to help you out. Firstly, make sure the transaction is not mare than 15 days old. You will also have to provide little info in order to help them make proper investigation, so you get your money back.

Once all the procedures are completed successfully, you’ll receive your money back. Here, you’ll not have to deal with the person you sent the money personally.

Step-by-Step Reverse MTN Transaction (Customer Service)

1. Call 100

2. Select your preferred language

3. Enter 3 (Mobile money services)

4. Press 5 (Money Reversal issues)

5. You’ll be asked to wait as they connect you to one of their customer service personnel

6. You will be asked a few questions that will help them investigate the issue properly

7. Not only that, but you’ll be alerted when all investigations are done.

2. Deal with the Person-On-One:

Here, you’ll have to call (deal with) the person you sent the money to and then talk to him or her. This procedure is not 100% safe because some people might think you’re a fraudster. Others will even insult you without confirming nothing.

But let’s say if the person is a good individual, you can get your money back. No matter the day that particular transaction was made. Unlike the first method that, you have only 15 days to contact the MTN customer service personnel.

To avoid intimidation, we will suggest our readers to adapt the first option. (contact MTN Customer support service)

In conclusion,

Above are the two simple procedures to take when you transfer money to a wrong mobile money account. With the step two, there are no days or duration, but then what you’ll need to do is to talk to the person peacefully. Which is not safe in from our perspective.

Apparently, fraudsters are using the money reversal thing to scam lots of innocent souls. Although human do make mistakes, you have to cross-check the number you’re forwarding the amount to twice or even thrice.

Not only that, you can do well to confirm the name the user used to register his/her mobile money account before proceed to make payment by entering your pin. This will help minimum the risk of making a wrong transaction.

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Article Disclaimer:

We are not giving a 100% assurance that this procedure is going to work for everybody. We won’t be responsible in case of any financial loss. Also, the info on this page is not from a certified financial backer. Check out our website’s disclaimer


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