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How To Reverse Airtime To Cash on MTN Mobile Money 2023

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The main purpose of this guide is to enlighten every reader of ours with the step-by-step procedures to reverse airtime or credit to cash on MTN mobile money. Sometimes mistakes do happen, and you mistakenly input an amount that is way higher than you prefer to purchase.

In cases like this, what you need to do is to reverse this airtime or credit like say 100.00 cedis back to cash immediately. This is a simple procedure that won’t take more than 10 minutes.

Also, take note that you can not do this reversal thing, with any amount of credit. Your credit has to reach the minimum provided thus, GHC 10.00. Any amount below 10.00 cedis can not be reversed. Also, there are some frequently asked question answered below.

Shortcode To Reverse Airtime To Cash On MTN Mobile Money

The USSD code to get this done is, *170*6*7#. (Take note this is the shortcut)

If you find this not appealing, you can try the elaborated step-by-step provided below.

How to Reverse Airtime/Credit To Cash MTN Mobile Money

Below are the procedures to take when willing to reverse your purchase airtime to cash back on your MTN momo account.

1. Dial *170#

2. Select Option 6 (My Wallet)

3. Select Option 7 (Airtime)

4. Proceed to confirm reversal.

Take Note: The minimum amount of airtime that can be reversed into cash is 10.00 cedis. Any amount lower cannot be reversed to cash.

So let’s say you’re willing to reverse credit worth 9.00 cedis to cash. Since it’s not up to the minimum amount 10.00 cedis, you cannot reverse it to cash.

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Frequently Asked Question About MTN Airtime Reversal

Q1. What is the short code for Airtime Reversal?

Ans: Dial *!70# (Follow full guide provided above)

Q2. What is the minimum amount of credit that can be reversed?

Ans: The minimum amount that can be reversed is set at GHC 10.00 (This means, any amount below 10 cedis can’t be reversed)

Q3. Can I reverse part of my credit purchased?

Ans: The answer is No! (You can not do partial reversal or anything related)

Q4. How do I know I can reverse purchased airtime?

Ans: You have a grace period of 3 days (72 hours) to reverse airtime purchase if you haven’t used any part of it especially its bonus.

Q5. Can I reverse airtime purchased with another momo account or merchant account?

Ans: No…  You can only reverse airtime purchase with your MTN money account and also, transfers done with Merchant account can not be reversed.

To conclude,

Once all the above procedures are completed and confirmed, you’ll receive the amount reversed in your MTN momo account instantly.

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