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How To Request Vodafone Cash Long Statement 2021-2022

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Follow the below-given steps carefully in other to request your Vodafone cash long Statement in 2021-2022 (The last 100 transactions in the past 90 days).

Just like other networks like MTN Ghana, with Vodafone, you will also have to provide the email address that you are willing to use to receive your statements. And remember just like requesting a Mini statement, with the long statement you will be Charged GHS 1.00.


1. Dial *110#

2. Select Option 6   (My Account)

3. Select Option 2  (Statement)

4. Select Option 2  (Long Statement)

5. Enter Your Email Address  (Your personal Email address you are willing to use it to receive your statements from Vodafone Ghana)

6. Enter Your Vodafone Cash Pin to confirm.

Once you follow the above steps carefully you will get it done in a few minutes. Once you confirm, GHS 1.00 will be deducted from your Vodafone cash balance automatically before you get your past transactions statement.

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