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How To Repay MTN Momo Loans In 2021-2022(Qwikloan, Expressloan, Ahomeka Loan)

How To Repay MTN Momo Loans In 2021-2022(Qwikloan, Expressloan, Ahomeka Loan)…. This short guide is going to help you with the steps to repay your various MTN loans “Qwikloan, Xpressloan, Ahomkaloan” by yourself although the time given for the loan is not up yet.

These steps will work for you whether you are willing to make either full payment or part payment of the loan you took.

Failure to pay on time the exact amount of money will be deducted from your account when the one month time given is up and you have not still made any payment or full payment. 

But if you are willing to pay part or full payment of your loan while your time given is not up, you can follow the steps below to get it done without encountering any issues.

How To Repay MTN Momo Loans In 2021-2022


1. Dial *170#

2. Select Option 5  (Financial Services)

3. Select Option 3  (Loans)

4. Select any of Option 1-3 (Qwikloan, Xpressloan, Ahomkaloan)

5. Select Option 2 (Repay Loan)

6. Enter Your Momo Pin to Confirm

7. Type in The amount you are willing to Repay. ( If you are making full payment )

8. Select Option 1  (Confirm)

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The above steps are for people willing to repay their loans although their time limit is not yet up. As said earlier in the intro whether full or part payment.

For those that their time is up don’t worry, because once any amount of money enters your account they will deduct the amount of money you are owing from it automatically

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