How To Prevent WhatsApp Account From Being Hacked 2023-24

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You might be wondering how can my WhatsApp be hacked? How is it even possible? People make statements like this because they think their mobile phones are not lost, and they also have their sim card with them. Lol

Put in mind, without any of the above-mentioned two (2) still your WhatsApp can be hacked. In some way it can only be hacked if you give yourself the chance to be tricked by these hackers and then finally they get access to your WhatsApp account without your phone automatically.

Apparently, there are lots of ways and strategies these hackers used to get the accounts of their victims. Most of them use the popular method thus;

“Your phone number will be used to create a new Whatsapp account, and you will either get a call or message from them asking you to give out the confirmation code you will receive on your mobile phone”

Here once you give them the confirmation code, they will have access over your whatsapp account instantly and you will have to pass through some steps to get it back. But before you get it back, they will have access to your account and they can perform scamming activities in your name. (which is bad)😞

At the end of this guide, you are going to discover the simple and smart ways to prevent your WhatsApp account from been hacked by these hackers and scammers. And also we will add what you have to do to get your WhatsApp account back. (Sometimes this procedure works instantly when the hacker is a dummy but if he/she is a pro it is going to take 24 hours or even more)

How To Prevent WhatsApp Account From Being Hacked

Here we will be alluding some three (3) things you need to do in other to prevent yourself from been hacked or been caught by these online preys. 

1. Turn On Whatsapp Two-Step Verification :

The first step we will talk about is the two-step verification. This is first on our list because it is the most important and first thing you have to do as soon as you install whatsapp.

Turning On the two-step verification button on your whatsapp is just like that of Google and other websites that allows create accounts and willing to protect your info from hackers and scammers.

Turning On the two-step verification of your whatsapp is just simple. You will add a password and then an email for recovery in case you forget your password.

So here, even if you trip and fall in the trap on these preys online they will still not get access to your account because they will be asked to put-in your password before they can get access to your whatsapp account fully.

Follow the below steps to Turn ON or Activate Your Two-Step Verification 

1. Open Your Whatsapp

2. Go to Settings

3. Select Account 

4. Select Two-Step Verification

5. Add Your Pin Code

6. Add Your email for recovery purposes (Optional)

7. Confirm & Save

After completing the above steps you are done! Your account is now secure…. Here you will be the only person know the stuff going on on your whatsapp.

#NB: You can also change this Pin or even disable it if you want to later.

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2. Disconnect Whatsapp Web After Using:

Here you can let someone get access to your account temporarily if you don’t be vigilant. What is “Whatsapp Web”?. Whatsapp web portal that allows you to connect your mobile phone’s whatsapp to laptops and desktop by scanning QR codes to confirm ownership of account.

How To Prevent Whatsapp Account From Being Hacked

Steps To Connect Whatsapp To Laptop or Desktop

Here, If you connect your whatsapp to a laptop that doesn’t belong to you. And forget to disconnect or log out. The owner of that laptop can read and even have access to your whatsapp for some period of time when your mobile phone has internet connection.

And even if it is your laptop, always disconnect your whatsapp web after using it to prevent your whatsapp from being controlled by a relative, friend or even a hacker.

Follow the Below Steps To Logout or Disconnect Your Account From Whatsapp Web After Using;

1. Open Your Whatsapp

3. Select “Linked Devices” or “Whatsapp Web”

4. Tap on Logout to and even all devices to log you about all devices you have connect your mobile phone with.

After this process you are done and safe! Your account can not be manipulated without your you knowing anything about it or connecting whatsapp to your desktop or laptop.

3. Be careful About the Links and Click (Some demands personal info like card details and many others):

The last point  on our list is avoiding the clicking and sharing of unnecessary links to friends and families. And here, even if you receive such links through DM’s or in groups, do not tap or click on it. 

You may ask, How do I know this link is a spam or a Phishing website?

Most of these website links are not in (Https:// but rather, Http://)

Here, your realize Https: The Hypertext transfer protocol secure  with (S) meaning secure and the other is Http thus, hypertext transfer protocol. Here there is not (S) meaning the site is not secure.

Today, these hackers have upgraded their selves to the extent that they buy SSL to make their phishing websites look secure.

But put in mind there is no giveaway that is going to ask for your personal info like phone number, confirmation codes, bank details, card number etc. they are all scams. 

Some also ask you to share links to other groups before you get your reward, they are all scams and fraudulent websites.

Here, what you have to do is to simply avoid clicking on any link been sent to you either personally or in a group chat.

4. Do not give or send whatsapp verification code of your phone number to any stranger, no matter what he or she says:

Once you do that, the hacker will have complete access to your phone number.

They develop new tricks day-in and out, yours is to just make sure you do not give out any code you see appear on your phone.

How To Recover Your WhatsApp Account After Being Hacked

Below is what you have to do immediately you notice your account has been hacked. Follow the steps below;

1. Uninstall and Reinstall Your Whatsapp on your phone.

2. Try Registering again Whatsapp With Your Phone Number.

3. Confirm code fast to recover your account back.

Sometimes, after these hackers have access to your account they try to block access from registering again by intentionally using a different phone to register whatsapp using your hacked phone number and then they put in wrong codes intentionally for whatsapp to block you from registering again for 24hours.

And here if you are not smart and on time they will keep blocking your number and it might take days for you to recover your account.

 Do you know it is possible to tell if someone has saved your number? Yes, you heard me right. You can check out this article to learn how to know if someone has saved your number to their contact list.

There are so many reasons why one might want to know if someone has saved your number or not, and this article covers a simple trick that is used to know that. 

In a nutshell, in this guide we touched on everything you need to know in order to prevent your WhatsApp account from being hacked and what to do in order to recover your account when your account is being hacked.

Drop your questions and suggestions in the comment section below we will do our best to reply all messages with 24hours.


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