How To Pin A Post On Facebook Group or Page in 2021-2022

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This guide is going to help you pin your preferred Facebook group and page posts with ease in 2021. Have you ever seen a post been pinned on a Facebook page or group before? What do you think about it? And what do you think is the importance of doing that?

Pinning a post on your Facebook page or group is very important. If you want that particular post to reach out to more people and even everyone that lands on your Facebook page or group. 

Pinning a post will;.

i. Help make that particular post to be visible to all your group members or followers.

ii. Makes it the first post to see on your Facebook page or group walls, for either followers or just mere visitors.

iii. Help increase the views or engagement of that particular post.

Facebook Page

Steps To Pin a Facebook Post In 2021. 

i. Log-into your Facebook Account.

ii. Navigate to your Facebook page or group

iii. Locate the particular post you are willing to pin.

iv. Click or tap on the 3dots on the right corner of that particular post.

v. Several options will pop-up, select pin post.

vi. Your page will automatically refresh and your post will be successfully pinned.

Facebook Page 2021

Willing to unpin a Facebook post, clickhere to learn these easy steps right now.

Who Can pin A Facebook Post?

We decided to add this because many people ask questions like this. The answer is, to be able to unpin or pin a particular post you have to be;

i. The individual that created that particular Group or Page.

ii. The Admin of the page or group. ( People and even sometimes businesses create groups and pages and then add admins in other to ensure the group or page runs as expected in terms of servicing it members and followers. Once you are added as an admin, you can pin and unpin every post you like on that platform.)

This is simple as that, this is normally a 3 steps thing but we have broken it down to 6 points.  The idea behind that is to help both smart and and slow learners to do this own their own with ease.

You are permitted to share this guide to your friends and families on all social media platforms if you want to.

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