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How To Make Money As A Student In Ghana (Africa) 2023

How To Make Money As A Student In Ghana (Africa) 2022-2023

Making money online as a student in Ghana will sound a bit complicated in your ears but in this article, you will be enlightened with 13 simple ways to make money online and offline as a student here in Ghana (Africa).

The below steps or strategies provided in this article can be executed both online and offline and can be carried out by both genders thus, Males and Females too. What you will need are smartness, determination and consistency. “Put in mind without consistency one cannot be successful”

1. Create E-books and Courses:

Are you an expert in any skill? If yes then this strategy is for you. You can create online courses and eBooks and sell them either on online (e-commerce) selling and buying platforms here in Ghana or even outside the country.

When I say courses I do not mean a whole pamphlet like what we learn in our schools here in Ghana. But what I mean is something small that contains vital information that will help someone acquire some special skill.

1. It can be a recipe, that will teach people how to cook some local dishes or any kind of dish.

2. It can be a course that will help people in some fields of internet marketing like Email marketing, converting offers, driving traffic and forex trading.

3. It can also be some real-life tips. Students who study Psychology and Sociology pursue in school can come out with something like relationship and life tips and guides or even more.

Creating these eBooks and courses can be done online to cut down the cost of printing and unnecessary budgets. Make it a downloadable course like something like a PDF, Powerpoint or video course.

There are software’s that can create and design your eBooks for you automatically without you doing any job. Some of these software are;

  1. Squribble

2. Blurb

3. iBooks Author

4. Kitaboo

5. Flipbuilder

So with this, you don’t need to have any special skills in I.T. Yours is to bring up the courses into the form of eBooks or any digital form and start selling. Selling is not a problem too, You can accept affiliates to promote these courses for you.

You will not have to pay them if they make no sales, in this case, you will be losing nothing. The following are websites to sign up as merchants or vendors to sell your created eBooks and courses with the help of affiliates around the world.

1. JVZOO  ( Sign up as a vendor )

2. Warrior Plus+ ( Sign up as a vendor )

3. Jumia Affiliate ( sign up as a seller )

4. ClickBank (Sign up as a Merchant)

2. Start Transcribing Jobs:

Transcribing is for people that type fast, I mean fast-typers. For transcribing you listen to recordings and then type them into letters and articles.

This is a bit difficult and it’s for fast-typer only. Because you will be working with time and to even work for websites that accept transcribers, you have to first take an examination or test by doing what transcribers do. 

If you are able to pass you get accepted choose the language you want to transcribe and start working. With transcribing jobs you can earn $ 25 to $30 every hour.

The following are websites the accept transcribers. Check them out if you are interested;

1. Scribie

2. Daily Transcription

3. Rev

4. TranscribeMe

5. TigerFish

3. Start Affiliate Marketing:

Another powerful business you can start as a side hustle whiles you are in still in school is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of selling products and promoting offers of businesses and individuals. 

For affiliate marketing, you will get paid on every sale you make or every task you accomplish as an affiliate.

Smart ones can start affiliate marketing by reading and watching some video tutorials on YouTube and boom they become super affiliates. Others have to take online affiliate courses and digital marketing courses in other to help them get what they want.

By doing affiliate marketing well, you can earn millions of dollars whiles in school, but affiliate marketing takes time, consistency, hard work and smartness. And not everybody can make millions online.

Some Tools You Will Need As An Affiliate Marketer.

Keyword Planning Tools: 

This is for planning the kind of keywords you target when promoting an offer. It will help you target keywords that are getting lots of searches but have low competition.

Hootsuite / Sprout Social:

Hootsuite or Sprout Social will help you manage all your social media platforms. It will help you in posting and managing all social media posts and activities on one dashboard. You can also try Tweetdeck it is a free tool to manage your Twitter account for those who love to promote offers on Twitter.

Content Optimization tools:

Content Optimization tools like Siteliner and SEO Site checkup will help you check your website content and help you identify problems like duplicate content which Google doesn’t accept, broken links on your website and many more.

Page load Speed Tools:

Tools like Page speed insights and Pingdom are free tools that will help you determine your website loading speed. Websites that load fast has the chance to rank high in search results.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

Tools like Crazy eggs and Zarget are paid tools that will help you monitor your conversion rate and help you optimize it at the same time.


One of the most effective ways of promoting affiliate products is by creating an affiliate website. After creating your website you structure it well and start writing reviews and articles that will help you promote your offers.

Almost 75% of people who use mobile phones and laptops use Google search engine to find almost anything they want online. Some by optimizing your website and targeting good keywords you can become a successful affiliate.

Some Affiliate Networks

2. Rakuten LinkShare

3. Stomerhost

4. Bluehost

5. Commission Junction CJ affiliate

6. Awin

7. Voluum

8. Max bounty

9. Share A Sale

10. Target

#NB: Send our team an email on If you want to create an affiliate website or your want a content writer.

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4. Start Translating Jobs:

I’m in university so I will use the university as an example, I have friends that study French and Chinese. You can start translating jobs online by translating letters and articles and getting paid. This is a remote job and you can do it anywhere you find yourself all you need is your laptop or maybe an internet connection.

Businesses around the world always hire translators to help them get lots of their works done for them. Translators earn up to $67,000 every year. You can signup on Fiverr and create a gig.  Get people’s work done for them and get paid.

These are some websites you can also sign up as a translator too;

1. TextMaster

2. Unbabel

3. Smartling

4. Gengo

5. Start Trading Digital Currencies Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcash etc:

The richest man in 2021, Elon Musk just posted on his Twitter account that he sees, digital currencies as the future. It is confirmed he invested over $1b in bitcoin alone and his company Space X will join forces with dogecoin developers in other to make dogecoin one of the best and profitable digital currencies in the world, which he also posted that on his Twitter account.

Investing and trading digital currencies is one of the profitable businesses I will personally recommend for every student willing to make extra cash. From the beginning of 2021 till now May 14, 2021. the rate of bitcoin and other digital currencies keeps on increasing day in day out.

Yours is to just buy with any amount of money you have and decide either to sell to make a profit or invest rather. Before all this, you will have to get a bitcoin wallet and I will personally recommend, 

i. Blockchain Wallet.

ii. Coinbase wallet

Although there are lots of bitcoin wallets out there on Apple Store and Google Play Store, but these are the ones I will recommend for my readers.

6. You Can Be A YouTuber:

This strategy will be difficult for people who are introverts and shy people like me. But then there are no worries, you can make videos without appearing in the video all you need is a microphone and good video editing software.

YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world. Getting tons of traffic daily like websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora etc. You can make money with YouTube by creating amazing eye-catching videos that have great content.

With YouTube you can;

  1. Make reviews of products make sales and get paid on your affiliate networks and on YouTube.

2. You can monetize your YouTube channel and get paid anytime someone clicks on ads that show on your channel.

3. Sell your stuff or other people stuff on your YouTube Channel

4. Create sponsored videos for businesses

7. Start Work As  A Freelancer: 

You can also start freelancing jobs. Freelancing jobs like writing, designing etc… for people and businesses. With freelancing all you need is a special skill, like editing and creating a photo or logo for a business and get paid. Editing videos and creating animation videos for businesses and individuals for personal business like running Ads etc.

You can also write content for people and get paid. Some blog owners are sometimes busy, lack the ability to write long articles and feel lazy to write content. You get their work done for them and get paid instantly. Contents writers earn $15 per hour.

Visit:  Upwork

8. Paid For Searching Web:

There are new browsers that pay it, users, the more they use it. They award users with points the more you use these browsers as search engines online. And you can redeem these points and get paid with Gift cards and sometimes you get paid real cash Through Paypal

 One of these  Searching Web is Brave Browser, It is free to download. You just have to download it and install it on your mobile phone or Pc. The more you use it the higher your points increase.

Another browser is Bing, for this, it’s available for those who live in the US. But since we are students and we are smart we can use VPN to browse on bing and Load our points and get paid with Gift cards.

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9. Start Blogging:

You can start part-time Blogging. I will say it’s easy if you blog about stuff you love and like doing most. You can blog about your self, family and even your school. 

Although there are websites here in Ghana that has been around for so many years, has a high website Authority, has quality backlinks, rank for most searched keywords and are well known in Ghana. But I will assure you that you can still start blogging and make it gradually.

Blogging takes a little time to pick up. You will see your traffic picking up within 2 to 6 months if you target simple and unique keywords. And also writing good and quality content also will take a lot of time if you are a beginner. 

But writing about things and stuff you love, you can write for about a year and still have different stuff to blog on your website. Blogging requires researches in other to come up with quality and unique content on your blog in other to be ranked on page 1 on browsers like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon etc.

You would be surprised about me saying you can hit page 1. You can and you will if you take your SEO serious. Because everything is possible. You will be competing with websites that have been around for over 5years and over.

 You can rank high if only you plan and structure your keywords well and go for a demanding niche.

For the picking of Niches you can go for a niche you know something small or have some basic knowledge about. An example is if you love video games, You can promote video games and since you have some basic knowledge you can blog about it anytime you want to.

All you need is to pick a profitable niche that will make you earn since it’s in high demand.

One pro tip I will give about picking a niche to blog about here in Ghana is that, do not pick a niche like the entertainment niche by uploading free music for people to download for free.

This thing may be outmoded soon. And upcoming artists will not be allowing bloggers to do that again because they will be earning nothing from people downloading their music for free.

But websites like that get lots of traffic, some get over 1Million visits a month so you can start with that and add entertainment news and sports news in case of any new law you just switch up there without it affecting your blog.

#NB: Send us an email at If you want us to create a website for you or write content for you. Check out Stomerhost If you are in need of a web host

10. Buy and sell domain ( Domain Reselling) :

This is one of the simplest ways to make some extra bugs as a side hustle being a student. You will be buying and selling domains to individuals or businesses online.

Domain names do not cost all that much, in Ghana Stormerhost are selling domain names as low as Ghs55. 

Examples of domain extensions are .com, .biz, .edu, .org, .int, .net etc. Domain names (,,, etc)

The idea behind this is, you will be surfing and searching for domain names that are simple and valuable. I mean names that businesses will like to use. “” was sold for $35 million some time ago.

So here what you need is smartness and to start searching for domain names you will find profitable purchase them first and start reselling them. To be located in Ghana, web hosting service provider like Stomerhost allows individuals and internet marketers to resell domains.

11. Start Selling Online:

When I say start selling online, I do not mean full-time but then part-time. E-commerce is one of the leading and profitable ways of making money today in our world. Today almost every student in tertiary have once ordered something from either Bolt, Jumia, Glovo, kikuu etc.

Once you have some little money you can start selling on some of the trusted and popular e-commerce websites in Ghana such as Jumia, Jijji, Tonaton, OLX, Kikuu etc. Yours is to just hop on their website and sign up as a seller or retailer.

After that make some personal researches on stuff you think are in high demand and there is low competition on that side. Examples of stuff that sell well in Ghana now are;
i. Second-hand or used iPhones

ii. Second-hand or used laptops and computers

iii. Storage devices like pen drives, hard disks etc

iv. Mobile and laptop accessories

v. Fashion products for both male and females

vi. Beauty products

vii. Gaming products

You can read the full article on fast-selling and moving items in Ghana and then make your budget and start selling on these platforms. It is simple and easy because with platforms like Jumia will do delivery for you so you don’t risk your life going to places you have never been before.

12. Sell Your Images:

Are you a photographer or have the skill to take and edit nice pictures? If yes, this is also one of the simplest ways to make money from your photography, editing skills and graphic design skills.

There are websites that allow individuals to sell their own pictures and photos to people worldwide. One amazing thing about this is, you can sell a single photo to thousands of people. And can even give out and seek monthly renewals or monthly payments.

There are websites out there you can join for free and start selling your creative works on it for free. They are getting millions of visits in a month and you would be lucky by making a sale when you have some of your photos on there.
Examples of these websites are;


ii. Shutterstock

iii. Getty images

iv. Adobe stock

You can also choose to join websites like Fiverr, Upwork and other websites made for freelancers and start editing and designing photos for people like Bloggers, Advertising agencies etc and get paid.


13. Start Some Part-time jobs:

Although there is a high unemployment rate in Ghana, there are still companies and industries that are still looking for workers. I myself worked in a company here some time ago on my vacation. 

The problem about this is the salary for these kinda works, it is sometimes very low and not everyone will like to do a job like that. Examples of these companies are, Voltic, Rush Industries, Blue skies, soap making companies etc.

But those that have no options or special skills can try their luck on part-time works. You can earn at least Ghs350 a month. But then most companies like these work according to hours. Most often 8hours and sometimes 12hours.

The number of hours you work determines your salary. And you can also do overtime if you need money badly or so urgent!

Lastly, we have looked at 13 simple ways to make money as a student in Ghana. All these are sides hustles you can do and get paid only if you are only serious about making money. 

I hope you find this article or guide helpful? Drop your comments, suggestions or question in the comment box if you have one. Our team will do their best to reply on time or through email us

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