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How To Make Money From Blogging In Ghana (Africa) 2023

How to make money from blogging in Ghana 2021-2022

Blogging is becoming one of the most profitable businesses in Africa Ghana to be precise amongst Affiliate MarketingFreelancing Jobs etc. After one’s blog is created and getting decent traffic what pops up in the mind is how to monetize it.

And at the end of this guide, you are going to discover several ways to monetize your blog in other to make money from it. These are easy and free steps that will work for everybody no matter your niche.

Let’s get into the 10 simple and easiest ways to make money from your blog in Ghana (Africa). There are several ways to monetize your blog in other to earn. Below are some methods that will work perfectly for bloggers in Africa Ghana to be precise. Check out these methods;

1. Affiliate Marketing :

Affiliate Marketing is the process of advertising other people or businesses stuff on your website and then earning a commission if anybody makes a purchase through your affiliate links provided on your website.

What Is An Affiliate Link?

Affiliate links are unique URLs that are given to every affiliate marketer by the merchant in other to track traffic, clicks, subscriptions and sales from the affiliate website to the merchant website.

Affiliate links sometimes contain the affiliate marketers username, unique numbers, letters and sometimes symbols. All clicks on affiliate links are tracked by merchants accurately the same applies to sales.

As a blogger in other to make a steady income from your blog you need to make sure you maximize your affiliate links in your blog posts and adapt good strategies in other to make sales. 

Finding high paying affiliate programs is also very important and not just that but also finding a product that converts in other for you to make sales when promoting. In this guide, you will learn almost all the strategies you need to know in the affiliate marketing world.


  1. Find tools:  You being an affiliate you have to find tools like keyword researching tools.

2. Find a niche you want to promote. (Thus, the stuff you want to promote either it been:

 Women dresses, Online Courses, Software, Games, Pets, Mattresses, Health and many more

3. Get into an affiliate website to get products that have high commissions, that’s converting and also have a high gravity.

4. Get your affiliate links out there by inserting them in your blog posts.

5. Make commissions / get paid

How To Disclose Your Affiliate Links

Disclosing affiliate links in your blog posts will not only make your blog post look neat but also help to increase the rate you make sales. Affiliate links normally look long and spammy, This can prevent people from clicking on links like that. So all you have to do is to disclose it and make it look neat in your blog post.

And also insert affiliate links in your blog post appropriately. Maximize the number of affiliate links you will insert in a blog post always, in other to get the attention of the readers or your website visitors.

Affiliate Networks That Work In Ghana ( Africa )

Sometimes some affiliate networks do not accept affiliates from certain countries. An example is Ghana or even other African and Asian countries because of many reasons. Some of these reasons are;

1. The Payment Method: 

Most affiliate networks are based in Europe and the States this sometimes make payment method difficult for people from continents like Asia, Africa in which Ghana is situated.

But then, Paypal and Payoneer are making online transactions simple in countries like this. But so many affiliate networks pay their affiliates through cheque and direct bank deposit an example is Amazon, Clickbank, Rakuten Linkshare etc.

2. Tax laws: 

Countries like the USA and other countries in Europe tax citizens who work online, So affiliate networks do not accept citizens from countries like Africa that there are no online laws citizens who work online

3. The geographical location of the affiliate:

Some affiliate networks work only in Europe and no different other continents. As a matter of fact, people not from these countries can not join these affiliate programs. An example is Impact Radius etc…

Above are some of the reasons why some affiliate networks do not work in Continents like Africa in which Ghana we are situated inside. All the same, there are lots of affiliate networks that people living in Africa Ghana to be precise can join for free and start making some money.

2. Google Ads : 

Google Ads: Google AdSense is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.

Allowing Google to show their advertisement on your blog. This is easy and simple, your blog has to get at least 100 visits a day. Then you are eligible to apply for google ads and get accepted.
(Read the full guidelines you need to follow in other to get approved to show Google Ads on your website)

Below are some of Google Adsense alternatives bloggers that complain Google Adsense does not pay well you can also try using;

I. Media Vine:  For your website to be accepted to display Media Vine Ads, It has to be getting 25,000 monthly visitors

II. Ad Thrive: With AdThrive they pay the most higher money anytime their ads showed on your website gets a click. :  For your website to be accepted to display AdThrive Ads, It has to be getting 100,000 monthly visitors.

3. Sell Your Products on your Blog :

This is similar to affiliate marketing but with this, you will be selling your products to your website visitors example are; E-books, video courses etc. 

You then advertise it on your blog, By doing this you create your E-books, Video Courses and even Host Webinars for people willing to learn a particular skill then get paid.

You can also choose to sell merches of your brand. With this, you do not need to worry about how I’m I going to produce these products if people make orders. You will just manage it like drop-shipping. 

Anytime someone makes orders the retailer or the supplier makes sure the product is delivered to the person where he/she is. With this, you will be doing nothing but advertising your merches and get some commissions from it.

These strategies work easy and simple when you first give out something free, Like an e-book or Host a Free webinar for your people and then allow them to subscribe as premium learners or sell some products to them after they read either the E-book or after the Webinar etc.

4. Take Donations:

I will start by asking this question. Have you visited a website that has a donation button before? If yes did you click on the button to see what’s on the page or where it will redirect you to? If No… I will be doing some brief explanations on how you can make money through donations on your website or blog.

People will make donations if they seem to love your works I mean your blog posts and content. If they find it helping or they make some money from it. They will just feel to donate any amount to you in other to help you keep up the good work and bring up more contents like that.

With donations what must be your main priority is to always upload quality and unique content that going to help any reader who finds his/her way on your blog no matter where he/she is from.

You can take donations through Paypal, Payoneer or even MTN mobile money. But PayPal is the most popular one here. Don’t be shy because big websites that make millions of dollars in a year take donations. An example of these websites is Wikipedia

5. Email Marketing : 

Email marketing is the act of sending commercial messages, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations.

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to sell stuff or offers online (Traditional way). You can build your email list and then send them emails regularly not all the time but once a week or 5 times a month. 

You can sell stuff to them get them to visit your website regularly by noticing them you have new posts they might find helpful or educative.

There are lots of people in the Internet marketing industry but email marketing is not working for them. There might be some little mistakes that are preventing you from crushing it using email marketing. 

Since this is a guide to help I will be including everything by recommending software that will write emails for you automatically. Internet Marketing Gurus always say at the end of the month every email on your list has to earn you at least $1 in your Bank account.

How are you going to make that work? I will recommend you use software like; 

I. Email CopyDyno

II. Clickvio by Napier

Any of these software’s will help you in your email marketing career by

I. Writing email messages for you automatically

II. Increasing your email click-through rate

III. Make sure your email lands into the inbox of your customer but not in their spam messages.

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6. Sell Sponsered Post: 

This is also known as promoted posts, This is charging an amount of money from companies, businesses or individuals in other to post their stuff or content on your website.

This is another way you can choose to monetize your blog or website. Sponsored/Promoted posts can be in a form of Banners, Videos, Images and even blog posts.

All you need to do is to add an advertisement page to your blog menu or link list. This will help people who want to advertise on your website reach out to you and then talk business with you.

This will work for blog/websites that have good dignity online and is well known and getting lots of traffic.

7. Hiring : 

For Hiring, You can either hire people or allow people to hire you to perform some specific task for them and get paid.

You can be making money also by Hiring content writers and editors when your blog is getting lots of traffic and you need to double up your works as in the number of contents you upload a day. With this, you will be making money from hiring other individuals. 

You can also add a hire me page in your blog or website link list or menu. People that visit your website may want to hire someone like you if your website looks neat and has great content. They may be hiring you to help them write content or even help them design their websites for it to look professional like yours

8. Create a Business Page :

You can also create a business page on your website or blog. This is a page that all individuals that want to do any kind of business with you or your team can contact.
You can locate it on top of your website link list or the bottom of your websites link list.

9. Generate Leads for other companies :

You can generate leads or traffic to websites of companies and individuals and get paid. This is a simple method, as said in the previous points you will just have to add the website to your link list or website link to your bottom page menu.
This is like getting them a backlink from your website and they will pay an amount of money for you to do that. An example is a popular news and entertainment blog here in Africa Ghana to be precise Scroll down to the bottom of their website and you will see them add Jiji.GH which is an online shopping place to their website link list that’s an e-commerce platform.
By so doing they are generating clicks or leads to that website and they will be getting paid for doing that.

10. Sell Ad space on your website:

Just like you allow Google Adsense on your blog. You can choose to sell Ad space for businesses or individuals that wish to promote their products and offers on your website.

Selling Ads space on website pages varies, some cost lots of money than others. Some Ads are placed on the topmost, some in the middle and some at the bottom of a blog post or a website. They all vary by price. One’s with lot’s of exposure costs more than those with less exposure.

To conclude, there are lots of ways to monetize your website. The above are some of the simple, easy and most popular ways to monetize a blog.

You can drop and question or email us through if you need more explanation or help.

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