How To Lock Your Facebook Profile In 2024

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This guide contains the curated steps on how to lock your Facebook profile. Are you living in America, Europe, Asia or other African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa etc. and want to lock your Facebook profile?

Actually, this feature is not available for people living in the above-mentioned continents now and countries. The “Lock Facebook Profile Feature” is only available for people located in India or people accessing Facebook from India and some countries in Asia.

This feature was introduced purposely to help improve user experience and also help protect Females, in particular, to help them prevent people they don’t know personally from reaching out to them and even sending them unwanted messages. 

Once your Facebook profile is locked, no Facebook user can download or even see anything about your profile only if he/she is your Facebook friend. 

With this, once you are located in India you can follow the steps below to lock your Facebook profile successfully without going through any stress.

How To Lock Your Facebook Profile & Account In 2021-2022

Steps To Lock a Facebook Profile or Account

1. Login on Facebook using either your mobile or P.C

2. Visit Your Profile

3. Tap on More Under Your Profile Name. (Mostly appears Three (3)  dots on most phones)

4. Tap/Click On “Lock Profile”

5. Confirm to Lock Your Profile Successfully.

Once you follow the above steps carefully you will be able to lock your Facebook profile successfully. Not to forget this is a feature that is available for only people accessing Facebook from India now. And it might be provided worldwide as time goes on.

You are permitted to share this short guide with your friends and families on all social media platforms if and only you find the above information helpful.

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