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How To Link NHIS Card to Ghana Card & Short code (On Phone, Etc)

How To Link NHIS Card to Ghana Card & Short code (On Phone, Etc)

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We’ve all witnessed massive changes and implementations of new policies in the country since the Covid-19 era. Some of them is the Ghana card and how it has become so important all of a sudden in the country.

Today, Ghana card is not used only at banks and passport offices, but just as announced months ago, you can now link your health insurance card (NHIS) to it and then visit the hospital with it for treatment.

In his short guide, we will be elaborating almost everything you need to know about linking your NHIS to Ghana card and the procedures to get this done.

How To Link NHIS to Ghana Card

You can do this linking in two different ways, either you;

  1. Get it done on your phone. (using the short code method)
  2. Visit the nearest NHIS office and get it done.

Short code To Link NHIS card To Ghana Card

Simply dial *929#

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How to Link NHIS Card to Ghana Card On Phone

  1. Dial *929#
  2. Select Option 4 (Link Ghana card)
  3. Enter your Ghana card number (eg: GHA-xxxxxxxxx-x)
  4. Enter your NHIS Membership Number
  5. Your card will be linked after that… and when your card has already been linked, you’ll know.

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Link Your NHIS card to Ghana card at Any NHIS Office

If you find the above provided procedures complicated you can try this option. Here, you’ll just have to visit the nearest health insurance office and let them get it done for you.

Currently, it’s free to when get it done at any of their offices. You’ll have to take both cards with you when going or even if you have a soft copy of them. This is because they’ll need both membership numbers to get the linking done.

In some cases, they will need your Ghana card’s document number when your info on both cards differ. Let’s say there is a change of name or date of birth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the short code to link Nhis card to Ghana card?
    Ans: *929#
  2. How do I link my cards?
    Ans: You card get it done on phone using the short code method or visit any Nhis office to get it done.
  3. How much will it cost to link my cards?
    Ans: Nothing… currently it’s done for free
  4. Can I visit the hospital with my Ghana card after linkage?
    Ans: Yes… After linking both cards, you can send any of them to them hospital for treatment.
  5. My details on both cards differ, can I still link them?
    Ans: Yes… you can still link both cards if there are slight changes of details on both cards.

In conclusion, prior to the bucking of advancement by the help of technology in the country this few years, there have been lots of implementations. All this is to make life and management of information easy.