How To Increase Pinterest Link Clicks & Engagement 2023-24

Thinking of a strategy to boost your Pinterest link clicks and engagements is not a bad idea. In this guide, I have curated eight (8) ways or strategies you can put in place to increase your Pinterest link clicks.

These are simple and easy ways that can be performed by anybody, you need not be intelligentsia. You just have to be a bit smart and consistent. Pinterest is one of the popular and most visited social media platforms in the world now. Doing what is right there when marketing is going to boost income gradually as time goes on.

One thing you have to know is, do not to confuse yourself with the number of clicks you are getting with your Impressions. Impressions mean the number of times your pin appear in a search result.

So for me, you have to get “10 clicks from 1,000 impressions” That’s great and convincing…

How To Increase Pinterest Link Clicks & Engagement

1. Create a complete profile

This is the first thing you need to do when you start Pinterest marketing, only if you are serious. I will say this is the foundation, Let me ask this question, “Will you buy from a website that does not own a domain name or a website that doesn’t look professional?” The answer is simple, NO!!!.  You will see this owner or business not to be serious.

The same applies to you here, Before you start creating your pins, complete your profile and let it look professional. Provide the necessary info you need to put out there in other to look professional and serious. Stuff like;

  • Business Email Address
  • Business Phone Number
  • Website
  • Other Social Media Accounts:

 Link other social media accounts like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. This will help increase your followers and the number of people your pins will reach anytime you create them.

Profile Picture and a Cover Photo: 

You can use Canva to create customized Logos for yourself and your business for free. You can also choose to upgrade and get more features if you want to.

Bio: A short bio, but be precise and polite.

Once your profile is looking more attractive and professional now, continue with the steps I will be listing below. This point is very important to be because your profile is the homepage of your business and brand the more you look attractive and professional the more you get more exposure.

2. Do not create ugly pins:

Once your profile is looking professional, the next thing is to create nice and eye-catching pins. Ugly pins are not going to help you get link clicks, but rather prevent people from clicking on your pins.

Remember, most Pinterest users are females and females naturally love cute and amazing stuff. With this, you have to get an app or software that is going to help you with the designing of your images and even videos. 

Canva is the best to help you get stuff like that done. I use Canva myself, and it is freemium thus, they got both paid and free versions. You can edit your own images and also get images that are going to work best for Pinterest pins.

Its alternative is looka. You can check them out as well.

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3. Vertical image size 600px width:

This is one of the most important things you need to know when creating your pins, Although I first said create pleasant and eye-catching pins. But here these pleasant and eye-catching pins of yours have to be vertical and have the width or large size of 600px.

I am saying this because most Pinterest users surf Pinterest with their mobile phones. From Pinterest statistics, most Pinterest users use mobile phones. So the best images that are going to work for mobile users, Tablet users and P.C users are the vertical images.

Any image that is wider than 600px is going to find it difficult to appear in search results, it is always going to be dropped down. Here my little advice is once you get the image you want to pin, you can just have to make sure its width and the image size is appropriate and not larger than 600px.

You can get free Pinterest images mages on Canva and then edit them into the way you want them to b and state using them for free.

4. Use keywords in your topics (Pinterest SEO):

You have to take your Pinterest SEO serious. With internet marketing, you can not do away with SEO. You always have to get your stuff SEO optimized in order to rank for the appropriate keywords and get targeted and profitable traffic.

Once you optimize your topic with the appropriate keywords, you are likely to get traffic from not only Pinterest but from search engines. Have you seen a Pinterest post appear in Google search results? It sometimes happens if you target keywords with the high search but has low competition.

Implementing SEO sounds easy in the ears but in other to put it in place in the rightful other, I suggest you learn SEO and everything about it.

5. Use keywords in your descriptions (Pinterest SEO)

Do not forget to also insert the keywords you would like your pin to rank for in your description. 

Here, just like how bloggers write their SEO optimized blog introduction, that is what you will be doing here. And as usual, avoid keyword Staffing and do not forget your Hashtags.

Once your pin catches the internet surfer or visitor, your description and also going to play a big role in other to persuade them to click through your affiliate links or blog/website links.

Always, your pin description has to be SEO optimized and also be short. Do not make it complete, this will make people click through your link to find all the info they started reading.

6. Pin continuously:

What you have to put in mind is online marketing does not just pick up the days or few weeks you started. It will take you time to build your empire and brand. Just like websites/blogs take from 4 to 7 months to pick up. 

With Pinterest, you also have to be consistent and create pins continuously. You have to post at least 10 pins a day and even 3 to 5 videos in a week too in addition. Creating these pins is not a problem if you have software like Tailwind that is going to assist you in scheduling your pins and posting them for you automatically. The way and how you have scheduled every blessed pin.

Yours is to make sure your images and videos are eye-catching and are of appropriate length and width. In other to improve its possibilities to appear in search results, in other to help you get lots of exposure. Canva is going to help you get this work done too.

Visit Tailwind Official Website:    Tailwind

7. Show variety of images on a single pin:

Create and edit different images for your pin, do not just edit a single image and then post it. Edit it in several of different ways to make it look attractive. If you are selling, maybe a particular cloth or sneaker. Take at least 5 different pictures of it and then include them all in a single pin.

This is also going to help you increase your link click as time goes on. Once these images are nice and will easily catch the attention of every viewer, don’t forget to add your description that is going to rise up their curiousness in other to let them click through your provided link. 

By so doing, you can turn first time visitors or readers into customers.

8. Try to grow your followers:

Whiles you are implementing all the above strategies, do not forget to build your followers too. And to do this on Pinterest. You just have to follow people that are in the same niche you are into.

You will follow them and also people that they follow and people that follow them. And do not forget to follow back people that follow you too. This will help you build your brand around people that are interested in your niche.

This will help your pins get the right exposure they need to get, since people around you here are into and interested in your niche only.

Performing Niches on Pinterest Currently

  1. Home Decor & Decoration
  2. Education 
  3. Fashion
  4.  Jewellery
  5. Entrepreneurship

To conclude, The above are some simple and easy procedures and strategies you can put in place in other to increase your link clicks as time goes on. With the above steps you need not be special or be a pro, what you need is smartness, a bit of hard work and consistency.

You can share your opinions, suggestions, and question in the comment box. As we do our best to help you with all our best.

You are permitted to share this guide with your friends and families on all social media platforms…

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