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How To Increase Facebook (Meta Verse) Group and Page Likes And Followers 2022-2023

Ways To Increase Facebook Group and Page Likes And Followers 2021-2022

There are lots of ways to boost or increase your likes and followers on Facebook (Meta Verse) in 2022-2023 In this guide, we have curated the simple and easy steps everyone can tap into and start increasing his/her Facebook engagements.

Facebook is one of the visited websites in the world now and also one of the popular social media platforms that get billions of unique traffic monthly. Starting a business or using it as a source of brand growth and organic traffic source is not a bad idea.

What you will need is to create great content, make good and targeted posts. And then execute the tips and tricks you will be given below in other to make it happen.

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Inviting Friends:

This is the first on our list because it is so far one of the simplest ways to boost your likes and followers of either your Facebook page or group. This is one of the procedures people who want likes, followers and members in their new group or pages can adapt.

With this, you will just have to invite people on your friend list only. 

So let’s say if you have 4,000 Facebook friends, you can invite all of them at once. And let’s say if only 20% of them like or join your group, you will be clocking at least 800 likes or members. This is fast and simple.

You can also decide to instruct or ask your followers to also invite people on their friend’s list. By doing this your followers and likes are going to increase drastically without you putting in any hard or complicated procedure.

Using Auto-Liking Apps:

This is also another simple way to increase your Facebook engagement without putting in any hard or complicated work. And this is going to work for both those looking for likes and followers.

The Facebook auto-liking app is going to help your post get reach lots of people worldwide like you run an ad. But with this, some apps do not provide or get your posts to reach real humans and some also, your post get to reach only Asians and middle-eastern Facebookers most often.

But then, since your aim is to reach lots of people that will be okay. Because it will help increase your Facebook engagement as time goes on and you will be getting in touch with real members.

With this procedure, most people do not find it interesting or helpful, people like digital marketers. As a digital marketer you need to get reach targeted audiences in other to get traffic and even sales. Which most of the Facebook auto-liking apps won’t be able to provide most often.

But if you just need these likes and followers for fun or to just build a brand likes and followers it’s cool.

#NB: Some apps may also be phishing apps so be careful where you download your app. Whether you download it on Google play store or Apple store is the best. Don’t just download apps you find in search engines results. Your log-ins can be stolen!

3. Add & Allow Hashtags and Tags on Your Posts:

This point contains two different strategies but we have added them together because they are similar to each other no huge difference. Here you will be adding hashtags to your Facebook posts in other to get reach to people who search that particular or similar keyword.

An example is “You are making a post about a funnel creating software for digital marketers, you can add hashtags like #bestfunnelcreator, #funnelcreator, #Digitalmarketing #funnelcreator2021 etc. Or if your post is about a weight loss product or a lady, you can also add hashtags like #weightloss, #lossfat, #beautifullady, #africanlady #teengirls etc.

With this, people that search the keywords in your hashtags are likely to see your post in their search results on Facebook or even in search results or other search engines most often Google images.

Also, you can allow people to tag you in their various posts or articles written by them on Facebook. You see lot’s of celebrities and social media influencers do this most often.  An example is if your client tags you in his or her post on a service you rendered maybe a website you created for them or an item you sold to them.

Those that find it attractive will definitely click on the tag to check your profile or check your stuff out. This is also going to help you increase your likes and followers.

Run Advertisements:

This is another way to increase your Facebook engagement both like, followers and even members. Mostly, people think we only run ads because of sales, profits and traffic. But then, you can also run ads just to get your content or group get reach to lots of people.

But then with this, you will pass through the same procedures like you are running an ad because of traffic, sales or profit. You will have to target the people you want to see this particular ad fill in the necessary info and then also add your budget.

You can run an ad with your group post or page post it doesn’t matter, your aim is just to get reach to lot’s of people or get lots of likes and followers.

And with Facebook, you can run an ad for at least $15 or even $10. The only con about this, you will first be investing some little amount of money, but trust me it is worth it. Your page likes, followers and reach will increase 80% than was already.

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Create More Video Contents: 

Another way is to create lots of video content. As we all know videos reach a lot’s audiences than pictures and articles do. And some digital marketers even say videos are the future of marketing or advertising.

And when we say create videos, we do not mean just any video. Your videos must have some quality and interesting content that are going to lure individuals to share on their walls. Anytime time your video is shared put in mind that you have reached at least 10 people.

One thing you have to know about videos on Facebook is that most often the reactions do not provide the actual reach of the particular video. Mostly some videos have 100K reactions but have 10M views. This means that a particular video has been viewed 10M times but only 100K people reacted to it.

So with this little explanation, you can decide on how to increase your Facebook likes and followers with videos.

Share Your (Page, Group or Posts):

Another strategy to improve your Facebook likes and followers is by sharing your posts. And remember you can also share your groups and pages if you want to. And by all means, you have seen something like this on Facebook.

As said earlier in our creating of videos point, we said something like anytime your video is shared it is likely that it has reached at least 10 people at that ends. So sharing your post is not a bad idea.

But in doing this you have to be cautioned. You can not just share your posts, groups and pages in or on any forum and pages just like that. You would be probably marked as a spammer. Be very careful in doing that because today, Facebook can ban you from posting in groups or even sharing your comments for about a month.

To be sincere it is annoying, so just prevent annoying other people promote your posts in peace and increase like and followers with ease.

Add Your Facebook Handle To Your Website Site Links (Social Links):

This strategy is for individuals who own their websites or online stores. You can increase your likes and followers on Facebook by adding or linking your Facebook page to your website or online stores.

You can add them on your social links, in which we have done the same thing on our website. (You can check if you want to, Topmost corner of your web page). You can also create special site links or quick links and then add your Facebook page in which is one of the popular and most used procedures most bloggers adopt to promote their Facebook pages and groups.

This is simply easy, once your website is getting enough traffic you can also direct some of these visitors to like and follow your social media pages including Facebook.

Use Quality Images: 

Another strategy you can use to increase your Facebook engagements is by using quality images in your posts. Images also most often catch attention. That is why most digital marketers pay image and video editors to edit images for them to run their various ads or promote their products.

Quality images can catch the attention of people. An example is, quality and nice images of men will definitely catch women and vice versa to men too. This is not magic but it is something natural that is in mankind. (Sometimes babies*)

 This is also one of the hacks you can use to increase your Facebook likes and followers.

Do Giveaways:

Do you want Facebook likes and followers so bad? Why don’t you try giveaways? This is one of the strategies to boost your Facebook page and group engagement drastically. Lot’s of social media influencers do this most often and sometimes young entrepreneurs.

You can do giveaways and then add the qualifications or what individuals need to do in other to earn the prize or gift you will be offering. And with the idea to increase your page likes and followers; You can instruct them to;

i. Like your post or page first

ii. Comment on your post

iii. Provide a review on your page

iv. Share your group to at least 5 groups of friends

v. Tag your page or group in their posts on Facebook.

These are not the only strategies, you can think about more and make it happen. And in giveaways like this, you can offer Airtime or Gift cards like Amazon, Sephora, Steam Wallet, Google Play, iTunes card and many more.

Remember here you will be investing, but trust me it is worth it. By the time you finish that contest, your page likes and reach will increase at least 150%.

Engage Your Followers:

What we mean by engaging your followers here means interacting with all your followers. This is by replying to their comments, liking their comments and many more.

Most often Facebook suggests pages that have lots of interactions with individuals they think to love the same stuff by using their past browsing cookies. This is to make them enjoy their stay on Facebook.

 By doing so, you can get your posts to reach new people and sometimes the friends of your followers. An example is “Ricky Nob commented on Bronzereview’s post” And I know almost everyone has seen something like this on his or her Facebook wall at least once or always.

Doing this is not a bad idea because big businesses and most social media influencers do this now. You can try this strategy too if you want to increase your Facebook page or group engagement.

Post Quality Contents:

This is also another way to increase your Facebook engagement. Just like we did say earlier in our previous points, quality content is also going to help you increase your Facebook likes and reactions.

Nobody even you will not read or pay attention to content that is not quality. That is the same way others too won’t, so you have to create quality and attention-catching contents that can help attract lot’s of people to your page or groups.

Allow Your Posts To Be Shared: 

There are some groups and pages where their posts can not be shared. If your group is one of them you have to change your settings immediately. This is because shared content reaches out to lots of people immediately so why are you preventing your post from being shared.

You have to allow your post to be shared and commented on publicly by everyone in other to increase your pages or group reach.

Fill-in or Complete Your Profile:

The aim of some people here is to increase their engagement in other to get people to make sales or promote an offer to. In this case, you have to fill in or complete your profile and let it look professional either your personal account, group or page.

Get a good profile picture and a nice cover photo like Bronzereview’s cover photo on their Facebook page.

This strategy can also help you increase your engagements.


Lastly, you have to be very consistent. This is because just a post can not blow your group or page. You have to continue posting and interacting with your audience and followers as time goes on.

The more effective and updated your page is the more Facebook also suggest it to people they think would like your content. Remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day” so consistency is very important here.

While you implement the above procedures do not forget to be consistent in other to make your dreams come true.

To conclude, above are some of our curated and tested strategies you can tap into and start increasing and boosting your Facebook likes and followers in 2021. 

You can drop your suggestions and questions into the comment sections we will do our possible best to respond on time.

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