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How To Get Google AdSense Account Approved In Ghana 2023

How To Get Google AdSense Account Approved In Ghana (Africa) 2021-2022

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This is a guide on how To Get Google AdSense Account Approved. We are going to help you with the procedures and things you need to put in place in other to get your website or blog accepted to show Google Ads 

Also, help you know the time, pages and other vital stuff your websites need to have in other to get approved to show Google ads in Ghana.

Residents in African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya etc ask questions like this on Google all the time from Google trend queries.

Google AdSense is one of the most used ways by which residents in Ghana (Africa) use to monetize their various websites. And  I will say it is the best, because of its payment options and other interesting policies.

How To Create a Google Adsense Account

To even apply for a Google Adsense account, you need to have a website first and then proceed to apply with your real info about yourself or your business. It is an easy procedure I believe every individual can get it done without any help or assistance.

⦁    Search Google Adsense and Hop on their homepage
⦁    Click on the sign-up option
⦁    Follow the steps by filling in the needed info about you and your blog
⦁    Remember you have to be 18years or above to apply
⦁    Make sure you are not also showing ads by different Ads programs on your blog or website.

Once you are done with the sign-up process, I suggest you go on and apply to allow them to show their ads on your website. Once you get accepted you will be allowed to verify your account by adding your home address.


1. Write Original and High-Quality Contents On Your Blog Or Website:

One of the crucial things your website or blog needs in other to be accepted to show Google ads is having original and quality content. What “Original” means here are contents that are written by yourself or a content writer and not copied from a different blog or plagiarized.

Writing on a topic you have to know at least something small about it and as all humans ain’t perfect you do a little research in other to help you develop your basic points and ideas strong and clear to your readers and audience.

Google is really interested in original content because they want to give the searcher or their user the best user experience as they use their service. 

And also the other keyword in this point is “Quality”, this means your website or blog has to have information that will be more useful to the reader under that topic. This is just like writing an essay in your English class.

You have to make all your articles or posts structured and well arranged. Sometimes you need to make a lot of research in other to give the details in other to meet most readers needs. By doing so you convert them from just one time visitors to full-time fans.

And Google checks this part a lot, so to be accepted to show ads you have to be ready to give yourself time to write original and quality contents that your readers will love and find interesting.

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2. Have At Least 20 To 30 Unique Articles Or Posts On Your Website:

The second point on our list is having at least 20 to 30 unique articles or posts on your website. Most people say at least 15 articles or posts, but for me, that’s for residents in Europe, North America and Australia. Finding yourself in Africa, Asia or the Caribbean my suggestion is you have to get at least 20 to 30 unique content on your website.

This is because of the population of people that use the internet there and the way of life they live there. Most things are searched online and it’s between all ages but to compare to African residents and some parts of Asia there is a huge difference.

So my advice is you have to get at least 20 to 30 unique original content on your website. And with this, I will be sure you will be getting some decent traffic from these posts and articles.

And if your contents are not original you are not going to get the needed traffic in other to get accepted to show these ads. And let’s say even if you are accepted you are not going to earn any money because you won’t be getting the audience to click these advertisements they will show your website.

So once you are getting some decent traffic you can choose to apply to show Google ads on your blog and you will be accepted.

Remember mostly, website traffic takes from 2 to 6 months to pick up… Don’t worry just work 

3. Make Sure Your Website Is Not Banned:

I made this the third point because, as I have already made you know you need original and unique content on your website or blog in other to get accepted to show Google Ads, I will have to also let you know the consequences of having copied and plagiarized contents on your website.

Website’s that have copied contents from other blogs and do not inform the owner or acknowledge the owner of the original content can get banned or punished. And when your website gets banned you won’t be ranking for keywords you were ranking anymore and as a matter of fact, your website won’t appear in Google search results anymore.

So in other to be accepted to show these Google advertisements on your blog, you have to make sure your website is in line and not banned or penalized for committing any unaccepted acts.

4. Make Sure You Do Not Use Copyrighted Issues and Stuff:

Making sure your website is free from copyright problems is also a factor to consider when wanting to apply to show Google ads on your blog.
Blogs that have copyright issues are likely not to be accepted to show Google ads. Some of these copyright issues are;

⦁    Downloading and uploading images from other websites and uploading it on your blog in other to support your articles and blog posts.

⦁    Copying content from other websites and posting them on your websites as your content.
These are some of the stuff you have to do away with others to prevent copyright issues. When using an image, article or video, I suggest you give credit to the owner or inform the owner first.

And remember if you want to get out of all this, there are websites out there that allow bloggers to download free images without any copyright allegations and laws for free. Example (Pexels)

5. Have Some Vital Pages Like (About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy) :

This is also one of the important things you have to get on your websites if you are willing to show ads on your blog someday. Google actually checks this stuff before they accept any website to show their ads.

Websites without pages like; 

⦁    Contact Us Page
⦁    About Us Page
⦁    Terms & Conditions Page
⦁    Privacy Policy Page
⦁    Disclaimer Page

are not going to get accepted when you apply to show ads. With these pages, your website looks professional and okay to show ads.

New bloggers will be wondering how can I write these pages I mean the disclaimer, terms & conditions and privacy policy page. Don not worry, this is not a big deal, those hard-working dudes can choose to write their selves from scratch.

But for lazy people like me, I suggest you visit this website called Termly and generate these pages automatically and then copy and page them on your website. That simple, easy and will save lot’s of time for you and your business.

6. Make Sure Your Website Gives Good User Experience: Navigation, Loading time, content clearness:

This point is also one of the important points for me, giving your users and website visitors a good user experience is going to change them from just mere everyday visitors or to top fans.

When I say “Good User” experience what I mean here is your website’s loading time, navigation, fonts etc. No one is going to wait on your website whiles it takes like 1 minute or 2 minutes to load just a page. Slow page loading is definitely going to affect your website traffic and increase the bounce-back rate of your website.

Another point is your website has to be easy to use in terms of navigation, you have to arrange it in a suitable and clear manner that your website visitors will find it easy to navigate and tour on your website with ease from page to page.

You also have to consider the fonts, you have to make sure your website’s fonts are a bit larger than people with few eye problems can find it easier to read your articles and posts. (Optional)

 Talking of making your fonts a little big consider making them look cute in other to make your website look professional.
Professional websites get the chance to show ads not just any website.

7. Your Website Has To Get 100 Unique Visitors A Day:

This is in the terms of Google Adsense, you have to be getting some specific amount of traffic on your website in other to get accepted to show Google ads. Just like how I have arranged these points.
Once you have at least 20 to 30 unique, original and quality content your website is likely to rank for some keywords and there is a probability it’s going to get some traffic from Google. 

So what Google is saying is that websites that can show their ads are websites that are getting at least 100 unique website visitors every blessed day.

This is because websites that are not doing well in terms of traffic are not going to get any clicks when they show their advertisements on these blogs. And as a matter of fact, you are not going to earn anything and there is no need to show these advertisements on there.

But trust me once you are getting enough traffic like at least 100 unique visitors per day you are likely to get accepted to show ads on your website.

In other to check the visitors your website is getting daily and how your blog is doing, you can check BrandnewBlogs to see your website or blogs statistics.

8. Make Sure Your Website Doesn’t Show Adult or Explicit Contents:

The last on my list is websites that don’t show explicit and adult content. I decided to add this to my list because Google does not show adult and explicit ads, so websites that want them to show their advertisement should also not show this stuff.

These can be either articles, images or videos. Those that have their website are about adults and explicit can choose to ignore Google Adsense.
But there are lots of advertising companies that allow their users or show adult and explicit ads.

You are assured that once you follow the above steps and have what your website or blog is required to have, your Google AdSense account will be approved in just 48hours.

People especially residents in Ghana and those in Asia get denied several times when they apply for Google Adsense

No fears! we are here for you, we will help you and also assist you in what to do in order to get approved on Google ads within weeks.

Drop your comments, questions, ideas, and opinions in the comment box or email us through…