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How To Get A Free USA & Canada Phone Number In Ghana (Africa) 2021-2022

How To Get A Free USA & Canada Phone Number In Ghana (Africa) 2021-2022

You might be struggling with how to create or get a free USA and Canada phone number here in Ghana (Africa) 2021-2022 for your business or personal use. 

I will say people with thriving online businesses will suddenly one day get the idea to create or get a USA phone number without costing you any penny.

You are covered in this article, By the end of this article, you will be able to create a USA phone number for either your personal uses or for your business. 

In this guide, we will be using Textnow to create free USA and Canada phone numbers. This is because Textnow is free of charge to use.

All you will need is an internet connection and some petty stuff I am about to let you know in this article. 

I am recommending Textnow in this article because creating a phone number with Textnow is free, easy and simple you do not need to have a special skill or be a computer pro. 

How To Get A Free USA  & Canada Phone Number In Ghana 2021-2022
Image Credit: Textnow

What Is Textnow?

Textnow is a free phone service that provides services to its customers without them paying phone bills. All you need in other to use Textnow is a WIFI or Internet connection.

With Textnow you can make unlimited calls and unlimited text messages without paying anything all you need is a strong WIFI or internet connection.

With Textnow you can create either a USA or Canada phone number free without paying anything. Although to use some features on Textnow you have to pay a little amount of money to buy credit.

Just like how you recharge your airtime cards on your phone here in Ghana.

Calling a USA and Canada phone number with your Textnow phone number, you will not have to pay for that, I mean it’s free to make with USA and Canada numbers.

This is because USA and Canada phone numbers are seen to be local numbers on Textnow.

But to call international ( Phone number outside the United State Of America and Canada) you will have to pay for it, Thus by buying credits in other to enable you to make these phone calls.

Things You Will Need In Creating A USA or Canada Phone Number In Ghana.

Creating a free USA or Canada phone number in Ghana you will need ;

1. Email Address / Facebook Account / Apple Account

2.  A strong VPN

3. The Zipcode Of The State You Want To Use

How To Get A Free USA  & Canada Phone Number In Ghana 2021-2022

Steps To Create A USA And Canada Phone Number In Ghana

The steps to creating a USA and Canada phone number here in Ghana is easy and simple with Textnow. You Just have to follow the below steps carefully else you will find yourself struggling to get it done.


Connect Your VPN And Choose USA As Your Location:

The first step you have to connect your VPN. And not just any VPN, this is because some VPN’s are not strong enough to help you open a Textnow website. As a matter of fact, Textnow will not even appear in your search results if your VPN is not strong sometimes.

I Will recommend VPN’s like;

i. Nord VPN

ii. Pure VPN

iii. Windscribe VPN

iv. XVPN

v. Phisphon VPN

They are all VPN that is Freemium, What I mean is they got both a free version and a Paid Version.


Click On Sign up


Type In Your Email Address And Password :

After this wait for your account to be created and you will be logged in automatically by Textnow.


Go back into your Email Inbox To Verify your Email Address:

This is one of the most important methods, Although your account has been created first go back to your inbox to check their verification message sent to your email address and confirm your email. 

This is because if you try getting the phone number first before doing that your account can be deleted and because they have your browser cookie it will be a bit difficult to create a new one with that same device.

Unless your clear your browsing cookie with some software in other to enable you to create another one once again. 

Another problem is sometimes you will not find their verification message in your inbox. If that happens to you do not worry, Check your spam messages maybe Google has marked it as a spam message.


Type in the state you want its phone number in the box provided and wait a bit for text now to get you a free phone number. 

An example is if you want a California phone number are some of the phone codes are 213, 310, 610, 714 or 

if you want a New York Phone number, some of their Phone codes are 718, 212, 917 etc.


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What You Can Do With Textnow Number?

You can use your Textnow phone number to do lots of things but you cannot use it to do some things too everything got limits. The main reason is that some people use these USA and Canada phone numbers to lure and scam people in Europe and the USA  thinking they are from the USA or Canada. 

Our main motive of creating this article is mainly for people willing to get Foreign phone numbers for their businesses in other to enable them to talk and text to their business partners and Business clients who are not located here in Ghana for free.

The following are a few things you can do with your Textnow Phone number. ( You can do more with this the following is not all you can do with the phone number)

1. Creating A Paypal Account

2. Creating  A Facebook Account

3. Free Phone Calls ( USA & Canadian numbers only)

4. Unlimited texting ( USA & Canadian number only)

5. You can use it as your Google Business Phone Number

Pros And Cons Of Using Textnow Phone Numbers

1. Requires no special skills to use

2. It is Free of charge

3. Unlimited Calls to USA and Canadian numbers

4. Unlimited Texting to USA and Canadian number

5. Has a blue and white welcoming user page

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Cons Of Using Textnow number in Ghana

1. Requires Internet Connection: 

To use Textnow in Ghana you have to be connected to the internet. Either you are using it on your mobile phone, Desktop or Laptop etc.

2. Requires a VPN if you are located in Ghana:

Another thing you need is a VPN, without a strong VPN you can not use Textnow in Ghana because of your IP address. And I have already recommended some VPN’s you can use in the article.

3. Cannot be used for WhatsApp: 

From our research at first Textnow phone numbers were able to be used to create WhatsApp. But for now, a Textnow Phone number cannot be used to create WhatsApp again. That service is unavailable now.

4. Cannot be used Paxful

This is because of how Bitcoin fraud is rising yearly, Paxful tries its best to prevent people from creating fake accounts.

5. You sometimes receive unwanted or unknown messages from Unknown numbers:

This is also a major problem you will be facing using a Textnow phone number. not always but sometimes you will receive text messages and Phone calls from unknown phone numbers.

This is because someone was using the phone number you are using at first. Textnow will take their phone number back if you do not text or make calls with the phone number. They will not just take the phone number but they will alert you several times through your registered email address before they take it.

Do you find this article helpful share it with your friends and business partners who are also wanting to create the USA and Canadian phone numbers without it costing them any penny?

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