How To Find Someone Blocked On Facebook And Whatsapp

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Sometimes things like this pop up in everyone’s head. “Let me check the number or list of people I have blocked. This is a full guide “How To Find Someone Blocked On Facebook And WhatsApp”

Most people find it difficult to do this, and I myself was part of these people some time ago. But it’s okay because this is not something we mostly do. This idea sometimes pops up in the head once a while and you be like… “okay let me check”

In this guide, we will enlighten every reader of ours with the procedures on how to view the list of people you blocked on Whatsapp and Facebook. The procedure may differ from what others put out there, the ones we’ve provided below is one of the simplest and easiest to adapt.

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How To Find People I Blocked On Facebook

Below is one of the easiest ways to find blocked Facebook friends easily on your Facebook.

  1. Login or Launch your Facebook
  2. Navigate to the “Settings” (Here, the procedure will differ because you might be using Facebook or Facebook Lite App or even Facebook web)
  3. Under “Audience and Visibility”, Select “Blocking”
  4. A list of people you’ve blocked on your Facebook will appear.
  5. To unblock any of them, you just “tap on the unblock besides their name, and they will get unblocked”

This is how to find people you have blocked on your Facebook. This list will include every individual you’ve blocked on Facebook using your account.

To unblock them you will just have to tap on the unblock besides their name and you’re done. But you might be asked to put in your password if you try to perform bulk action.

This is because Facebook might think your account has been hacked and they will see such activity as unusual.

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How To Find People I Blocked On Whatsapp

Below is one of the easiest ways to find blocked Whatsapp contacts and friends.

  1. Launch your whatsapp
  2. Navigate to the “Settings Page” (Tap on the three-dots on the right corner of your screen and select Settings from the drop-down menu)
  3. Select “Account” (Privacy, Security & Change Number)
  4. Select Privacy
  5. Scroll down to the bottom, and you will find a list of blocked contacts under “Blocked Contacts”

With Whatsapp, you can also tap on the particular phone number if you are willing to unblock that particular number.

Remember, once you unblock the number, it will disappear from your blocked list. So if it’s not a saved contact, you will lose that number forever.

To conclude, in this guide we touched on the procedures to execute when wanting to a checklist of contacts blocked on Whatsapp and Facebook.

This is one of the simple and working guides you will find online. Follow Bronze-review for more content like this and more on Tech and Digital marketing.


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