How To Update MTN Momo Name & Check Registration Details 2024

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Have you ever asked yourself how do I update my MTN Momo name? Or How do I check my MTN Momo details?. In this guide, we are going to enlighten our readers on how to find their MTN Momo name and also how to check their MTN Momo registration details like Next of Kin.

Thus, the name you used to register your MTN mobile money (Name that appears when one wants to confirm the number he/she is sending money onto is yours)

And next of kin is someone who takes over your account when you are no more.

How To Check Momo Registration Details

So here, checking momo details we will start with the procedure to check your MTN momo wallet name and the followed by how to check your Next of Kin and how to change your Next Of Kin.

i. Steps To Find MTN Mobile Money Name

Below are the steps to find your MTN momo wallet name;

1. Dial *170#

2. Select Option 6 (My Account)

3. Dial # (For Next)

4. Select Option 10 (Name & Next Of Kin)

5. Your Wallet Name will pop up. (E.g. Wallet Name: Richard Kingston Abayie)


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ii. How To Check Your MTN Momo Next Of Kin

Below are the steps to check, update and change your MTN Momo wallet next of Kin;

1. Dial *170#

2. Select Option 6 (My Account)

3. Dial #  (For Next)

4. Select Option 10 (Name & Next Of Kin)

5. Your Next of Kin’s Momo Wallet Name is going to appear under your Wallet Name. (E.g. Next Of Kin: Natasha Turkson Agyemang)

iii. How To Change Your MTN Momo Wallet Next of Kin.

Follow the below steps to change your MTN Momo Wallet Next of Kin;

1. Dial *170#

2. Select Option 6 (My Account)

3. Dial # (For Next)

4. Select Option 10 (Name & Next Of Kin)

5. Select Option 1 (Change Next Of Kin)

6. Type in the Phone number of Your Next Of Kin

7. Type In the name of Your Next Of Kin

8. Confirm changes.

In conclusion, above is everything you need to know when wanting to check, update and change your MTN mobile money details. This guide covers stuff like;

i. Finding MTN Momo wallet Name.

ii. Checking MTN Momo Next Of Kin.

iii. Updating MTN Momo Wallet Next of Kin.

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    Stephen Essel

    I want to update my Momo account… I did the biometric registration with my Ghana card last week Thursday and since then am on able to request for Quick loan’s… The feedback is make sure that yourc Ghana card is registered to you sim, meanwhile I had done the registration… I need help now.
    Thank you.

  2. 2

    Aww… there’s no problem. Once you received a message that your biometric registration for your sim has been completed successfully, your sim is registered.

    For the loan thing, you’re still not qualified to take MTN loan at the very moment. We have been receiving similar comments like this of late. It’s either you need to keep using your MTN Momo account frequently, so you’ll be eligible in the mere future or the loan thing is on hold now.

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