How To Download Facebook Videos 2024

Are you struggling to download a video you found interesting or helping on Facebook? If yes….. Then this guide is for you, this is a short step-to-step guide to help you download your preferred Facebook videos.

Steps To Download Facebook Videos For Android Users

1. Hop on the Google Play Store and type “Facebook Video Downloader” in the search bar.

2. Download any of the apps that pops-up

3. log in to Facebook through The App

4. Using the App to surf on Facebook you can easily download any video on Facebook you like with just 2 simple clicks.

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#NB: Don’t download a Facebook Video downloader app on any website except Apple and Google Play Store. The reason I am saying this is, some create phishing apps to steal the logins of individuals and use their accounts for their fraudulent activities.

How To Download Facebook Videos

(2). How To Download Facebook Videos.

1. Once you find the video you want to download

2. Copy the video link address.

3. Go to Google and type in “FBDownload

4. Paste in the link to the Facebook video and click on download.

5. Choose the type of video quality you want to download and then wait till your video finish downloading.

Once you follow the above steps carefully, you will be able to down any Facebook video you want.  Downloading a Facebook video with this method all you need is the video’s link address, that’s all. 

When you type in “” and you don’t find their official website, you can search “Facebook online video downloader” and you will get a website to download your video.

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