How To Create A Verified PayPal Account For Free In Ghana 2024

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This article is going to help everyone on “How To Create A Verified PayPal Account For Free In Ghana”. And also enlighten our readers on the mobile app and also get your account verified in addition without breaking any sweat.

And also tackle a controversial topic like “Withdrawing funds from your PayPal account to MTN Mobile Money here in Ghana” as a bonus. (That’s our pro-tip)

PayPal is an online money transfer medium just like MoneyGram, Western Union, Stripe, and Payoneer owned by eBay. But with PayPal, it’s easy and also has options that are favourable to businesses and individuals. This is why PayPal seem to be one of the most popular money transaction medium online now in our era. 

And this is why those participating in online businesses or running their businesses online must have a Paypal account. In other to help them pay their online bills and also withdraw their profits or money made online without encountering any issues or scams. 

Having an account, you can make payments anytime you run ads on Facebook, Quora, Bing Ads and Pinterest and other social media platforms. And also pay online bills and services.

This is what every freelancer, blogger, digital marketer, affiliate marketer etc needs when paying for services or receiving money from areas our local banks and cards can’t.

What You Will Need To Create A Paypal Account

To create a Paypal account for your businesses here in Ghana you need to have ;

1. Your Valid Email Address

2. Your Full Name and Business Name

3. Your  Phone Number

4. Your  Date Of Birth

5. Your Address (home address and business address)

6. Your  Identification document and Id number (It can be your Driver’s  license / Voter’s Id / Ghana card)

7. A Debit card from your bank. I will recommend UBA and other international banks in Ghana like GT Bank, Stanbic Bank etc.

Steps To Create A Paypal Account In Ghana

As you already know Paypal is not yet working in African countries like Ghana, Although Paypal is working in Countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco etc yet they still have limits. But this can not stop you from accessing Paypal because it is one of the best and most well-known ways of sending money online.

 The steps seem to be a bit long because I have broken it down in a way people with no skills or aren’t all that smart in doing things like this can be able to follow the steps and also create theirs successfully.


Hop onto your PayPal Official website


Scroll-down to the bottom of the home page, click on the USA flag and choose Country Kenya: 

We are using Kenya Paypal because Kenya is one of the African countries that is allowed to deposit and withdraw money from their Paypal to Bank account.


Select a Business Account:

We will be choosing a business account because with a business account we can add our Ghanaian phone number. But for the personal account, we have to get a Kenyan phone number for verification in which we will not be able to get.

For Business, we can say we are Ghanaians living in Kenya and having a business there. Just simple as that and we are good to go.


Fill in the particulars needed like Email, Full name, Date of birth, Address, Password, Zip code etc.

STEP 5:  

Fill in your Business information: Here you will fill in your business info and add a website if your business has a website if not you can skip it and continue.


Fill in more about you: Here you will add your Date of Birth, Nationality, Identity document (National Id card, Ghana Card, Driving License) and then confirm your home address once again.


You’re done, At this point, your Paypal account has been created successfully. And then you move on to the verifications.

How To Create A Verified Paypal Account For Free In Ghana

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How To Verify Your Paypal Account In Ghana

After you follow all the above procedures above well you will end up creating your PayPal account. After creating your Paypal you will need to get it verified in other to participate in activities like

1. Requesting money from  your business partners

2. Sending money without any daily limit

3. Receiving money without encountering any issues.

4. Lastly, The most important part withdrawing money to your card or bank account.

To get our created Paypal account here in Ghana verified we have to first ;

1. Confirm our Email: 

Paypal will send a confirmation message in your inbox, I mean the email you used to create the account. To confirm your email it’s simple you just click on the confirmation email in your inbox and click on the verify and your account’s email will be verified automatically.

How To Create A Verified PayPal Account For Free In Ghana

2.Link a Visa card: 

I will not recommend you to link a bank account because these banks here in Ghana cannot be linked to Paypal because they are not located in Paypal accepted countries, that’s how I will put it.

I will recommend you get a United Bank Of Africa (UBA ) Africard. With that, you can link it to your Paypal account successfully without any issues.

To get a UBA Africard is not a big deal, You just have to visit a UBA branch near you and go make enquiries about how to get an Africard .

How To Create A Verified Paypal Account For Free In Ghana

There might be a slight change in the Terms and conditions. But the well-known process to get your Africard is as follow;

1. Visit the nearest UBA branch.

2. Present the following particulars they will need to activate your  Africard for you;

2i. Voter’s ID Card

ii. Utility Bill

iii. Two Passport pictures

3. You got to have at least 80cedis as ready money to deposit on your card when it is activated. Just like when creating a Bank account.

4. After you pass through all these processes your card will be ready for you to use. And I will say can be ready to be linked to your Paypal account.

#NB: You may ask how do I load money on my UBA Africard, You can visit any UBA branch near you and load money on it. And also visit any UBA ATM to withdraw money from your Africard.

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Withdrawing Money From Paypal To MTN  Mobile Money 

There is this controversial question that lots of Ghanaians ask, “how to withdraw money from our Paypal account to your MTN mobile money”.

I will say that can be possible but you will have to pass through a long long process. And it’s not all that secure other than withdrawing with your linked debit card or visa card.

I know other people want it straight like withdrawing their money from Paypal straight to MTN mobile money without passing through any long process. With that question, I will say No! that can not be done.

But then as I said at first, it can be done but you have to pass through a long long process that would even lead to you losing your money if you are not all that smart.

Since this article is here to help I will give a hint on how I think that can be done step by step.

1. Get a Binance account. Binance is a website for trading bitcoin, and you can get paid through MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, Tigo Cash, Chipper Cash and even local Bank accounts here in Ghana.

2. Create aaccount and verify with your Phone Number, Email Address and if you can your Voter’s ID Card. That’s not compulsory though.

3. Buy Bitcoin on there and choose your payment method to be Paypal.

4. Now you make payment and the Bitcoin will be released to you. (Pay with your PayPal Funds)

5. After you have bought your bitcoin, You now sell the bitcoin and then choose the local money transfer medium through which you want to receive your money through. Either MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, Tigo Cash, Chipper Cash or Local Bank Accounts here.

6. Get into another trade, here is what is when the smartness come inside. You have to be smart because of these local Nigerian and Ghanaian scammers.

Provide the Phone Number you want to receive the payment on it and the Full Name you used to register your MTN Mobile Money.

And tell the buyer to send the money to that number and also verify that name first before he/she sends the money.

7. Wait for an alert before you release bitcoin, Some scammers can send fake alerts and some do not send the money at all and will be pressuring you to release the bitcoin. Be patient and trade wisely.

8. After you follow all these processes carefully your money in your Paypal account will finally get to your MTN Mobile Money account.

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Why You Have To Get A Paypal Account Here In Ghana If you Work Online or Run An Online Business.

Although Paypal is not yet accepted in Ghana. But working online or running an online business in Ghana or Africa, you got to have a Paypal or Payoneer account in other to help accomplish lots of tasks like;

1. Paying Online Bills:

I will use myself as an example me being an Internet Marketer, Blogger and a Part-time University student, I got online bills to pay at the end of every month. I pay for the tools I use online, tools like;

I. Keyword Planning Tools   II. Spying Tools     III. Tracking Tools etc

And also most university students use

I. Apple Music        II. Netflix            IV. Google Play store     V. Pay for online Courses etc.

2. Running Ads :

This is for those who run their businesses online, Once you want your business services and products to reach a large number of people you have to run an Ad either on Social media platforms like;

I. Facebook   II. Twitter   III. Pinterest   IV. Snapchat    V. Quora    VI. LinkedIn       VII. Tiktok    VIII. Instagram

or Run ads on search engines such as ;

I. Google    II. Bing       III. Yahoo      IV. YouTube   V. Amazon     VI. eBay 

3. Withdrawal and Sending  Money.

The reason why I love Paypal so much is because of their payment method. You can request money from Clients and Business Partners. And also get back your money if you feel you have been scammed by an unknown online person.

Internet Marketers like me always withdraw money through Paypal and Payoneer some affiliate networks don’t accept some means of withdrawing money so I use Paypal and Payoneer in doing all my online transactions.

To conclude, I hope I covered everything you need to know when creating a PayPal account here in Ghana. I will be updating the info on this page as time goes on. This is to help keep the guide up to date.

To withdraw from Paypal to MTN Momo is not a reliable procedure and I will not recommend it for people who ain’t pros. You can go with the linking of a Visa Card and do your money transactions safely.

Now you can drop your comments, questions and suggestions so we all help you solve them. Share this guide with your friends and families if you find it helping… 

Disclaimer: This is a tested guide that has worked for many people. But we can not guarantee you it’s going to work 100% for you. We are not going to be responsible for any sort of financial loss.


Michael Rashaan is a webmaster and co-founder of Kbroda Groups. I currently hold a double major degree in Information science and Political science. During my Information science days at the university, I got enlightened more on how vital and powerful information is to human and businesses. As an information science graduate, I love to give out information that seems important for free through my research-oriented blog posts. Another part of me is, I also love to give back to the society, even though I don’t have much. This has made me develop the habit of writing and publishing. I see this to be the little role I play to make the society better. Contact me on

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