How to Create a Stripe Account in Ghana 2024

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Stripe is a financial service platform that is mainly known for processing of payment and also providing API’s for e-commerce websites and mobile applications.

Stripe was founded by two Irish-American brothers named, John and Patrick Collison in the United States of America. Since they’re Irish, Stripe do have dual headquarters thus, one at San Francisco (CA) in the US and the other in Dublin, Ireland.

It was founded in the year 2009 according to Wikipedia, and got a reasonable number of investors when they started and some of these people are Elon Musk who is known to own Tesla automobile company and SpaceX.

Stripe is available in 47 countries in 2022, no African country included currently. Only European, North America, Asia, and South American countries. And Asian countries like the Philippines and Indonesia have an asterisk on them.

But just like PayPal, you can create an account here in Ghana (Africa) without breaking any sweat with the guide below once you have a business that is being run online.

Stripe provide services that every individual that works online may need, an example is API for e-commerce websites for them to receive payment and orders from customers.

This is the main reason why, most powerful tech businesses in the world today used, and some still use their service to process funds from their customers and subscribers. Some of these companies are Ford Automobile company (funds), Twitter (Cryptocurrencies and funds), Spotify (funds), and ION a tech company situated in the United Kingdom.

How To Create A Stripe Account

1. Search Stripe on your browser and hop on their official website

2. Click on “Signup”

3. Enter the necessary details required, (Valid email address, country, Password) Since, Ghana will not be part of the list of countries, we suggest our readers should select the US as their country.

4. Confirm your details

5. Ready to go, you have to make necessary verifications and your account is good to go.

Always remember your password will have to be, very strong like let’s say, 10+ characters with capital letters, small letters, and symbols. Weak passwords are not accepted, else you can not create an account on there.

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Countries that Currently Available on Stripe List

Just as said earlier, Stripe is currently in 2022 available in few countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. Just like PayPal, Ghana is also blacklisted in this list as well, but you can access the site with your Ghanaian IP address.

Below are the list of countries that Stripe is available on currently;

CroatiaNew Zealand
Czech RepublicNorway
Hong KongSpain
JapanUnited Arab Emirates
LatviaUnited Kingdom
United States of America 

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Merits Of Using Stripe

1. Receive and process all online payment including cryptocurrencies

2. Have an easy interface and also have a support web page that have articles on everything you’ll need as a user.

3. Easy and fast to acquire an account

4. Little info required when singing up first time.

5. Reliable from their reviews on online.

In conclusion, Stripe is currently one of the best financial service platform in the world an in 2022 now. According to Wikipedia, they did make over $12 billion and the company is known to worth over $100 billion. Accessing this platform is not a problem because currently, no IP address has been blocked to access the platform.

In this guide we did tackle all the vital aspect you require or are willing to know about stripe. Do you still have any more questions? Visit stripe official support page.


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