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How To Create A Perfect Money Account In Ghana (Africa) 2023

How To Create A Perfect Money Account In Ghana (Africa) 2022-2023

Perfect money is one of the reliable fintech platform and also known to be one of the financial platforms with the lowest fees. For Perfect money, you can perform numerous activities on there compared to other financial platforms like PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe, and many others.

On Perfect money you do not only deposit and withdraw funds (processing payments), you can also buy currencies and even buy Gold as well. Also, you can lend money to active participants on there.
But with this, your loan terms and conditions will attract the market for yourself, what we mean here is customers who will be interested in lending.

For perfect money no countries are listed, it can be accessed in every country you find yourself currently in 2022. This one of the financial service companies we will recommend to our readers that have or run businesses online.

It’s easy to deposit and withdraw and also make all kinds of payment using perfect money. There are types of perfect money account just like PayPal do have. Some types of Perfect money account are;
i. Personal Account
ii. Business Account

The personal account is known to be for individuals willing to use their services and the business account is also recommended for legal entities willing to use their services as well. But everybody can use any of the account whether personal or business there are no requirements to meet.

Also, they do have Partnership Account and a Premium account. For any of these account you need to reach a particular requirement to earn such an account. And if you’re an old user and think you’ve reached the requirement to hold any of the accounts, you’ll have to send the support team a message and thy consider your application.

How To Create A Perfect Money Account

  1. Search Perfect Money and Hop on their official website
  2. Click on “signup”
  3. Enter details required (Valid email address, Full name, City address, Postal code or zip code, Phone number, account type, Preferred password)
  4. Continue to confirm your email address and any other verification you would want to.
    Once you input the required details listed, it’s easy to create an account.
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Types Of Perfect Money Account

  1. Personal Account
  2. Business Account
  3. Partnership Account
  4. Premium Account

Currencies Accepted On Perfect Money

  1. Euros
  2. Dollars
  3. Gold
  4. Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin)

Merits Of Using Perfect Money

There are lots of merits you enjoy if you choose perfect money. We’ve done our best to curate at least 9 of them. They are;

  1. Make money transfers between users;
  2. Accept payments in on behalf of various business projects on the Internet;
  3. Make regular payments on the Internet;
  4. Store funds in a secure electronic account and receive interest;
  5. Pay for goods and services in various online stores;
  6. Store your assets in cryptocurrency with no risks and no need to set up an additional wallet;
  7. Buy Bitcoin, gold, USD and EUR currencies online;
  8. Borrow and lend funds on your own terms
  9. Newbie friendly

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To conclude, Perfect money is one of the best fintech platform in the world now. The numerous activities users can perform on there makes the platform very attractive. Although the interface looks very, very structured and contain lots of information, as time goes on, you’ll understand every one thing you see on there.
We believe we did cover almost information every reader would love to know about perfect money. Do you still want to know more about perfect money and their terms and conditions?
If yes you can do yourself a great favour by glancing through their FAQ page