How To Create A JVZOO Account In Ghana (AFRICA) 2023-24

Jvzoo is one of the trending affiliate networks for affiliate marketers into digital products. Jvzoo is known for digital products mainly, All products launched there by vendors/merchants are all digital products. 

At the end of this short guide, you will be enlightened with the steps to create an account here in Africa Ghana to be precise. Our geographical location will make it a bit difficult to access and use it with ease. But this post will let you know everything you need to know when starting Jvzoo affiliate marketing.

Stuff Needed To Create A JVZOO Account

Creating a Jvzoo account In Ghana or Africa is simple and easy, but the complicated part is linking the payout account. But before you will have the idea to create an account you have to get the below before;

⦁    Full Name
⦁    Valid Email Address
⦁    Payoneer Account (Follow these steps to create your free Payoneer account and get a $25 bonus)
⦁    PayPal Account or Stripe Account (Optional)
⦁    Valid Phone Number
⦁    Compactible country. (For Jvzoo almost you can access your account from all African countries you find yourself unlike ClickBank)

How To Create A JVZOO Account In Ghana (AFRICA)

Steps To Create A JVZOO Account

i. Search Jvzoo in Your Bing/Google and Hop-On Jvzoo Home page.

ii. Click On Start For Free.

iii. Fill in the Spaces with Valid Your Info (Email, Full Name, Password Country)

iv. Click On Register (Wait for your Account to be Created)

v. Verify Your Email Address and Login Again To Continue Your Registration.

vi. Set up Your Payment Options (Here You can choose Payoneer Because with Payoneer you can withdraw to your Bank account. Payoneer is going o work for all Africans )

vii. Click On Signup/Configure To Link Your Payoneer Account.

Viii. You will be able to access your account fully once you finish your payment setup.

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Withdrawal Options Using JVZOO

With Jvzoo, withdrawing is not a big deal. There are lots of withdrawal methods that will favour residents in Ghana or Africa like you. You can link your,

⦁    Payoneer Account
⦁    PayPal Account
⦁    Bank Account (International Banks)
⦁    Stripe Account 

Below are the steps to follow after you create your account successfully. Because after creating your account what you need to do after is to link a payout account.

⦁     Click on Configure below your Withdrawal option (PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe, Bank Account)
⦁    Log into your withdrawal option account
⦁    Confirm account ownership
⦁    Click on Save to confirm details

Best Ways To Promote JVZOO Products

As I said earlier in the intro of this guide, all the products launched by merchants and vendors on Jvzoo are digital products. And digital products are the products that sell much since there is no shipping and there will be no taking of orders and even returning problems.

You being the affiliate will be free, yours is just to promote and make sales of just easy and simple. Below are some simple and easy ways you can promote your Jvzoo offers;

i. Through E-mail Marketing:

Email Marketing is one of the powerful ways to promote digital products or offers as an affiliate. This type of marketing will work for those who have to build their email list. To build an email list you have to have a website or create landing pages for your offers.

This will help you collect the Emails of the interested customers who visited your website or offer. Those already in email marketing but not getting the necessary results can check this software out. It will automatically write converting email messages for you anytime you want to promote an offer.

1. Email CopyDyno

2. ClickVio

ii. Through Blog Posts:

Here you can promote these offers on your blog/website, by writing reviews of these products.  Promoting offers through writing blog posts is a bit competitive so in this case, my advice is to get a keyword planner to help you target keywords with low competition.

An example of an affiliate website iBronze-Review. You can check the products reviews out, the Menu will help navigate you.

iii. On Social Media Platforms:

Here when you are promoting a dieting product or software you can join the niche groups on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and many more. and then ask those interested and then share to them your affiliate links.

#NB: Do not post a link in groups without permission you will be marked as a spammer and may be banned. Always disclose affiliate links to avoid annoying other users on the platform. 

iv. By Running Ads:

Paying to advertise on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Quora etc. with increase the number of people or audience your affiliate products will get exposed to. 

And if you run the ad well by consulting a professional Ad expert or advertising agency you can make enough from the money already invested (ROI).

You can also run Ads on Google, Bing, and other popular platforms like Jvzoo itself. That is also going to help you increase your sale drastically and running Ads on Google and Bing is the best strategy I will recommend for my readers.

v. By Giving Out Huge Bonuses:

Giving out bonuses is also the best way to sell digital products as an affiliate and also attract your customers by getting their emails. This is a simple method that over 10,000+ affiliate marketers do.

This is simple you build a landing page to serve as a bonus page that where your buyers insert their emails before they purchase through your link in other to claim their bonuses. 

But with this, you will not only earn a commission but also get their email in other to sell them products you will be promoting in the next launch.

Building a bonus page is not a problem, the best bonuses giver and building page software is Commission Gorilla V3 or V2. Once you have commission Gorilla you can build bonus pages easy and simple by just drag and drop options.

JVZOO Available Withdrwal Methods

Jvzoo has lots of payment options. But we are located in Africa Ghana to be precise either we go with Payoneer or PayPal. And even some countries here in Africa that have PayPal cannot yet withdraw money with PayPal they only can send. 

So my advice is to get a Payoneer account. It is free to signup just like PayPal and Payoneer can be linked to any Bank account in Africa all you need to do is to specify your country.

Below are the payment options;

Payment Options

  • Through a Payoneer account.
  • Directly to your bank account with Payment Rails.
  • Directly to your PayPal account with Payment Rails.

Visit Jvzoo Official Website:         Jvzoo

To conclude, This is a brief of what you have to know when creating Jvzoo or wanting to get into Jvzoo affiliate marketing. You can browse our Make Money Category if you want to read info like this.

You can drop your question or anything you find in the comment section, we will do well to get in touch with you.


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