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How To Create A ClickBank Account In Ghana & Nigeria 2023

How To Create A ClickBank Account In Ghana & Nigeria 2022-2023

ClickBank is an affiliate network that is known mostly for affiliate marketers that promote digital products. Products on there are mostly, courses, software training videos, most often weight loss products and health products. 

Most people here in Africa find it difficult to create a ClickBank account in other for them to get access to promote products as an affiliate because of their location.

Signing Up for Clickbankin Africa is a bit difficult but it is easy to access, in terms of getting products to promote. On Clickbank, you do not need to seek permission to promote a particular product. 

You just choose the product you are willing to promote as an affiliate a get your affiliate link instantly and then start promoting.

And also how to promote these products online here in Africa and we will also be giving you the chance to post your reviews on our blog for free.

Stuff You Will Need When Creating A Clickbank Account

  • Full Name
  • Valid Email Address
  • Valid Phone Number 

Steps To Create A ClickBank Account

  •  Type in “ClickBank” in your Search Engine and Hop on ClickBank Homepage
  • Click On Sign Up
  •  Fill in Your Country, Full Name, Email Address and Preferred Password*
  •  (If your country is not accepted in the countries ClickBank is working example Ghana. Create a Virtual USA Phone Number and then select Your Country to be the USA and Proceed the registration)
  • Read and Confirm ClickBank Terms and Conditions
  • Click On Join ClickBank
  • Verify Your Email address
  •  Setup your Profile and Payment Options.

How To Generate Affiliate Links (Hop links) On ClickBank

1. Login Into Your Clickbank Account

2. Click on Affiliate Marketplace

3. Find the Product you are willing to promote. (With the help of the menu and options provided, Easy to locate products using the category of niches they belong to.)

4. Click on Promote (Usually red colour)

5. Fill in your “Account Nickname”(Remember you have to put your “Account nickname is the same as your account Username” in the space provided. This is will help the vendor track the sales you make as an affiliate anytime you make a sale for them)

6. Click on Generate Hoplinks. (You’re done now! I will suggest you try your affiliate link in your browser to see whether it works or not)

Best Ways To Promote CLickbank Products As An Affiliate

As said earlier in the intro of this guide, almost all the products available on ClickBank are health and digital products. And digital products are products that sell much online.

Why? Because there is no shipping and returning of products. (Sometimes a few days are given for a money-back guarantee).

Customer downloads or gets access to the product once he or she makes payment.

Below are some simple and easy ways you can promote your Clickbank offers as an affiliate;

i. Using Blog Posts (Website):

Here, what you need is a blog/website because you will be promoting offers and products on your blog/website. This is by reviews and articles about these products.

 This is nothing difficult! All you need to do is to read something small about the particular product you are promoting in other to gain some knowledge to help you write good and convincing reviews or articles.

Remember you can right both positive and negative. (Negative reviews mostly catch visitors more often according to Affilorama)

Promoting offers through writing blog posts is a bit difficult and competitive, to be frank. So in this case, my advice is to get a keyword planner to help you target keywords with low competition.

Because mostly products selling already selling on ClickBank get tons of searches weekly and monthly. You can tap into buying keywords with low competition.

Always try your best to extract long-tail keywords. Some can help new websites rank for specific buying keywords.

Examples of an affiliate website are BronzeReviewDope-reviewMei-review etc.

 You can check the products reviews out, the Menu will help navigate you.

#NB: Contact Bronze-Review support team through this email If you want us to create a website or affiliate website for you. Using Blogger and WordPress and let’s help you out.

ii. Through E-mail Marketing:

Email Marketing is one of the powerful ways to promote digital products or offers as an affiliate.

With email marketing, it is going to work for those who have or have built an email list. Building an email list is sometimes difficult and it takes time to be sincere. Your email subscribers can boost if your website is getting tons of traffic. 

But these subscribers have to be from Asia, America and Europe else your purchasing rate will be low even though you have a large list of subscribers.

So hereafter collecting and building your list, you send them an official email promoting your products as an affiliate. Here the click-through rate is very high and if your subscribers buy most often you are assured to make commission easily.

Another way to build an email list is through running ads or giving out bonuses, free e-books and others. Here you collect the email of the interested visitor or customer and then email them later with the product either e-book, video links, bonuses etc.

Those already in Email marketing but not getting the necessary results can check the below-listed software out. It will automatically write converting email messages for you anytime you want to promote an offer.

1. Email CopyDyno

2. Clickvio

3. Email Suite By Listvio
You can also check this best email list collector most affiliates, vendors, bloggers, and businesses use …. Mailchimp

iii. On Social Media Platforms:

Here when you will be promoting your products as an affiliate on various social media platforms. You can join the niche groups on social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Quora and many more. 

Remember most people spend almost 80% of their day on social media. You can make money using it too either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit etc. You will just have to structure questions ask in these niche groups.

You can drop your answer and also give them the go-ahead to DM you if only they need more info. Just simple!#NB: Do not post a link in groups without the permission of Admins.  You will be marked as a spammer and may be banned. Always disclose affiliate links to avoid annoying other users on the platform. 

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iv. Providing Extra Bonuses After Main Purchases:

Giving out bonuses is also the one best way to sell your digital products as an affiliate and also attract your customers by getting their emails.  As we said earlier, the importance of building an email list.

This is a simple and working method that over smart 10,000+ affiliate marketers use. And not only do affiliates use this method, vendors also use this method. As an affiliate, you always want to promote a product that is going to sell. And most of these products that sell well in the online market have extra bonuses included.

Now everything is done simple and easy. You just have to get software that is going to help you with bonuses and you can also decide to buy more bonuses and then plug in this software as well. Here you won’t be losing because you will be making commissions and also getting the emails of your buyers.

These emails you get will be ones you are going to sell your next product to them as an affiliate through email thus, email marketing.

Building bonus and bonus pages is not a problem, the best bonuses giver and building page software is Commission Gorilla V3 or V2 a product created by Promote Labs Inc. Once you have commission Gorilla either V2 or V3 you can build bonus pages easily, simple and fast by just drag and drop options. 

With Commission Gorilla you can add your bonuses if you have some and also you are going to get some free bonuses after your purchase.

Not only that, you will also have access to free hosting for your bonus landing pages. A fast and reliable one, do you want to know more about Commission Gorilla V3 & V2?…

Read a review on Commission Gorilla V3 & V2 and how it works here.

v. By Running Advertisements (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook Jvzoo, Muncheye, LinkedIn, YouTube etc):

You know in everything with money things become easy and smooth. You can choose to run advertisements online. here your products will be easily seen by the targeted audience only simple and fast!

Mostly, for products on ClickBank running advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Quora, YouTube etc. is the best.

This is to increase the number of people or audience your affiliate products and links will get exposed to. 

And if you run the ad well by consulting a professional Ad expert or Advertising agency you can make enough from the already money invested (ROI). But you can also learn these strategies and vital stuff you need to take note of when running ads on YouTube only if you are a fast learner and smart.

Also, you can choose to run Ads on browsers like Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube etc. and other popular platforms like Jvzoo, Muncheye where digital marketers log in there to check new products, updates and launch dates every blessed day.

That is also going to help you increase your sale drastically and running Ads on Google, Bing, Muncheye and Jvzoo is the best strategy I will recommend for my readers!💯💯

Remember once you invest and take appropriate steps and procedures you are going to get back your ROI even earn more than you would think of.

Available ClickBank Withdrawal Methods

This is the reason why sometimes it’s difficult for my African Folks to promote offers on Clickbank as an affiliate. The payment options are not all that favourable. But then we can still receive payment through Wire. Below are their payment options;

  • ClickBank offers
  •  Direct Deposit
  • Wire and Checks 
  • Paypal

 Accounts receiving the direct deposit and wire payments (the US or International) are eligible for once per week or once per two-week payments. Check payments are available once every two weeks.

Now those that have PayPal accounts can withdraw their commission via PayPal straight without breaking any sweat.

PayPal is for only vendors willing to pay their customers through PayPal.

ClickBank Official Website:   ClickBank

Terms You Need To Know as a ClickBank User

These are some of the terminologies you will find on Clickbank. You need to know or understand some of these in other to help your ClickBank journey easy.

1. Hoplinks:

 Hoplink is the name given to “affiliate links” on ClickBank. One thing you have to know is your username, the username is what’s going to help you generate your hop links (Affiliate links).

So you just generate it and then start promoting the way you would to. Check out the simple ways you can promote ClickBank products here in Africa.

2. Affiliate Market Place: 

Just like the real meaning of the Market, Clickbank’s Affiliate Market is where you will find products created by various vendors worldwide to promote.

3. Gravity: 

Gravity on ClickBank simply means how much or how other affiliate marketers are doing promoting the particular product. (To know if the product is performing) 

Remember promoting an affiliate product, you have to choose products that sell in other to help you make sales like other affiliates too. Some products don’t sell and the gravity is going to help you identify the performing affiliate products.

4. Setting Page: 

The setting page is going to help you check your payment settings. And the new update from ClickBank now is, you can withdraw your earnings through Paypal.

(Learn how to create a verified Paypal account in Ghana for free here) 
Affiliate Page: This is the page vendors create for affiliates interested in promoting their products. They add tools that are going to help you promote their products easy.

An example is;

i. Images

ii. Videos

iii. Email Swipes

iv. Keywords to Target

v. Help generate affiliate links

vi. Sample Articles

I will suggest you promote products that have high gravity and an affiliate page. It will make the work very very easy.

5. Affiliate Support: 

They are the team you contact when you encounter problems with the product you want to promote as an affiliate or you want to know more about the product. Performing Affiliates send the supporting team to get discounts for people that purchase through their links. And that increase their sales and boost their commissions.

6. Dashboard: 

Your dashboard shows you information and how your account is performing (Your combined earnings for the last 7 days and even months).  

7. Education or Training: 

Here you can learn some strategies and everything you need to know about promoting ClickBank offers. Popularly known as “ClickBank University”, Here you will take free classes on how to make ClickBank work for you. Mostly, the classes are done through webinars.

Post Your Reviews On Bronze-review For Free

Since Bronze-review’s main aim is to help individuals mostly our visitors, we are accepting reviews from everyone out there whether you are in Ghana, Nigeria or anywhere you find yourself on planet earth.

Remember “Blog posts and Review Writing” is the best way to promote your digital products as a new affiliate without a high authority website that can rank your reviews on top of searches in other your link to be exposed and help you earn commissions.

On here we accept guest posts and guest articles with a backlink (do-follow links) request tooAll you have to do is, write your review and send our team an email through And to get your review posted within 24hours the way you want it to be.

As said earlier we are going to work on it and post it in our product review category for you for free!!! Remember we are going to insert your affiliate link and anything you want us to.

Below are some of the Proof earnings thus, a sales message through email. Reviews here make sales not daily but once it gets reach a targeted audience.

How To Create A ClickBank Account In Ghana & Nigeria 2021-2022

To conclude, We covered almost everything you need to know when and before you even create an account on ClickBank and promote ClickBank offers as an affiliate.

Drop your comments and questions below, so our support team help you out. Those that love their privacy can also choose to email us through

#NB: Navigate to our product reviews pages to glance through how reviews are written and how you should write yours.