How To Connect Whatsapp on laptop or PC 2024

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Connecting your WhatsApp to your laptop or desktop is not a complicated procedure. This guide is going to help you will all the lowdown you need to know about doing this,

To access your account on a PC, what you need is to get your QR code on your laptop and then scan it with your mobile phone. Just like making payment electronic after shopping.

There are laptops that have the app and also browsers that have WhatsApp plugged in already, like the Opera Mini web browser. Any of them is cool, but this guide is going to help everyone in general whether you have the app or not. 

This means whether your P.C is old or new, you can enjoy WhatsApp on it too once you have an internet connection. What you need is an internet connection, and then follow the steps below carefully;

How To Connect WhatsApp on laptop or P.C

How To Connect WhatsApp To P.C or Laptop. 

1. Hop on your browser (Google, Bing, brave, firefox etc.)

2. Search “WhatsApp Web” 

3. Click on their official website.

4. You will then see something like this “Scan QR Code”

5. Launch WhatsApp on your mobile phone

6. Tap on the 3 dots located at the rightmost corner on your screen and select “WhatsApp web” or “Linked Devices”

7. Scan the QR code and you will be automatically logged in.

Hurray….. Your WhatsApp will now be connected to your P.C or laptop and every WhatsApp message you receive on your mobile phone will appear on your WhatsApp.

Remember, you can not create a Whatsapp account straight on your P.C. You will need to first register on your mobile phone before you can access it on your laptop.

Also, for those using browsers like Opera Mini web browser, your WhatsApp will be logged-in on your P.C for a long while unless you disconnect it yourself, unlike other browsers that will be disconnected once your mobile phone losses internet connection.

#NB: If the laptop is not yours, always remember to disconnect or log out before giving it to the owner. Else they can read your messages if unluckily it doesn’t log out automatically.

And may even get access to your future messages too. So be cautioned!

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