How To Claim Website On Pinterest Profile (WordPress & Blogger)

Claiming your website on Pinterest is not a bad idea or a difficult process to make happen. This guide is going to help you with “How To Claim Website On Pinterest Profile (WordPress & Blogger)” and everything you need to know.

Your blogging platform doesn’t matter, this guide is going to help everyone including individuals using WordPress, Google Blogger, Wix, Ghost, Weebly etc.

Pinterest is one of the most visited websites in the world now. Pinterest is getting millions of unique visitors in a month now. And from statistics, you can clearly notice Pinterest traffic is increasing every blessed year.

Adding or claiming your website is not a bad idea at all, especially for individuals using Pinterest for businesses or driving traffic to their website.

As a Pinterest user, if you are using Pinterest purposely to drive traffic or for business purposes, what you need to do is to have a business account and then claim your website.

Remember, in order to get access to this feature, you need to have a business account. You can create one from scratch or decide to convert your personal account into a business account. And this can be done simply, it won’t take more than 3 minutes.

Pinterest Webpage

Why Should You Claim Your Website

There are lots of reasons why you should claim your website on Pinterest. Just as said earlier, claiming your website on Pinterest is going to;

i. Help make your profile look complete and professional (In terms of branding etc).

ii. Help you notice pins that are working perfectly and ones that are not performing well.

iii. Once you notice performing pins, you can edit or update them to make them more productive.

iv. Help Pinterest users locate your website with ease.

v. Help increase website traffic and conversion rate. (Exposure for your offers and deals)

Pinterest Webpage

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Steps To Claim or Add Your Website On Pinterest

i. Log-into your Pinterest Account 

ii. Navigate to your Business Hub

iii. Click or Tap on settings

iv. Drop-down options will pop up, select claim.

v. You then choose “website” because you want to add your website. (You can select other options to link your various social media accounts or even online store like Instagram, YouTube, Etsy etc. By just copying and pasting their links there)

vi. Choose how you want to claim your website (either by copy and pasting into the <head> section of your website or downloading the given HTML tag and uploading it to your website’s root directory)

vii. After pasting or uploading, you can click on continue.

viii. You now copy and paste the website domain name for Pinterest to verify and confirm the code or HTML tag is successfully uploaded or pasted. This will take approximately 24 hours. Once it is successfully confirmed, you will receive an email to notify you from Pinterest.

How To Claim Website On Pinterest Profile (WordPress & Blogger)

Another issue is, the process will differ for many people at point 4(iv).

This is because we all may be using different blogging platforms like WordPress, Google Blogger, WixJoomla, Weebly, and many more.

But then, you have two options to pick in doing this, for those using Google blogger and WordPress you just have to copy and paste the HTML tag into your blog’s <head>. I will say that will be the simple and easiest strategy.

But for other blogging platforms, I hope you can choose any of the options that you can execute easily. You can also watch videos on YouTube on how to paste HTML tags on your website if you find it confusing or difficult.

To conclude, you can drop your suggestions and questions in the comment section if you have any. Remember also you are permitted to share this guide with your friends and families on all social media platforms you would like to.


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