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How To Check Phone Numbers Linked To Your Ghana Card

How To Check Phone Numbers Linked To Your Ghana Card 2023

After a few videos of several individuals popped up on social media concerning the linkage of unknown phone numbers to their Ghana card, this has become a hot topic on social media as well as in the country.

This has raised lots of doubts in the head of numerous individuals thinking fake numbers may be linked to their Ghana cards just as claimed by some people in these trending videos. The ministry of communications and digitalization in corporate with telco companies in the country broadcasted on working on a way subscribers can check the phone numbers connected to their Ghana cards.

In their numerous announcements, they made mention of releasing a USSD code that can help get this done starting from on May 1, 2023. In this guide, we will be enlightening our readers how to get this done as well as the short code to get this done as well.

Shortcode To Check Phone Numbers Linked To Your Ghana Card

The short code to get this done is *402*1#. This code will work on all networks available in the country.(Vodafone, MTN, AirtelTigo, Telso etc)

How To Check Phone Numbers Linked To Your Ghana Card

The below step-by-step procedures will help you get this done successfully.

  1. Dial *402*1# and send
  2. Select option 1 (Check Sims)
  3. Enter your Ghana card pin number. (GHA-XXXXXXX-2)
  4. Enter your date of birth for verification. In this format, DDMMYY. (01122004)
  5. Once verified, you’ll receive a message shortly. This message will provide you with the list of phone numbers linked to your Ghana card. Ex;
    AirtelTigo – 027-0000-000
    MTN – 054-0000-000
    Vodafone – 050-0000-000
    Telso – 025-0000-000

How Many Phone Numbers Can be linked to a Ghana Card

According to several sources online, only 10 phone numbers can be connected to your Ecowas identity card. And these phone numbers can be from all networks available in the country. The only thing is, these numbers shouldn’t exceed 10.
Once you reached your limit, you can no longer register any phone number with your Ghana card again.

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How To Unlink Phone Numbers Linked To Your Ghana Card

Currently, the only way to unlink a phone number from your card is by contacting your service provider and then requesting for delinking.

In conclusion, individuals who find strange phone numbers merged to their cards should request for unlinking by contacting their service providers or visiting their nearest offices to get this done.

Simply because, an ID issued for an individual cannot be shared, should in case there is a criminal or unlawful act committed and that particular phone number is connected to that act, you the real owner will be held responsible.