How To Check MTN Midnight Bundle Balance 2024

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Checking your midnight bundle balance can be complicated sometimes. This is a guide on how to check your MTN Midnight bundle balance. There are lots of people out there that ask questions like listed below,

i. How do I check my MTN midnight bundle balance?

ii. What is the code to check MTN midnight bundle balance?

iii. How do I know my MTN midnight bundle balance?

Well, if you’ve been asking any of the above questions on Google or any other search engine, then this guide is for you.

I also once thought of this and made lots of researches on how to check my midnight bundle balance. It’s frustrating sometimes because, if you dial *124# you are going to see the summation of both your normal data bundle and midnight bundle. Don’t worry, this short guide got you covered.

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Steps To Check MTN Midnight Data Bundle Balance

Follow the below steps carefully, and you will get it done without breaking any sweat or needing any assistance.

1. Dial *138#

2. Select Option 99 (more)

3. Select Option 7 (more)

4. Select Option 3  (check bundle Balance)

5. You’re done! Both your data bundle and Midnight flexi-bundle will pop up separately on your screen. Not only that, but you will also receive an SMS message too indicating your bundle balance like a receipt.

How To Check MTN Midnight Bundle Balance With MTN App

You can also check your midnight balance with the MTN official app. Actually, apparently, this is the easiest way to do this. The only con about this is, It’s available to only smartphone users. And even for smartphone users, you still have to download it in order to access it.

According to sources online, your android version should be above four or 5 to be able to run that application of the phone of yours. Let’s get to the procedures involved to check your midnight bundle balance using the MTN App.

1. Download and launch the MTN app

2. Your available data bundle will be display amongst your available SMS bundle and airtime balance. Tap on your bundle section.

3. You will have access to all the balance of internet bundle subscriptions you’re on currently. If you have an available midnight balance, it will be displayed as well too.

To conclude, after following the above steps carefully, you will successfully be able to check your MTN midnight bundle balance and also your normal data bundle balance.

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