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How To Change or Reset MTN Mobile Money Pin Code 2021-2022

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How To Change or Reset MTN Mobile Money Pin Code 2021-2022… You may wish to change your MTN mobile money code because is no more disclosed to only you.

In this guide, You will discover the simple steps to change your Mtn Mobile Money pin code by yourself everywhere in Ghana you find yourself.

How To Change Mtn Mobile Money Pin Code

1. Dial *170#

2. Select Option 6 ( My Wallet)

3. Select Option 4 ( Change and Reset Pin )

4i. Select Option 1 ( If You Want To Change Your Pin )

4 ii. Select Option 2 ( If You Want To Reset Your Pin )

5. Change Your Pin And Confirm It Once Again.

6. Your Pin Will be Successfully Changed or reset.

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You can change your Pin as soon as you mistakenly tell a scammer or someone you don’t want to you. As MTN say always do not disclose your MOMO pin to anybody, not even someone calls to pretend he/she is from the MTN office.

Nb: MTN will never call you to disclose your MOMO pin to them, MTN workers themselves don’t know your pin. It’s a secret pin for only you and nobody else.

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