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How To Buy/Register Domain Name in Ghana with Mobile Money 2021-2022

How To Register Domain Name in Ghana with Mobile Money 2021-2022

In this guide, we are going to help all our readers with “How To Register Domain Name in Ghana with Mobile Money 2021-2022”. And also enlighten our readers with cheap web hosting every individual can afford. (Cheap Web Hosting)

Have you ever asked yourself this question, “How can I buy or register a domain name and cheaper hosting in Ghana with mobile money in 2021-2022”?……… The simple answer is Yes!

For now, in Ghana or any African country you find yourself in, you can buy or register domain names at cheaper prices for your personal and business websites either for Google Blogger or WordPress, Joomla, Ollit and many others.

Today, web hosting companies have made it easy and simple in a way that you can buy and register your preferred domain names at cheaper prices by making payment through local and international accepted payment gateways here in Ghana and Africa like;

1. MTN Mobile Money

2. Bitcoin & Other Digital Currencies

3. Local Bank Transfers and Wires

4. Credit Cards & Visa Cards payments

5. Paypal 

This article or guide is been organized and reviewed by our team of digital marketers who have experience and recommend the process you are about to follow in this guide as the best. Yours is to follow carefully in other to purchase or register your preferred domain name at an affordable and cheaper price with ease.

How To Register Domain Name in Ghana with Mobile Money 2021-2022

Web Hosting Companies In Ghana You can Buy or Register Domain Names and Cheaper Hosting In Ghana.

Remember all the Below listed Companies Accept Mobile Money Payment

1. DomainRacer Web Hosting Company:

DomainRacer is one of the best web hosting and domain register companies on our list that is well known across the globe. This web hosting and domain service are available at an affordable cost.

Don’t need to worry about additional plugins with PHP Hosting look at this website to receive affordable hosting. They provide different hosting services including Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, dedicated server hosting, Application-based hosting and LMS hosting.

DomainRacer provide all type of domain extensions .com, .net, .in, .uk, .it,, .me, .xyz, .scot, .de,, .tv etc. According to your requirement you can select domain name for your website. With an advanced web hosting plan, they will give you free domain name .com and .in.

DomainRacer offers 21x fast web hosting at a low cost. All web hosting plans include unlimited and free features such as 99.99% uptime, unlimited SSD storage space, free SSL certificate, free SEODefault tool, unlimited bandwidth and many more exciting features.

Secure your website with high-level security aspects like ImunifyAV+, Imunify360, DDoS Protection, Email Spam Protection, Magic Spam Protection, ModSecurity, PYXSoft.

DomainRacer’s global data centres are situated in seven countries including India, the USA, the UK, Germany, Singapore, France, and Canada. Customers can host the website from across the country it will give you the best performance.

They provide services like:

  • A Faster Website Browsing Experience
  • Availability Of All Top-Level Domains
  • Fully Featured Web Hosting
  • Free Website Builder With 1000+ Themes
  • 21x Faster LiteSpeed Cache Technology
  • Unlimited SSD Storage Space & Bandwidth
  • Free SEODefault Tool & Free Weakly JetBackup
  • 7+ Higher Security Tools Against Threats

Overall, their cheap pricing and high-level features make them a perfect choice for those who want to grow their business in the market.

Visit DomainRacer Official Website

2. StormerHost Web Hosting Company:

Stormerhost is first on our list here, they are one of the popular web hosting companies in Ghana and even in Africa. They have their office located in Accra, Dansoman to be precise.

Stormerhost also allows you to buy or register a domain and make payments with MTN mobile money. They do not accept only MTN mobile money they also accept payment through Paypal, Bitcoin, Visa and Credit card payment and lastly Bank transfers and Wire.

They are one of the best web hosting companies in Ghana now 2021-2022. We host 2 of our websites there and we will assure anybody willing to buy or register and domain name that they are one of the best web hosting they can give a try or use.

They provide favourable services like;

i. Money Back Guarantee

ii. 24/7 live customer support

iii. Fast SSD Servers

Iv. WordPress hosting and many others

V. Reselling of domain names

These are not the only services they provide, But all hosting services a top-notch company will. You can visit their official website and check or see for yourself.#Stormerhost do not host phishing and fraudulent websites, This is to keep their reputation as a good web hosting company.

Visit Stormerhost Official Website.

3. Ovation Hall:

Ovation Hall is also one of the best web hosting services in Ghana. Their main motive is to help businesses succeed online with smart innovations. By this, they make sure they support all websites hosted with them and then guide businesses and individuals.

Just like other web hosting in Ghana they provide all types of web hosting services at affordable and reasonable prices.

The following are their affordable Hosting plans;

i. WordPress Hosting  

ii. VPS Hosting 

Ovation Hall is also one of the best Web hosting companies I will recommend to people here in Africa no matter your country, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa etc. I host one of my affiliate websites with them and they are the best in terms of everything.

They provide;

i. High-Speed Servers

ii. Free SSL Certificate

iii. 100% Solid State Drives

iv. 24/7 monitoring

v. Unlimited Disk Space.

They accept Payment Through;

MTN Mobile Money 

Ovation Hall Official Website

4. Nakrotech:

Nakroteck is one of the popular web hosting companies in Ghana. They are just like Stomerhost that I also host some of my websites with them. Nakroteck has everything a good web host has to have.

Nakroteck is a web hosting company located at Abeka Lapaz Accra-Ghana. Their main motive is to help organizations integrate their businesses with the internet in the right way from basic building blocks like a website.

Nakroteck also provide services like;

i. Money-Back Guarantee

ii. 24/7 live support

iii. 99.9% Server Uptime

Not only this, but they also provide almost all hosting services a good web host does.

They are also like Stormerhost in terms of their payment options. They accept payment through;

Visa and Master card payment 

MTN Mobile Money

Vodafone Cash

Nakrotech Official Website

5. AveHost:

Aveshost is one of the reliable web hosting companies here in Africa you can trust. They offer all web hosting services like WordPress hosting with Magento, Joomla, Drupal and many others.

Aveshost is ever ready to help you build your WordPress website from scratch with the help of their professional team. This is for those willing to create a business website for their e-commerce and other activities. Their Support team is going to help you get everything done and also help make sure people find you and your business online.

Why choose Aveshost?… Because they provide;

i. Free Domain Name

ii. Free SSL Certificate 

iii. 1-Click WordPress Install

iv. 24/7  Customer support 

Avehost Official Website

6. D-Tech Ghana:

Dtech Ghana is also the best Web hosting company in Africa providing good services to their clients. Dtech has been around since 2009, and its main motive is to empower businesses and clients with tools they need to step up in the web and internet technologies to enhance their lives and grow their businesses.

They have over 500K+ terabytes of monthly traffic through their network and 8M+ Business correspondences relayed through their platform monthly.

Just like the other good web hosting companies here in Africa they Dtech also;

i. Provide 24/7 customer Support

ii. Provide  SMS messaging

iii. Provide Enterprise Mobility

Not to forget they also provide all web hosting services at affordable and reasonable prices.

DTech Official Website

7. UltraHost Ghana:

Ultrahost Ghana is also one of the popular web hosting companies in Ghana and Africa. They do their best to protect their services and clients from online scammers and all kinds of fraudulent activities.. They also provide services at affordable and reasonable prices.

Ultrahost Ghana also provides all web hosting services like Reseller hosting, Domain buying or registering, VPS Hosting and also sometimes offer free SSL to their customers depending on their plan. 

This is the reason why I said they are really interested in protecting their customers and their services from online scammers.

One thing you have to know when wanting to host websites that are for big business like Shipping you might be asked to present your business documents. This is one of their ways to combat fraud and other illegal hosting websites activities.

Ultrahost Ghana Official Website

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How To Buy or Register Domain Name In Ghana With Mobile Money 2021-2022

Here we are going to select only one web hosting company from the above listed and use it as an example so our readers know how it will go when buying or registering a domain name with them. Also, the process to buy from other web hosting companies is also the same no big difference.

Remember, they are all good web hosting companies we will recommend for individuals and residents in Ghana, Nigeria and any part of Africa in 2021-2022.

You can purchase domains such as ( .com, .edu, .org, .net, .pro, .int, .% ) and many others at stormerhost at only 55Cedis only.

Follow The Below Steps To Buy or Register A Cheap Domain In Ghana With Momo 2021

1. Hop-On Stormerhost Official Website

2. Create an Account. (You can use your Google Account to Log-in in other to Prevent You from Going Through Long Process Or Forgetting Password)3. Now The Price Of a Domain Name is 55Cedis Only on there.

4. Now Provide The Necessary Billing Information.

5. Lastly, Make Payment Through Mobile Money. (You will be given a pin to enter so they can verify your payment)

6. You Will Automatically Receive an Invoice From Stormerhost in Your Email Immediately after payment.

7. Hurray!! Now That particular Domain name you registered or paid for belongs to You.

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Remember, After this, you are not fully done but the domain name will be yours. You will have to connect it to your website whether you are creating your website with Builders like Google Blogger or Google Sites.

(Procedure To Create a WordPress Website In 2021-2022)

You will have to follow a procedure to fix it in your builder in other to redirect it as your new domain name. An example is your Blogger website Domain name is you will have to fix your new domain which is

Most people find it difficult to perform this action or part.

You can visit Stormerhost Official YouTube channel and you will get a video on how to fix it yourself.#Remember If you are not able to fix it, You can contact our team members who are also freelancers part-time to help you fix it at an affordable price. You can send us an email through

#Also, Put in mind after your domain name has been bought and then fixed on your website you have to wait for at least 2-4 hours in other for Stormerhost servers to inform search engines and various hosting worldwide that that particular domain has been bought and been hosted by them. (Some may take even 5 hours it depends!)

In conclusion, the above-explained and listed are the procedures that are going to help and guide you to buy or register your domain name here in Ghana or Nigeria by making payment through MTN mobile money.

This guide covered every aspect that is important for you to know, and also all the above-listed web hosting companies are hosting companies we will recommend to our readers and blog visitors.

From their online and Google reviews and the structure of their site we suggest listing them as some best web hosting companies you can host your website or register your preferred domain at.

We have an article on the best web hosting companies in Africa (Ghana and Nigeria) 2021-2022 you can check it out.

Do not hesitate to drop your questions or suggestions in the comment section below, someone else might find it helpful.

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