How To Buy Electricity Prepaid With MTN Momo, Voda Cash & ECG App 2024

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Currently, the buying of ECG prepaid credit or units and paying bills of post-paid meter has been made easy by the help of ECG mobile applications. These apps can be accessed by today’s popular smartphone operating systems… thus, Android and IOS.

You can now purchase units and pay your bills at your comfort zones, whether in your office or workplace, public transport, market, campus or any place you find yourself. Using popular payment gateways here in Ghana like the MTN mobile money, Vodafone Cash, AirtelTigo cash and credit/debit card.

The main motive of this guide is to enlighten our readers on how to buy or purchase prepaid here in Ghana units using the ECG apps and short code. And also, answer some questions asked by many in regard to this whole processes.

We will be going straight to the point in this guide. The structure of this guide will be from three (3) most-used ECG apps to, step-by-step procedures to get purchase your units or pay bills, short code, and then conclude by answering a few questions regarding these procedures.

From our various researches and personal experience online, we noticed there are lots of ECG applications on Google Play Store as well as iOS App Store. According to sources, ECG did release an official app for carrying out this process, but there are many others.

And among the dozens of apps on play store, two of these apps are seen to be responsive, like the official app released by the electricity company of Ghana (ECG).

Mobile Apps That can be Used To Purchase ECG Pay bills and Credit on Your Meter

Just as said earlier in the intro, there are numerous mobile apps on play store and iOS App Store that you can use to get this done. But in this guide we will go with the popular apps thus;

1. EPower

2. ECG Power

3. E-Prepaid

These apps because, they are the popular apps used in carrying out this process and also have similar features from our comparison. So, being enlightened with the general guide, you can operate any of the apps you come across with.

Also, to use these apps you have to firstly, add your meter, that’s by entering your 8-9 digits meter number excluding the letters. You can add more than one meters on the app and simply give them unique name likes (Meter 1, Meter 2 etc.) this will help you identify the particular you are buying credit on simply.

And also take not that this service is currently available for individuals using smart meters. Those without smart meters will receive an error message when they try to add their meter to the app.

How To Buy Prepaid Unit With ECG Mobile App & Short code 2022/2023

Step-by-Step Procedures To Purchase ECG Credit on Your Meter Using EPower ECG App

Firstly, download the EPower app on Google Play Store if you’re an Android user or on App store if you’re using IOS.

You simply do this by launching your app store, search “ECG Power Mobile app Ghana” using the search bar above.

Proceed to download and install the app. (We can’t give specifications such as size, review etc. of the app because there will be an upgrade in the mere future definitely and the new app won’t be the same as the new app)

Now, you have the mobile app on your smartphone, follow the below procedures to purchase your ECG credit or unit using the app.

1. Launch your Epower App

2. You will be prompt to register first. Fill-in the provided spaces with valid credentials. (Email, Phone number, Preferred Password and then accept terms & conditions)

3. After filling-in your credential been asked, Proceed by selecting “Register”

4. You will then be on a new page, which is a login page. Type in the password you used in the registration process to login.

5. Select “Meter Management” and “choose your meter type” thus, (Postpaid or Prepaid)

Nb: Only smart prepaid meters are currently supported.

6. Enter Your meter number (Ignore letters, it should be numbers only)

Nb: You can also enter your account number and also give your meter a unique name, which is optional.

7. Tap on “Ok” (When you received an error message, means your prepaid is not a smart one)

8. Now, you come back to the App’s menu and select “Make Payment”

9. Select “Prepaid Top Up”

10. Choose Meter (As said earlier, you can add more than one meter)

11. Select Payment method (MTN momo, Vodafone cash, AirtelTigo cash, Credit/debit card)

12. Enter phone number and amount willing to purchase

13. You then complete by making the necessary payment required.

You’re done now, these procedures seem to be very long because we wanted to make it very easy and simple so can be used by almost everybody that come across with it.

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Short code For Buying ECG Prepaid Credit

Currently, the short code service is under maintenance, this means the app process is the convenient one now. But you can use the below procedure in case it’s back and the procedures old procedures is still maintained.

1. Dial *226#

2. Select “Prepaid Meter”

3. Select Pay Bill

4. Enter your Prepaid meter number

5. And then proceed to make necessary payment

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I use the ECG mobile App for?

Ans: Paying postpaid bills and purchasing prepaid credit

2. What meter does the App support?

Ans: Currently, for those willing to purchase prepaid credit, your meter has to be a “smart meter”

3. What is the short code to purchase ECG prepaid credit?

Ans: Dial *226#

4. Can I borrow Prepaid Credit and Pay later?

Ans: No for now, and just like it name goes “Prepaid” you pay before you get serviced.

5. Can I add my address on the ECG App?

Ans: Yes, you can add your address as well as your Ghana Post code

To conclude,

This is everything you need to know about the ECG mobile app. Thus, willing to purchase credit or units and also pay your post paid bills on the ECG mobile app.

This by ECG is a milestone, which has helped reduce the stress when purchasing prepaid credit. The only con about this is, currently it’s only available for smart meters. Drop your comments and suggestions below as you have any… let’s all get interactive.


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