How To Build A WordPress Website & Hosting In Ghana 2024

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Are you willing to create or build a WordPress website here in Ghana (Africa)? If yes…. then this guide is for you. You will be enlightened with the step-to-step procedure on “How To Build A WordPress Website & Hosting In Ghana (Africa)”

We will add our recommendations too, this will help the newbies who come across this guide. The aim is to provide the best experience or service to every visitor or user of ours. Like we do always.

A. WordPress Website

WordPress is a blogging site that allows their users to own their website fully without knowing anything about coding or programming. WordPress is the most used blogging platform in the world today because of it’s simplicity and how they give their users full control and easy on their websites created at their ends. 

There are two types of WordPress you need to know. They are;

i. :

The site is for those willing to create a free website with WordPress. For their personal uses or practice or anything else. You can Click here to glance through the easy steps and procedures in creating a website with

ii. is a for those willing to create a fully functioning website for their big businesses, small businesses, personal uses and many more. And in this article we will be talking about the steps to creating a website with

B. Cost Of Creating A WordPress Website

People ask questions like;

  1. How much does it cost to build a WordPress website in Ghana?
  2. Which hosting is best for WordPress?
  3. Which is the cheapest WordPress hosting?
  4. Can I build a website before hosting?

Creating a website with WordPress does not cost all that much, there are a few stuff you have to put in your budget once you have the plan or idea of creating a website with WordPress.

i. Cost of Domain name (.com, .org, .net, .xyz, .co etc)

ii. Reliable web hosting service provider – Stormerhost

iii. Website developer or designer or website builders for WordPress if you want to do it yourself.

iv. Content writers

To read the full article on the cost of building a website and our powerful recommendations click here

How To Build A WordPress Website & Hosting In Ghana (Africa) 2021-2022

C. Steps In Creating A WordPress Website In Africa (Ghana & Nigeria)

Let’s get into the easy steps to create a WordPress website in Ghana or Africa in 2021.

i. Get Or Buy A Domain Name:

Having the idea to create a website whether with WordPress or any blogging site or platform out there, what you have to think about first is a domain name. A domain name is an address your users and visitors will use to locate your website on the internet. An example in real life is; giving your house address to people in other to help them visit you in your house.

Domain names always have to be in-line or be the same as your business name. An example is Bronze Groups Of Companies, their official website domain name can be or .org or may or .org.

Another pro tip about choosing a domain name is to choose ones that are simple and easy that your one-time visitors can easily remember. Examples are;,,, and many others.

Once your domain name is simple and easy, it will be at the fingertips of your users and it helps your website in terms of traffic growth and online relevancy.

The best place to buy and register your domain name here in Ghana or in Africa is StormerHost. They provide their users with a domain at affordable and reasonable prices, 55GHc. (.com, .org, .net, .xyz, .co, .edu, .name, .int etc)

There is also a website that can help you generate simple and friendly domain names if you find it difficult in guessing your own domain name.

After deciding on your domain name you move on to a reliable web hosting provider.

Visit StormerHost Official Website :       StormerHost

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How To Buy or Register Domain Name in Ghana with Mobile Money

ii. Get A Reliable WordPress Web Hosting Service Provider:

The next thing to do is to get a web host service provider.

What is a Web Host ?

A web host helps store your website information and other tools online and also make your website visible to online surfers on the world wide web. 

Choosing a web host, you have to be very careful and cautioned because your web host has a lot of impact on your website. A bad web host can retard the growth and development of your website.

The web hosting company I will recommend for my readers is StormerHost, a reliable web hosting company located in Ghana, Africa. This is because they provide all the services you need from a good web host and also have favourable payment options that going to favour residents in African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya etc.

Here, what you need to do is to hop on Stomerhost official website and navigate to the WordPress hosting plans. And their plans start from Ghc60to Ghc520 thus, approximately $20  to $100.

After that choose your hosting plan and then proceed to fill in the necessary information needed and your payment option. With stormerhost you can pay with mobile money transfer gateways like;

ü MTN Mobile Money

ü Vodafone Cash

ü Master and Visa Cards

ü Bank Transfers

ü Paypal

ü Bitcoin

Visit StormerHost Official Website :       StormerHost

How To Build A WordPress Website & Hosting In Ghana (Africa)
Image Credit: Stormerhost

iii. Install WordPress (Some by the aid of your website host or download it personally):

Your next step is to install WordPress on your PC. Sometimes with some web hosts after checking out they allow you to install and as soon as your website is created you hop there automatically. 

Some also allow you to download WordPress on your own before or after purchasing your hosting plan. This is not a problem the important thing is you have WordPress installed on your PC simple!

With stormerhost you will be allowed to install WordPress in the process of checking out and as soon as your payment is confirmed you have referred there automatically without any waste of time.

After completing this step your WordPress website will be successfully be created but you are not done you have a few more things to do.

Visit StormerHost Official Website :     StormerHost

iv. Get and Install Free WordPress Themes and Plugins:

After your payment has been confirmed and you have successfully downloaded WordPress. Your website will be created automatically but will look blank. Here what you have to do is to get a theme and then some plugins in other to help you build or design your website for it to look more professional and efficient.

And WordPress has free themes for its users. My advice is you select the theme that goes with your website’s niche. An example is; if your website is for publishing news, entertainment and lifestyle you download a news publishing theme. If it is for sports or personal blogging you download a theme that would fit in that niche too.

Remember choosing your WordPress theme is not permanent, which means you can change it in the mere future if you want to. And a free theme is the best for most starters.

My favourite WordPress theme is Astra, as well as the builder almost 2M+ people use, is Elementor. It is freemium thus, both available in free and paid versions.

All glance through the theme you want or are willing to install in other to make sure that it comes with the specific features that is going to help make your website look professional and welcoming to your website visitors.

After that, you move to plugins, For a WordPress website to look more professional you need to install necessary plugins that are going to help make your website look more efficient. I can not recommend any because I do not know why you want to create your website. 

But bear in mind there are many of them you can glance through and install for free. But remember installing lot’s of Plugins can make your website run slow. And that is going to hurt your website badly in terms of its growth and development. 

An example of a WordPress plugin is; Easy table of content, File manager, Rank Math and it’s used by almost every blogger and many more.

v. Start Creating Vital Pages (About us, Contact Us etc.):

After installing your theme and plugins your website will look okay and what will be left is for you to create some important pages you would like on your website. 

Some of the vital pages every website needs is the (About us, Contact us, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer etc)

Here all you need is to drag and drop what you need and then design each page you want to create for it to look professional.

You can watch a video tutorial on how to design your WordPress blog

After this step, you are done! What is left now is for you to create content…..

How To Build A WordPress Website & Hosting In Ghana (Africa)

vi. Create Contents:

After completing the above steps we will say you are almost done. What is left is for you to start creating and writing unique and high quality contents your readers and blog visitors will find it amazing.

Quality and unique content is needed because it plays a massive role in your website development. Unique and quality content will always help you gain backlinks, new visitors all day and also search engines will rank you on top of every keyword you write on.

Here you can choose to hire writers or guest bloggers to submit articles that are in line with your niche. For the hiring, you can, hire individuals to write unique and quality blog posts for your and then pay them.

Remember you can also try A.I technology thus, artificial intelligence to write your blog posts. There is software that writes a blog post that contains over 2,000 words in minutes. Creaite Agency is one of the software to use.

Or you can contact us through our contact us page if you need content writers for your blog.

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Our Recommendations

Our recommendations for those confused after reading this guide or those in need of advice from pro’s or experienced ones can read.

1. WordPress is the best and one of the most used blogging sites in the world. Using WordPress is not a bad idea but everything is done and simplified for you.

2. Those in need of a simple domain name can check domain name generator to get simple and memorable domain names

3. The best web hosting company to host your WordPress website here in Ghana is StormerHost. And their plans start from Ghc60 to Ghc520. Remember they have favourable payment options that are going to favour your no matter your location. 

They accept payment through;

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • MTN Mobile Money
  • Vodafone Cash
  • Master and Visa Cards
  • Bank Transfer.

Visit Stormerhost Official Website :       StormerHost

To conclude, above is the simple and easy step-by-step procedure you can follow and get your WordPress website here created and fully functioning in just 50 minutes to 1 hour.

For more tutorials like this follow Bronze-Review for more. Don’t also forget to contact us when you are willing to create a new website/blog with WordPress. (Contact us through our contact us page)


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