How to Borrow Data Bundles or Internet Bundles On MTN 2024

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Just like the way you can borrow airtime on MTN, you can also borrow a data bundles as well. In this guide, we are going to enlighten you with the short code to get these data packages on MTN, and also, the steps to get this done.

Apparently, you can borrow from 50 MB to 650 MB or even higher depending on how you recharge. Just like with airtime, how often you recharge is going to determine how high you will get this bundle to borrow. 

This means the more you recharge or buy airtime the more you increase your chances of getting higher bundles on credit. A real life example is, increasing your credit score to get loans from your bank or even MTN loans.

In order to be qualified to get data packages on MTN, you have to be at least 3 months old on their service network, and also you have to recharge at least Gh¢ 3.00 every month in the three (3) months.

This is not a tough requirement, this is one of the best deals MTN provide compared to other networks… The only con about this is, the bundles are very expensive, and the interest rate is also a big huge.

Short Code To Borrow Internet Bundle On MTN 

The short code to borrow data bundle on MTN is *506#. Its the same as USSD code for borrowing airtime. But you will have to follow few prompts to get this done. We have the procedures involved elaborated below.

Steps To Borrow Internet Bundles On MTN

Follow the below steps to get data bundles on credit on MTN,

1. Dial *506# and send

2. Select the option that says (borrow data bundle)

3. Select the amount you are willing to borrow

4. Confirm the data bundle you are willing to borrow.

You will be able to borrow the preferred amount of data bundle you want successfully. 

NB: At option 2 we didn’t specify a number to select because the number changes often. Depends on your loyalty and how frequently you recharge, which we won’t be able to determine. So the best is always to select the last options, and you will be allowed to see the data bundles you can borrow.)

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Interest Rate Of These Borrowed Data Bundles.

The interest on borrowed data bundles on MTN varies. Below are some of them.

1. 50 MB-      Gh¢ 1.10

2. 471 MB-   Gh¢ 3.30p

3. 600-650 MB-   Gh¢ 6.50p   

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions;

1. What is the Short Code To Borrow Data bundle on MTN ?

Ans: Simply, Dial *506#

2. How Much Can I borrow (Data)?

Ans: It depends on your loyalty…. The higher you recharge, the higher you increase your chances of getting a high data bundle on credit.

3. Does This Bundle Expires?

Ans: This bundle does not expire like all other MTN internet bundles….

4. How Do I Repay my Borrowed Data bundle/Internet bundle on MTN?

Ans: Once you recharge your credit balance, it will be deducted automatically, including its interests.

This is everything you need to know when willing or wanting to borrow a data bundle on MTN. (Read on How to Borrow Airtime On MTN)

To conclude, we provided the short code to borrow internet bundle on MTN, the steps to step in which you can follow to get data bundles on credit as well. And also, did well to answer some frequently asked questions by lots of people according to popular search engine queries like Google, Bing etc…

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