How To Borrow Airtime on MTN (MTN Xtra Time) 2024

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This service is popularly known as the MTN Xtra time… It allows subscribers to borrow airtime or credit for calls only… This service is available to all MTN subscribers that are above 3 months old on their network. Not only that, to be qualified to borrow airtime or credit, you need to be recharging at least GHC 3.00 in every month of that 3 months. 

This somehow not a strict requirement, the interest added is somehow low but high sometimes when you borrow big amounts like GHC 5.00 – GhC 20.00. (We will add the current interest rate below, so you can glance through it as well)

There are lots of cons about this, some are, in order to borrow a higher amount of airtime or credit on MTN, you need to be recharging continuously… 

So your recharging level will determine the amount you can get. (We will add the cons below, so you can glance through as well) Just like increasing your credit score to borrow from your bank…

Short Code To Borrow Airtime or Credit On MTN 

The shortcode for MTN Xtra time is *506# and send

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Steps To Borrow Airtime On MTN (Xtra time)

Follow the below steps to borrow airtime or credit on MTN for calls only.

1. Dial *506# and send

2. Select The amount you are willing to borrow

3. Confirm the amount you are willing to borrow once again.

After completing the above three steps, you are done! You will receive a message that will let you know the amount you borrowed and the interest on it as well.

Interest Rate On Airtime/Credit Borrowed On MTN

Below are the interest on MTN Xtratime from 0.5p to Ghs5.00 currently;

1. Ghs0.50p-    0.05p

2. Ghs1.00-      0.10p

3. Ghs2.00-      0.20p

4. Ghs3.00-     0.30p

5. Ghs4.00-    0.40p

6. Ghs5.00-   0.50p

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Pros About The MTN Xtra Time Airtime

1. Airtime borrowed can be used to call all networks

2. It’s fast and very simple to get done

3. You can borrow even if you are not willing or ready to make a call at the exact moment.

4. You can borrow as high as GHC 20.00 which is very good as compared to other networks.

Cons About The MTN Xtra time.

1. This Airtime is for voice calls only

2. You can not use this borrowed airtime to purchase a data bundle (Read on How to borrow data on MTN)

3. The interest rates are a bit high.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Short code to Borrow Airtime On MTN?

Ans: *506#

2. How Much Can I Borrow on MTN?

Ans: It depends on how you recharge often. Just like boosting your credit score, the more you recharge the more you increase your chances of borrowing high on the service.

3. Can I Buy Data Bundles With My Borrowed Airtime From MTN?

Ans: The answer is N0!… Airtime or credit borrowed on MTN are only for voice calls.

4. Can I Call Other Networks With My Borrowed MTN Airtime?

Ans: Yes! You can call all networks with your borrowed airtime.

5. How Do I Repay Borrowed Airtime?

Ans: The particular amount of airtime and its interest is deducted automatically from your account as soon as you recharge.

We believe we’ve provided all the information you need to know about MTN Xtra time. We started with the short code to borrow airtime, the steps to borrow airtime, the interest rates on MTN, the pros, and cons about MTN Xtra time and ended with some frequently questions…


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