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How To Block & Allow Notification On Chrome Browser 2021/22

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Are you willing to block and allow notifications from websites on your Google chrome browser? If yes….. this guide got everything you need to know including the steps to make it happen in 2021-2022.

These notifications sometimes become annoying that anytime the computer is connected to the internet they start to pop up on your screen non-stop. The most annoying part is ones that show ads and sometimes explicit and gambling type of ads.

But then they only show on your computer because you granted them the permission to do so. This article is going to help you with the procedure to block and even remove websites you are not willing to receive notifications from them anymore.

You can also add websites you think is legit and important to you to these list and receive notifications from them as time goes on. This guide will provide you the lowdown of everything you need to know.

How To Block & Allow Website Notifications On Google Chrome Browser 2021


i. Open your Google chrome browser.

ii. Navigate to settings (Click on the 3dots feature on the rightmost corner of your browser screen).

iii. Click on settings.

iv. Click on privacy and security.

v. Check permissions

vi. Select notifications

vii. Select the website you want to block it’s notification or delete it from your notification list. (Allow, Remove, Edit)

How To Block & Allow Website Notifications On Google Chrome Browser 2021

If you are tired from receiving notifications all the time and want to clear all the permitted websites. You can also do that by clearing all of them at once.

And then also you can add websites you are willing to receive notifications from them. You will just have to paste the URL of that particular website there and save it.

You are permitted to share this guide if you find interesting and remember you can drop your questions and suggestions.


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