How Much You Can Make on YouTube In Ghana 2024

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Have you ever thought about how to make money with YouTube here in Ghana?… If yes then this guide is for you.  We will be looking at some stuff and niches that you can choose to create your YouTube channel and content here in Ghana.

There are lots of YouTubers in Ghana, almost all of them are in the same niches which are making some lack an online presence. Some also make little mistakes that also slow the growth of their YouTube channels.

In this article, I am going to list down some ideas that have popped up in my mind several times ago and conclusions from various researches I made myself. 

When I started Internet marketing ignored that because it was not going to help me as compared to other people crushing big time in the same niche. And with these ideas, you can choose to appear in front of a camera or not. And these strategies can also be practised by both genders.

All you will need is a microphone and good video editing software if you do not want to appear in front of a camera. This is not a get rich scheme but with consistency, you are going to make it. To earn money online you always have to be consistent and smart as well as think of different ideas and strategies always and try to implement them some would work and some will also fail.

How Much Will You Be Making From YouTube.

YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world just like other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. With YouTube, you will be paid a certain amount after your YouTube channel is monetized on YouTube.

You will be getting paid from YouTube advertising clicks and also Your video views. So with this, all you need to do is to get great quality content in other to build your online presence.

According to multiple sources online, YouTube pays $18 for 1,000 views on every video and between $2000 to $5000 from 1million views.

Promote Affiliate Products On Your Channel:

If you are planning to be a YouTuber here in Ghana or you are yet to decide on what content you should create and the niche you should pick, I will advise you to promote affiliate products.

This is method is going to work for both genders.  Affiliate marketing on YouTube is very broad but in this article, I will summarise and make the vital points clear and brief.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Strategies & How Much You Can Make on YouTube In Ghana 2021-2022

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people and businesses products and offers as an affiliate. With affiliate marketing, you will earn a commission whenever you make a sale.

Affiliate marketing is simple but takes a lot of time, dedication, and consistency to build your online presence and also be trusted by your customers just like being a YouTuber.

So with this, you will be promoting other people and businesses products for them and earning commissions anytime someone makes a purchase. With this method, you would be killing two birds with one stone.

The reason behind this is, whiles you are getting paid as an affiliate, YouTube will also be paying you for your video views. There are lots of affiliate programs you can join here in Ghana and start getting paid easily.

# But my Pro tip I will give anyone who finds this idea convincing and want to practice is to join both foreign and local affiliate programs. Some of these affiliate networks are; 

1. Amazon associates

2. eBay Affiliate

3. Jumia Affiliate

4. Digistore

5. Jvzoo

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Ways To Promote Products On YouTube As An Affiliate

1. Making Review Videos:

One of the most powerful ways of making money from affiliate marketing on YouTube is by making interesting and quality reviews. This method is for both males and females, but the demerit about this is you have to appear in front of a camera.

So you have to get your mini camera and microphone for your videos. Most people will find this uncomfortable, no worries there are still ways different ways I will be talking about in the article.

The Males:

You can make reviews on Sneakers, T-Shirts, Trousers, Suits, Games, digital products etc.

Strategies & How Much You Can Make on YouTube In Ghana 2021

There are lots of YouTubers in Ghana, but I have never noticed any guy doing stuff like this. Although it will cost to get into a business like this, it is worth it. You can do this by serving as an affiliate for networks like Jumia, Amazon and other local businesses here in Ghana.

You can choose to buy one of the products, make researches about the products to help you make a review video. Now, get a nice video editing software search for a picture of the product you want to review make some research about it a make a video talking about its Pros and Cons and other important stuff people need to know before they purchase it.

After that, you drop your affiliate link in the video description or phone number if the product is for a local business.

#NB: You will have to learn Google and YouTube SEO in other to help you target keywords that get tons of searches in Ghana but has a few competitions. This will help you get people to watch your videos, Nice eye-catching videos and quality content videos can turn your viewers into buyers.

Females :

You can create your channel and make reviews about cosmetics, beauty products like nails, Wig caps, wigs etc and health tips like how to get rid of stretch marks lose weight, get rid of brown teeth etc.

For all these options for the females, you have to appear in front of a camera. Because you cannot teach how to wear makeup whiles not appearing on a camera.

For this option, you can join affiliate programs like Jumia affiliate, Amazon associates, eBay affiliate etc to get your products. Drop your affiliate links and phone numbers of local businesses in the description video your videos always and start making sales.

Sports Channels:

Have you ever thought about this? If not after this article gets on YouTube and search football videos and watch the number of views all the pop-up videos have.

You can edit and post videos of footballers, basketball players, golf players and even updates of football live matches. Just imagine the number of Ghanaian youths that stake bet every day and do not get the chance to watch some matches but want live updates. They just hop on YouTube and start searching for these videos.

Since you are all in the same location thus Ghana, For a good user experience Google will show search results from their locations before adding videos posted from different locations.

With this, You need not be in front of a camera, what you need is videos and a nice video editing software such as;

1. Explaindio

2. AnimationStudio

3. Filmora 9

Since you searched how to make money on YouTube, I will conclude that you watch videos on YouTube. Well known YouTubers like ZionFelix, Kwaku Manu, GhPage and many others, always show their personal advertisement. This is different from YouTube Ads, Once you build your online presence day by day providing good content and getting tons of views, Businesses will approach you from sponsorship.

Thus, You create posting their or talk about their services in your videos. Some channels promote more than three different businesses in the same video. You can even become a brand ambassador for a particular business. Sign contracts with them, start promoting them in your videos as they load your bank account with money… 

How does this sound?….. It sounds easy, right?  But for something like this to happen, you have to build your online presence and have a large audience that these businesses will see the worth of getting into a contract with you.

Become a YouTube Partner And Earn from Ads:

Once you are building your online presence day by day, you can choose to monetize your YouTube channel by allowing YouTube to show their advertising ads on your channel.

This is like Ads you see on other social media platforms, once ads are shown on your channels and get a click, you are paid some specific amount. It’s said that Google pay’s bloggers $0.1–0.18 per single click on every ad shown.

To be eligible for YouTube to run their advertising Ads on your videos in other to monetize on your channel, you have to get at least a thousand (1000) subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

If you reach these two requirements, you will just have to apply for YouTube monetization and YouTube will review your request to see if you reach the requirement they need.

Make Money From Your Fans:

You will ask, how can I do that?…. I will give you an example before I explain this in brief, Have you ever visited a website that has a donation button before? These buttons are created by bloggers to monetize their websites. Everyone is permitted to show love and appreciation to the content creators if they want to with any amount.

The same applies to this, You can get donations from fans who watch your videos all the time and seem to love your works. They can donate to you because they feel you are doing good work or want to encourage you to bring up more quality and interesting content like you do always.

To conclude, I hope you have discovered several ways to make money from YouTube if you already have a channel or you are now planning to start this YouTube business. These are methods that will not work for everybody some will work for you, others won’t.  With this, you just have to assess yourself and identify the one you want to work with and start getting paid and recognized online as a Ghanaian YouTuber.

Remember to make all of this happen you have to make amazing and eye-catching videos, be consistent and smart. Because this is not a get rich scheme as I said earlier in the article. It’s going to take you some months to get noticed. I hope you find this article helpful, to share it with your friends and families on all social media platforms.

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