How To Buy Vodafone Ghana Night King (Midnight) Bundle 2023-24

How To Buy Vodafone Ghana Night King (Midnight) Bundle. People like myself also asked these questions; What is the code for Vodafone Midnight Bundle, How do I do a midnight bundle or night king on Vodafone.

In this short guide, you got everything covered. At the end of this, you will discover the code, how to bundle and the types of midnight bundle offer Vodafone Ghana give their customers like you.

Vodafone Ghana has amazing Midnight bundle offers, except that their bundle expires and also ends when it’s 4 am. I am saying this because MTN midnight offers do not expire and also ends when it’s 5 am. 

Vodafone Night King Bundle Short Code (Midnight)

The short code to access the Vodafone night king bundle, popularly known as the midnight bundle is *700#. After dialling the ussd code you will have to follow the step-by-step procedures provided below to get it done.

How To Buy A Vodafone Ghana Night King Bundle.

1. Dial *700#

2.  Select Option    (Buy Data)

3. Select Option 8   (Night king)

4. Choose The Offer you prefer. 

4i. Select Option 1        7.76 GB  @GHs 5.40 (12 am – 4am)

4ii. Select Option 2       2.07 GB  @GHs 2.15 (12am – 4am)

5. Select Option 1  (To confirm your purchase)

To conclude, After following the steps accordingly, you will be able to purchase a Midnight or Night King bundle on your Vodafone sim. We will be changing the above info if any changes occur in the mere future…

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