Get Ghana Biometric Birth Certificate: Online Process & Guide

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Birth certificate is one of the important documents in almost every part of the world. This is because, its main purpose is to serve as a legal proof of identity and age of an individual.

The Ghana biometric birth certificate holds significant importance for citizens in Ghana. Basically birth certificate is required and used during serious situations like acquisition of passports, registration of voter identification card, Ghana ECOWAS card popularly known as the Ghana card and few others.

In other places in the world, birth certificates are sometimes required when enrolling your child in an education institution. Here in Ghana, it’s the main or let’s say primary requirement to meet if you want to acquire a Ghanaian passport.

This article is going to provide every reader of ours a comprehensive and detailed information about the acquisition of biometric birth certificate in Ghana, how and the registration process to acquire your birth certificates in Ghana, information needed when registering for a birth certificate and lastly, the importance of the biometric birth certificate.

What is a Birth Certificate?

It’s an identification document that serves as a proof of identity and contains information like the legal information such as full name, date of birth, parents details and few others. Just as mentioned earlier, it’s a document for identification.

In foreign countries, childbirths are recorded, and birth certificates are issued to clients by hospitals after childbirth before being discharged.

Information Required When Requesting A Birth Certificate

To be able to get your Ghanaian biometric birth certificate, below is the information you’ll have to provide in order to acquire it.

1. Full legal name

2. Date of birth

3. Gender

4. Full name of parents. Thus full name of mother and father

5. Parents Occupation

6. Home town

7. Hospital of birth and its location like district or region

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How To Get Birth Certificate In Ghana

There are several ways in which you can get your birth certificates. Below are the popular and appropriate acquisition process.

1. Requesting from hospital of birth:

Most hospitals in Ghana especially, mother government hospitals in Komfo Ankoye teaching hospital and Nsawam government hospital do issue birth certificates for children born in their district or hospital.

In this case, it’s advisable to visit the hospital you were born to make enquiry on if they can assist you get a birth certificate since you were born there.

2. Request online on birth and death registry department website

Tech is taking over in every aspect of our lives. Just like you can apply for your passport and buy stuff online, you can also register and request for your birth certificate online and get it delivered to you are your home or even work place.

The process is an easy and simple one. You just have to hop on their official website, and then file for one and make necessary payment and then get informed of the delivery date.

3. Visit district municipals (birth and death registry department) to request one.

Municipal assemblies consist of governmental institutions that are being represented in districts. This is to help bring the government and its institutions near the citizens. Most municipals have all government offices in one yard to make access to these offices easy and simple.

Visit the birth and death registry office at municipal to make a request or start registration.

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Get Ghana Biometric Birth Certificate: Online Process & Guide

How To Request Ghanaian Biometric Birth Certificate Online

1. Hop on the Births and death registry official website and navigate to the birth registry form.

2. Begin by selecting No if asked you have made any sort of payment

3. Enter Child’s particulars. If you are requesting it for yourself, enter your particulars. Here you will include information like full name, gender, date of birth, hospital name, address etc…

4. Enter particulars of Mother

5. Enter particulars of Father

6. Complete by entering informant name and then conclude the process to submit form.

Importance Of Having A Birth Certificate

1. Proof of Identity

The certificate serves as an official document that establishes a person’s identity and age. It provides legal proof of a person’s date of birth, which is essential for various purposes throughout their life.

2. Citizenship and Nationality

It also helps identify you as a citizen of the country. According to the law, you can be a Ghanaian by birth. And this birth certificate is a proof of your identity, it contains your date of birthplace of birth, hospital and few others.

Acquiring legal documents like Ghana card, birth certificate is the main requirement. Else someone will have sworn as a guarantor on your behave.

3. Social Security and governmental benefits

Birth certificate may be necessary to access social services and government benefits provided by the Ghanaian government. This can include healthcare services, educational scholarships and many others.

Children are sometimes asked for birth certificate when about to be enrolled on th national health insurance scheme. This is to make identification easy and also avoid mistakes in names, date of birth and few others.

4. Legal and administrative transactions

The birth certificate is required for various legal and administrative transactions in Ghana. For example, it is needed for obtaining a driving licence, registering for the National Identification Card (Ghana Card), opening bank accounts, applying for loans, and conducting property transactions

5. Travel and Immigration

The birth certificate is used as supporting documentation when applying for passports, both for domestic and international travel.

To conclude, in this article we touched on almost everything you need to know about getting your birth cert and it importance as well. The most important of them all is your proof of identity, age and acquisition of passport.

For other options, mentioned earlier, there are ways in which you can get them without having a birth certificate. But for applying for a Ghanaian passport, you need to have a birth cert in possession before you will be allowed to pay any amount of money as registration fee.

The best way is to recommend your certificate by yourself online. It’s kind of an easy process to go through since it will be delivered to you at your home or even work place.


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