GCB Mobile Banking Shortcode, Registration & Help line 2024

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Just like most banks in diaspora and few others here in Africa to be precise Ghana, GCB bank customers also do banking on their mobile phones at their comfort zones. Mobile banking is one of the safest and fastest way of transferring and withdrawing money into your wallet without passing through rigorous procedures.

Like, go to the bank, fill forms, join a queue if there is any, before you send or withdraw your own money. Apparently, technology has made things very simple in the world, including the banking industry.

GCB bank’s mobile banking is also very safe, simple, and easy to understand and use. It’s free to register once you have a bank account with them. And once you’re registered, you can do a lot of stuff with your mobile phone like;

1. Funds transfer from your account to another bank account

2. Pay your school fees

3. Withdraw to all mobile wallets here in Ghana (MTN momo, Vodafone cash etc)

4. Buy Airtime or airtime top up

5. Bill payment….. and many others

In this particular guide, we will b enlightening our readers on the short code to get access to GCB bank’s mobile banking and also provide you with what you need when willing to register as well as the merit of this mobile banking thing.

Shortcode for GCB Bank Mobile Banking

The short code to access GCB bank’s mobile banking is *422#. This code can be accessed on all networks here in Ghana, and also it’s free.

You’re charged only when you make transactions, this means you can glance through all the features for free once you’re registered for now. You’re only charged if you complete a transaction.

GCB Mobile Banking Requirement

There are no tough requirements to meet in order to use this service as a GCB bank customer. It’s free to register and what you require is to have a GCB bank account.

GCB Bank Mobile Banking Registration Procedure and Stuff Needed To Register

Just as said earlier, currently GCB bank’s mobile banking is free to register. The only requirement you need to reach in order to get access to this service is to have an account with them. This simply means have a bank account with them.

You can walk into any branch in your locality and take a mobile banking form, fill it and submit it. You’ll be registered on the service and receive a pin code which you’ll have to reset and use one you find cool.

Furthermore, you can then start using the service once you reset the automatic pin code generated.

Stuff Needed To Register GCB Mobile Banking

Below is the stuff you’ll need in order to register to this service. Just as said earlier, after picking a mobile banking form at any GCB branch, you’ll be asked to fill in little information and particulars.

1. Your GCB account number

2. Full name

3. Phone number

4. Residential address (Digital Address)

5. Email address

6. Signature (which is your own signature)

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Merits Of Using The Mobile Banking

1. Newbie friendly, (Easy to use, and you basically don’t have to tech-savvy compared to internet banking)

2. For banks like GCB, the short code for mobile banking is the same for all networks currently.

3. You can reset your pin by yourself at your homes.

4. Transfer, withdraw and hold money easily.

5. Check your bank statements at your comfort zones.

6. Mostly, free to access for all customers.

How To Change GCB Mobile banking Pin

1. Dial *422#

2. Select option 1 (Mobile banking)

3. Select option 6 (other services)

4. Proceed to select option 3 (change pin)

5. Enter your old pin and then proceed to create a new pin.

If you do not remember your old pin, you’ll have to find the nearest GCB bank and go request for a code reset. You’ll get a new code in 24 hours after your code is being reset.

How To Check GCB bank Account Balance

1. Dial *422#

2. Select option 1 (Mobile banking)

3. Select option 6 (other services)

4. Select option 1 (Balance enquiry)

5. Enter your pin code and watch your account balance pop-up.

How To Pay school fees With GCB Mobile Banking

1. Dial *422#

2. Select Option 1 (mobile banking)

3. Select option 5 (school fees)

4. Proceed selecting your school, entering require information to complete payment.

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GCB Bank Customer Care or Help Lines

On the GCB official website, they have published a few ways in which you can get in contact with them.
Whether through a phone call, email, social media handle etc…. Below are some publicized handles by them on their website;

Call Centre
+233 302 634 922
+233 302 681 533
0800 422 422 (Toll Free)

Social Media Handles
For social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn, you can search” GCBBANKLIMITED

WhatsApp Handle
0202 422 422

Head Office Address
GCB head office, No.2 Thrope Road, Accra, P.O. Box 134, Accra

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the GCB mobile banking short code?

Ans: *422#

2. How can I change my pin?

Ans: You can reset your code by yourself… simply dial *422#>>> select option 1 >>>select option 6 >>>select option 3, and then continue to change your pin.

3. How can I reset my GCB Mobile banking Pin? If I can’t remember it.

Ans: You’ll have to walk into any GCB bank branch near you and have your pin reset for you on your behalf. You’ll receive a new code in the next 24 hours, and you’re good to go.

4. Can I buy Airtime using GCB mobile banking ?

Ans: Yes. Dial *422# >>> select option 1 >>> select option 1 >>> enter preferred amount and continue to purchase your airtime.

5. Can I transfer money from my GCB bank account to Mobile money wallet?

Ans: Yes…. Register GCB mobile banking, dial *422# >>> select option 1 >>> select option 4 which says mobile money, and then you’re good to go.

6. Can I pay School Fees with GCB mobile banking?

Ans: Yes… Dial *422# >>> select option 1 >>> select option 5 which says school fees >>> select your school and proceed to make payment.

7. How can I check my GCB Bank account balance

Ans: Simply dial *422#>>> select option 1 >>>select option 6 >>>select option 1 which says balance enquiry

8. How can I check my bank statement?

Ans: simply dial *422#>>> select option 1 >>>select option 6 >>>select option 2 which says statement. Continue by putting in your pin to get your last statements or transactions.

In a nutshell, GCB mobile banking allows you to make transactions easy and simple at your comfort zones using your mobile phones. In this guide, you did our best to touch on almost all necessary info a user’s needs or researcher will need.

This guide is or highly recommended for MTN users who want to register for this mobile banking feature.


Information above is for educational purposes only and not from a certified financial backer… in this case, we will not be responsible for any sort of financial loss. Remember, articles on here are published for educational purposes only!

Article Reference:

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