Fast-Moving Items To Sell In Ghana (Africa) 2024

We will be exploring some “Fast-Moving Items To Sell In Ghana (Africa)”. In this short guide, most of our points are under the E-commerce aspect, but a few are not. This is because, Bronze-review is an E-business blog.

New and old entrepreneurs ask questions like this most often. They are right to do so because the market isn’t static but dynamic, so they have to be able to cope with the constant changes as time goes on. 

We found it important to make some researches on this topic, and we came out with some necessary info you will need as an entrepreneur or individual willing or in the planning stage to start a business in Ghana.

There are different trends yearly, “Put this in mind”. Although some of these trends don’t change totally, few changes and as time goes on, some even fade away.

1. Fashion & its Accessories:

This stuff sells much both offline and online. Especially for the ladies stuff and for the males’ Sneakers, Pullovers, T-shirts etc.To make lots of sales selling these type of items online here in Africa, you can post this stuff on your personal WhatsApp status, share it with friends and families and post on social media groups and pages.Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram are one of the best platforms to share or even run Ads.

2. Digital Currencies:

There are thousands of digital currencies present today, we will be talking about few populars here in Africa. That’s’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tether, Bitcash etc. These are online currencies that have lots of value than almost all our physical currencies.

Bitcoin is worth more than popular currencies like the United States Dollars, Euros, British Pounds and many other popular currencies.We decided to add it to our list because in our intro we mentioned e-business. Digital currencies are one of the fast-selling, demanding and profitable business in the world now, not only in Ghana.

So, starting this business is nothing bad, but rather a good and profitable idea. You can join the most used platforms P2P platforms in Ghana thus;


Our advice is, you can trade with any low amount of money you have, like 500 cedis and above or even lower.The real deal is, you will be buying and selling cryptocurrencies anytime there is a rise or dip in the price of these cryptos.

So here, you will be simply buying and selling these cryptos for profit. Buy when low, sell when high.

#Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies market and prices are Volatile. This is not a piece of professional financial advice, remember that we won’t be responsible for any financial loss.

Someone handling a Visa card to Merchant

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3. Beauty Products :

What we mean here is, beauty products that both genders use in order to make them look more attractive to the opposite sex. Few examples of these products are pomade or lotions, hair food or creams, make-ups, wigs caps, face cleansers etc.

Search “beauty products” on Google trends to know products are having high search volume on Google in Ghana now. To make money with this niche all you need to do, is keyword research and target the right keywords people are using online to find these products and also put them in your sales letters, advertisement posts etc…

Tip for individuals willing to sell or market online: Working online you don’t need not be intelligentsia, what you need is to be smart. You can find a keyword research tool or use free ones like semrush, Google trends, which is a bit complicated…

Change the location to the precise locality or area you want to capture, and then search for keywords people search monthly and weekly. After gathering this info you can now come out with Ads, Articles and posts that are going to target these people and get them to buy your stuff. If you find difficulties in the advertising part, try partnering with advertising companies so they assist you.

4. Mobile Phones & Accessories:

Smartphones and its accessories are also one of the most searched items in Ghana on Google trends. Mobile phones have become part of Life, and we can’t do without any. Myself for example started using a mobile phone when I was in Grade 3 thus when I was seven (7) years.

And even saved money to buy a mobile phone for me when I was 15 years. Not to forget I spent lots of money trying to repair it anytime it got spoiled or even downloading games from friends and repairers.

This is how our generation is, we cannot do away with some petty stuff and mobile phone is an example of these things. So the idea of selling a mobile phones and its accessories is not a bad one.

Because day-in-day-out, new phones are being released and people out there are stressing their selves to get one anytime a new one is being released.

Also, marketing won’t be all that difficult. With mobile phones, you can just share it on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. For you to make perfect sales and increase your ROI drastically, you can choose to run advertisements and watch your sales boom.

Alternatively, you create a technology blog, build it and let it look good and then drive traffic to the blog. As time goes on, you keep your reader’s and visitors updated with new mobile phone accessories updates.

Once you gain online relevancy, your sales will start to boom gradually. Saying this is a bit easy, but the real truth behind this idea is, you will have to invest your time, and it will as well take enough time for something like that to pick up.

But once your blog or online store get noticed online, trust me, everything will be easy like never before.

5. Laptops & its Accessories: 

Laptops and their accessories are also one of the fast-selling items in Ghana. For a country like Ghana, since senior high school is free the number of students that will be going to university is going to increase yearly and this going to cause the rise of demand for laptops and its accessories.

Not only universities students, currently at least, 20% of the youths in this country owns either a laptop or computer. This tells you, the demand for laptops will be high definitely. And for its accessories, once the demand for laptops is high the demand for its accessories like keyboards, hard disk, optical wireless mouse, chargers etc. will also be high automatically.

And for items like laptops, In other to make more sales online, you can share pictures of items on social media platforms.The perfect way of doing this is by running advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. or on search engines such as Google, BingYahoo, Ecosia and many others.

Another pro-tip is, you can sign up to legit online stores where there are no fraudulent activities going on there. For Africa, I am going to recommend Jumia, Using Amazon there will be shipping costs and other expenses and if not taken care you are going to run out of money and lose in the end.Sign up for a Jumia account as a seller and start selling your items at reasonable and affordable prices.

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6. Electrical Gadgets:

Electrical gadgets are also part of the fast-selling items in Ghana and not only in Ghana but worldwide. I myself used to run advertisements for a client from the USA I met online who owned an electrical company. And the feedback from every ad I set up for him was overwhelming.

I will say almost 80% of houses here in Africa have electricity. With this, all you have to do is to target the right keywords that will make you sales and then present it to the right people in need of these items.

This does not mean running an ad without making keyword research and targeting the right audience will not make you lots of sales. What you have to do is to check trends and identify the problem of the people After doing this, you then come out with the right solution that’s going to help you make money out of that.

7. Baby Products:

Baby products are items that are in high demand every year, no cap! This is because every blessed day a new baby is being birthed. And for items like baby clothes and products, both men and females buy all the time.

This is because there is no shame in buying these stuff, and everybody wants his or her baby to look adorable. These items sell on social media very, very fast when targeted to the right customers. You can not post or advertise baby clothes and products in a group full of teenagers, senior high school groups or even university students and expect to make more sales. That will never happen!

You always have to target the age and the platform you are willing to advertise there. Platforms like Twitter are not going to make more sales this is because in Africa, the youths use Twitter the most. Twitter is for items like laptops, mobile phones and fashion stuff.

Running advertisements is also the best way to make more sales, but as I said, target the age and even the gender aspect too. This is because not all men buy baby clothes or products but for females, almost 80% of them do that every day. You can also try selling on online shopping stores like Jumia and other platforms, there is less scam rate on there.

8. Health Products: 

Selling health products like weight loss products, diabetes, hypertension drugs and others it’s easier to make sales, selling online is the best. This is because face to face sales will be a bit complicated if you don’t have any health care background.

For online, you can create and design a website or store and start selling stuff like this on there. With the blog idea, the products can be yours, or they can be items of different merchants or vendors, thus doing affiliate marketing.

You can also share these products on social media groups and pages (Targeted groups). Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. To boost your sales, you can also run an advertisement to boost your sales and clicks drastically without doing any hard work.

9. Home & Office Furnitures:

Home and office furniture like chairs, tables, wardrobes, shelves etc. also have high searches yearly from our various researches we made. This means the demand for stuff like this is very, very high online in Ghana.

But personally, I don’t know how this is going to work in Africa unless you are a carpenter or have a company manufacturing these items. And since I started internet marketing I have never heard or seen a Furniture company based in Africa looking or seeking for affiliates, so face to face sale is the only way here in Ghana.

This will be a bit difficult, but you have to plan on how you are going to get these items and how you are going to get them delivered to customers anytime they make a purchase. I think it will work for individuals interested since everything is possible to achieve, but it’s not that not easy.

10. Try Provisions Store Idea:

We added this because it’s one of the most popular businesses here in Ghana and also one of the profitable businesses in Ghana here you can also tap into. When normally say “Provisions Store” in Ghana, I think almost every Ghanaian knows what it is

The only con about this is, the profit margin of every product you sell is low and will take you enough time for you to start making lots of money as your ROI.Starting a business like this, you have to consider lots of things before you jump into it else you are going to waste your precious time and money. Some of the factors you have to consider are your location, profit planning and spending, investment etc.

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11. Gaming Products:

As humans one of the things we can not do away with is entertainment and selling gaming products is not a bad idea.  With this, you can even target customers in and outside the country if only you have some special business knowledge.

This is because gaming products is one of the demanding niches online and offline worldwide according to the monthly search queries online on Google and Bing.

But the only cons about this business is, we think you need to have some basic idea or love gaming naturally in other to convince and relate to your customers. And also you need enough money to start businesses like this.

Below are some of the hyped games and accessories;

⦁    Play Station 5

⦁    X-box

⦁    Gaming Software

⦁    Gaming Pads, Joysticks etc

To conclude, the above are some of the most fast moving items here in Ghana (Africa). This short article contains everything you need to know plus some additional strategies you adapt to make it happen here in Ghana.

#Disclaimer: The information above is not a professional financial advice remember that. we won’t be responsible for any financial loss


Michael Rashaan is a webmaster and co-founder of Kbroda Groups. I currently hold a double major degree in Information science and Political science. During my Information science days at the university, I got enlightened more on how vital and powerful information is to human and businesses. As an information science graduate, I love to give out information that seems important for free through my research-oriented blog posts. Another part of me is, I also love to give back to the society, even though I don’t have much. This has made me develop the habit of writing and publishing. I see this to be the little role I play to make the society better. Contact me on

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