Check Nla Results Today (Monday special, Midweek, Friday Bonanza, Lucky Thursday)

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Sometimes you may find it difficult to check draw results. This guide is what you need, you will be enlightened on how to “Check Nla Results Today (Monday special, Midweek, Special National, Lucky Thursday, Bonanza)”

In this particular guide, we will be using KEED Ghana Limited’s platform since they are the most popular and very relevant when it comes to NLA games etc…

KEED Ghana is one of the companies that help make staking of NLA games easy in Ghana now. With KEED Ghana’s 5/90, you can stake games on your smartphones and online with your E-wallet thus, MTN Mobile money.

Using KEED Ghana, it’s a bit easy because you will be alerted and paid automatically once you win a draw.
We already have a full article on KEED Ghana Limited (5/90). But this guide is not to check only today(current) draw results but also past results as well.

Past results like; Midweek, Lucky Tuesday, Monday Special, National Weekly, Friday Bonanza, Fortune Thursday results.

Sometimes the past results help serve as a guide to stake or predict numbers to stake. Just like how sometimes people into sports betting check head to head (H2H) of teams before they stake their bet.

How To Check NLA Draw Results. (Midweek, Lucky Tuesday, Monday Special, National Weekly, Friday Bonanza, Fortune Thursday)

How To Check NLA Draw Results. (Midweek, Lucky Tuesday, Monday Special, National Weekly, Friday Bonanza, Fortune Thursday)

The best way we will recommend for our readers to check both current and past NLA results is by visiting the 590 mobile official websites. A platform owned by KEED Ghana Limited NLA company.
Follow the below guide to check your draw results;

  • Hop on the 590 mobile Official Website
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and select “Results” from the quick links below
  • The results of both current and past draws will pop up immediately.

Here you are done. You will have access to almost draw results of the past week as well.

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You might be new or want to try staking a game on your smartphone or online with MTN mobile money. The new NLA short code is USSD *959#.

To wrap all up, We will recommend 590mobile official website for individuals willing to check NLA results.


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